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Sauber cut an F1 car in half and reveal what’s inside

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Sauber have produced an enlightening video which shows how the internals of an F1 car are laid out.

The team split a 2008 BMW Sauber F1.08 chassis in half lengthways to show the positioning of components within the car.

As always, even with a four-year-old car, the team avoid showing the rear of the car in too much detail, as the engine and drivetrain are among its most sensitive parts. This being a 2008 car, is does not have a Kinetic Energy Recovery System or Drag Reduction System.

However the video gives a rare view of the layout of an F1 car, and is worth watching just to see Sergio Perez perched inside the Willy Wonka half-car.

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  1. nice video, would be nice to see some hi-res pictures of the halves, too

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