Sauber cut an F1 car in half and reveal what’s inside

F1 technology

Sauber have produced an enlightening video which shows how the internals of an F1 car are laid out.

The team split a 2008 BMW Sauber F1.08 chassis in half lengthways to show the positioning of components within the car.

As always, even with a four-year-old car, the team avoid showing the rear of the car in too much detail, as the engine and drivetrain are among its most sensitive parts. This being a 2008 car, is does not have a Kinetic Energy Recovery System or Drag Reduction System.

However the video gives a rare view of the layout of an F1 car, and is worth watching just to see Sergio Perez perched inside the Willy Wonka half-car.

F1 technology

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39 comments on Sauber cut an F1 car in half and reveal what’s inside

  1. ivz (@ivz) said on 31st May 2012, 0:40

    Wow, that is really good! So not only does a full tank of fuel slow the car due to weight, but imagine how much higher the centre of gravity is at the start of the race!

  2. nic said on 31st May 2012, 4:01

    Great video. I’m glad they did that. It deserves to go in a science museum or an art gallery. I assume they are going to display it somewhere and that’s why they did it.

    An all white car looks good. They should change to being all white. Their colour scheme now is terrible.

  3. pSynrg (@psynrg) said on 31st May 2012, 13:54

    Just wow!

  4. Joe Papp (@joepa) said on 1st June 2012, 5:17

    Great video and so timely…I was just wondering (again) about driver position and the layout of things in general. Agree w/ the previous poster who commented on Sauber team’s renewed (new-found?) interest in PR…

  5. Knightmare (@knightmare) said on 1st June 2012, 20:14

    Sweet !!

  6. AndrewT (@andrewt) said on 2nd June 2012, 16:15

    nice video, would be nice to see some hi-res pictures of the halves, too

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