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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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282 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. F1_Americana (@f1americana) said on 27th May 2012, 16:36

    Since the circuit itself doesn’t really allow for much wheel-to-wheel racing, switch-backs, or just overtakes in general, I think Monaco can only be a 4 on its best day; even when weather throws in a twist. “4” for me because it was close in the end.

  2. Ash356 (@ash356) said on 27th May 2012, 16:42

    A 4 from me. Just a very boring race, in honesty. The rain spiced things up slightly, but perhaps there should be two DRS zones now? One on the straight, one in the tunnel could ‘possibly’ work, and might succeed in helping keep Monaco interesting, in a day and age where tyre degradation is the main factor o a race :s

    • Dizzy said on 27th May 2012, 17:11

      a drs zone in the tunnel would be too dangerous, there isn’t a lot of grip in the tunnel & you can’t run side by side through there.
      also dont forget that one reason you see cars go off on the bump on the exit of the tunnel is the weight transfer under braking, with no downforce on the rear with drs you would have everyone go off there.

  3. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 27th May 2012, 16:47

    I gave it a 7. I don’t tune in exclusively for over-taking, especially at Monaco (what do you expect?!) so thankfully I can find other things to enjoy. I thought that we had the best race available to us given the circumstances (the Monaco circuit) and that was evident in how close the finish was. I think what let the race down was the threat of rain. Everyone was playing it cautious which resulted in some rather conservative tyre strategies, but that was probably conducive to how close things were at the end.

    Basically, if you’re tuning in to watch over-taking at Monaco, you’re tuning in for the wrong reason. If the drivers do overtake then we run the risk of a Safety Car or Red Flag, which would also come under heavy scrutiny. Any other race and I would have probably marked it lower.

    • Ilanin (@ilanin) said on 27th May 2012, 17:47

      Why does the fact that Monaco is a terrible circuit not suited to F1 cars mean that the race should be marked higher?

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 27th May 2012, 21:06

        @ilanin My argument was more directed at people marking the race down based solely on a lack of over-taking. It’s not a circuit that suits over-taking so I think it’s a little harsh to mark it down for that.

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 27th May 2012, 20:38

      I agree with a lot of what you are saying @andrewtanner, though I still think it wasn’t more than okay. I was annoyed with all those teams again only waiting for rain, doing nothing in the meantime (well, Vettel biding his time, WEB too, ALO a bit). ROS saying enough is enough broke it open for a bit, and I’m very glad Merc tried that, but Lotus and McLaren paid the price for wanting to be too cautious. There’s something good in there, but unfortunately I think the race suffered from too many teams taking it easy until the elusive rain clearly didn’t come.

      No overtakes isn’t strange for Monaco, but I almost hoped MAS,HAM would try a rematch to spice it up a bit – they could have but were scared to ruin tyres, or something. Bit sad.

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 27th May 2012, 21:08

        @bosyber It was a little frustrating however, I can’t blame the teams for acting cautious in uncertain circumstances. Evidently it was worth it for most of them.

        • Kimi4WC said on 28th May 2012, 0:03

          But when you loose more time than you would if you pitted twice and at the same time opened pit stop window for drivers in front. Kimi was lacking traction on exits for over 15 laps.

          Lotus needs to cut this crap down. They seriously need man who actually takes car performance into the account, not just hoping to win a lottery every race. 6 races, in 5 of them points lost due to strategy.

  4. TrueF1Grit (@truef1grit) said on 27th May 2012, 16:49

    3, very close up front but nothing came of it.

  5. Dave H. (@f1daveh) said on 27th May 2012, 16:53

    Typical Monaco, you can’t overtake here, it’s the same every time.
    I’m surprised fans expect more every year then are disappointed.

  6. Lew1s (@lew1s) said on 27th May 2012, 16:54

    Was thrilling when Charles Pic’s endplate came off!

  7. Tim Katz (@timkatz) said on 27th May 2012, 16:59

    Reading all the above, I’m glad I didn’t watch it live. I’ll save if for iPlayer later on. Instead I gained massive Brownie point total with Her Indoors by not watching the race live. Awarded a Perfect 10 Brownie Points!

