Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monaco, 2012What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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282 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix”

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  1. 6. Not a thriller, but enjoyed the top 6 being right up each others backsides late in the race.

    What kind of cretin wants to drop Monaco?

  2. Just a thought, what if Nouvelle Chicane was moved closer down to Tabac so that there could be a clearer place to overtake? Just not enough room currently. Double DRS?

  3. Probably the worst race of the season in terms of wheel to wheel action but that’s Monaco,things like that happen here, I rated it 5,the race was boring only the last 10 laps were exciting.

  4. gave it 3, the race deserved only 1 but qualifying action was good. but overall usual Monaco hype & boring procession. yes yes many will say it’s what Monaco is and makes it great racing heritage etc etc…. but frankly the emperor has no clothes.

  5. I think Monaco is a dated race,,,these cars definitely aren’t at their most exciting following each other around a course that has very limited,if at all any passing. Button was stuck behind a Caterham for how may laps? Time for the people of Monaco to hold a water polo tourney or a who has the best plastic surgery show instead of an F1 race

    1. Aditya Banerjee (@)
      28th May 2012, 10:24

      Welcome to F1 but i think you would have been better off watching NASCAR. Does seeing the world’s best drivers negotiate one of the world’s toughest tracks mean nothing to you???

  6. Matt (@agentmulder)
    28th May 2012, 4:49

    6/10 for me, and not because of the lack of overtaking.

    I knew going in that this was going to be a processional race, Monaco always is, but it’s unique. It’s a race that stands out in the era of carbon-copy Tilkedromes that provide races with the excitement of reading War and Peace with the blandness of saltines.

    I think what ruined the Grand Prix for me was the tires, plain and simple. Pirelli were forced to send their softest compounds due to the slippy nature of the track, but with the rubber being so tempermental nobody could really push for fear of jumping off the cliff. What has made Monaco thrilling in the past is watching driver and machine strain like mad for 78 laps. In the Bridgestone era and before, when tire wear was nonexistent, drivers could do that. Drivers could still get close, but even if the overtake never happened viewers were still treated to two guys giving 100% of themselves, man-bits to the wall if you like.

    I love what Pirelli have brought to the table, despite the “magic window” being too small and too dependent on factors outside anyone’s control. However, I don’t think their tires work around Monaco. Hopefully for 2013 they bring a more Bridgestone style compound to Monte Carlo, since overtaking is rare anyway.

    The reasons my score isn’t lower is threefold. First, it’s Monaco, and you can never take away the awesomeness of that track. Secondly, Maldonado retired on the first lap, which I see as karmic retribution for the utter lunacy he displayed on Saturday. Third, while my three drivers had terrible weekends, I have a soft spot in my heart for Webbo, and seeing him win felt so good.

  7. Alonso is the best Obviously

  8. Was I the only one praying for rain !!

    1. I know I wasn’t…and never will…I was ‘praying’ rain would not take away from NR’s chance of gaining a bunch more points on MS, quite frankly, and was happy to see NR dominate MS prior to MS’s car trouble.

  9. spankythewondermonkey (@spankythewondermonkey)
    28th May 2012, 8:45

    voted a 4, and that was mainly because i could watch it in the sun using the ipad. it’s a massive shame that the most visually appealing track, with decent elevation changes, produces processional racing. this year’s was the worst monaco, for racing, that i remember in a long time. definitely an event for the prawn & cucumber sandwich brigade.

  10. 4. Easily the most boring race I’ve seen for a couple of years now.

    The preceding GT1 race from Navarra, and the Indy 500 after, however… wow.

  11. I actually think it would have been great to watch in Monaco. Last year I was in the K stands and seeing Vettel, Alonso and Button chasing one another just inches away from one another bought me (and the rest of the crowd to) to my feet. I can only guess what this year’s double train of cars (1 to 6 and 8 to 11 – 7 to 10 after the TR mistake) would have done for the spectacle. It just seems so dull on tv. It is difficult to describe the difference. The sound obviously, but also the sense of closeness, speed and how little those gaps are on such a small street. So I’m sure the spectacle would have been great.

    But only a 6 for me because A) I will definitively treet myself to another GP next year because Monaco on TV just doesn’t do (contrary to other circuits where I feel TV is not as bad) and B) Damnit Vergne, you had such a great race (same goes to Kova)

  12. Why did the BBC have to get this **** rather than the Canadian GP which is often great? 1 and I’d have given it a zero if I could.

  13. “Rate the Race”? Sorry, was there a race too or was it just just those cars going round at a specified lap time calculated to maintain the tires until the next predefined stop? That’s was I saw anyway!

    Racing is long gone in F1and who cares if the season outcome is unpredictable if they might as well through dice?

    Next year they should put bike wheels on – then everyone will have to be really careful!

  14. I gave it 7. People I think are being slightly harsh. Calls of ‘the most boring race in years’ are silly. Pirelli have ensured we never Bahrain 2010 (and most other years) and Abu Dhabi most years and Spain most years etc etc ever again.

    It was even exciting for a Monaco Grand Prix, because of the constant tension provided by the threat of rain and the amazing six car train. The problem is everyone is comparing it to both to last year’s race (which wasn’t that amazing really, it was mostly the same + a few DRS passes early on, it just had the different strategies to make it interesting and the crazy ending) and more to the point, comparing it to the five insane races we’ve had this year.

    Was the same reason Indy felt slightly deflating for me and I never really ‘got into’ it. It had last year to be compared to. :D

    Mind you it was the predictable result more than anything I think…if Taku had actually got through there, oh man I’d have blown my top!

  15. Sergio Perez was like the blindfold coming off my eyes to how these cars are being operated at the moment.

    An angry Mexican decides he has had enough, so floored it. The result was he was some 2 seconds per lap faster than anybody else. Was the Sauber suddenly a massively fast car capable of getting pole by 2 seconds if he hadn’t hit the wall in Qualifying? No, he was simply pushing his car to, or near to, the limit.

    It bought home the fact that up front, nothing was happening not because that was the natural order of things, but everyone was just managing their tyres and taking it easy. Disappointing.

  16. Evereyone is being verry harsh indeed, you people are getting used to the excitement we have been seeing. Monaco is about positioning your self on the first lap and hoping you stay there, it is simply part of this race. This is a GP classic and it should not be replaced be another Tilke-dragon. I rated the race 6/10.

  17. I gave it a 7 and I stand by it… Despite seeing all the negative comments on here..
    This race had flawless driving by some of the worlds best around the streets of Monaco.
    I enjoyed the strategies, Vettel being a great example.. I also enjoyed seeing Schumacher on the pace (until he ran into trouble)
    I deducted 3 because of the lack of ballsy racing but it was a very enjoyable spectacle from my point of view and pretty tense towards the end..

  18. About as interesting as watching paint dry… But I gave it a 4 because it sent me to sleep early :

  19. boring to the point that I don’t recall moaning at the kids once to keep quiet during the race.

  20. 9 – I love races like this and Turkey 2010.
    There’s no need for any overtaking, just the constant threat – the anticipation is often better than the act.

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