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 27th May 2012, 20:41

      It’s a race that lends itself well to a summary I think @timkatz (just found RTL.NL run that now Indy 500 is over, looks better than the original to me). There were tense bits, but hardly enough to keep my attention for all of it.

  8. cubejam (@cubejam) said on 27th May 2012, 17:06

    2, if it wasn’t for the mess up at the start it’d be a 1. The Monaco Grand Prix isn’t a race, it’s a point to point parade. Get rid of this boring, dull, dry track.

  9. bt55 said on 27th May 2012, 17:09

    the first race i would have been happy to see bernies stupid rain sprinker idea at work.

  10. xjr15jaaag (@xjr15jaaag) said on 27th May 2012, 17:18

    I gave it a 9, mostly due to Kovalainens ability to hold off 5 cars or so, an also the final few laps were insane: the top 4 or 5 cars covere by 2 seconds or so

  11. Coanda (@ming-mong) said on 27th May 2012, 17:24

    Id get rid of Nouvelle Chicane (10-11) to try and create a few moves down into Tabac (12). That should spicen things up.

  12. Keamo said on 27th May 2012, 17:39

    Very very dull.

  13. James (@goodyear92) said on 27th May 2012, 17:47

    I gave it 3/10. Very dull.
    I really have had it with these tyres, it’s too much. Because all the drivers are driving to a target lap time, to ensure their tyres go the distance, they can’t ever really push to get ahead of the car in front. The way that race finished you would naturally assume that anyone in the top six had the pace to win, but that’s not the case. They were never driving at 100% at any point, and were all given similar target lap times meaning all these tyres are doing, is creating the illusion of close racing. The biggest indication of this came in the first few laps of the first stint. Mark pulled 2s on Rosberg, with him pulling about the same on Hamilton, because they were at least pushing somewhat.
    I miss 2010 dearly. I know they conserved at some points in the races, but they also pushed like crazy for a good majority of it and when there was an overtake, it wowed you, because you knew how hard it was. When I see a DRS pass, I barely bat an eyelid. Hopefully Pirelli mistakingly create a durable tyre one year and we have cars that are close in performance to give us spectacular racing, rather than just a show.

    • caci99 (@caci99) said on 27th May 2012, 19:42

      @goodyear92 I agree with you, not totally though. I wouldn’t go as back as 2010, last years tyres looked okay, leaving drivers the opportunity to push for a good amount of laps. On some of the slow motions of today you could see pieces of tyres flying from the tyres. And that radio message to Massa “Keep your fresh tyres, Hamilton is doing fantastic”, meaning no need to push just keep the distance and conserve your tyres. It is ridiculous to me to tell a driver no need to push, just keep the gap with the one in front.

    • caci99 (@caci99) said on 27th May 2012, 19:42

      I voted 4 by the way

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 27th May 2012, 21:13

      @goodyear92 Don’t really get your point about the tyres. Vettel ran approx. 45 laps on the softs today. As far as I’m concerned the tyres were a non-event today.

      • James (@goodyear92) said on 27th May 2012, 22:02

        Yeah he ran 45 laps, but he won’t have been pushing that hard when they lasted that long. Just because they weren’t the most obvious factor, doesn’t mean they didn’t play their part. Nobody crashed in the race on their own. We saw a few drivers crashing in qualifying, because that’s what happens when you push 100% around Monaco. Not one driver was doing that in the race. We always see someone push it too far, but not with these tyres. I don’t want to see crashes, but nor do I want to see drivers having to hit target lap times (essentially just doing enough) all through the races.
        Did you hear MW after the race, was hardly full of adrenaline was he? I think it’s sad that a lot of the fastest drivers are constantly having to restrain themselves so much, and clearly not enjoying the races as much as a result.

  14. babarou said on 27th May 2012, 18:08

    absoloute constipation,i giv it zero – 0 , and the cars look disgusting too

  15. Mads (@mads) said on 27th May 2012, 18:10

    Thrilling enough, but it never really came to anything.
    The slight shower towards the end could have been amazing, and Vettel pulling out a gap after they had stopped, but it never came close enough for anything to be really possible of happening.

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