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McLaren MP4-13: McLaren’s last constructors’ title-winner 30th June 2012, 16:39

McLaren won their most recent constructors’ championship with the Adrian Newey-designed MP4-13 in 1998. It also holds Goodwood’s hill record…

1950s and 1960s F1 cars at the Goodwood Festival

The beautiful 1967 Eagle-Weslake T1G, thundering V16-engined BRM P15 and more F1 cars of the fifites and sixties.

Porsche 804: Porsche’s only F1 race-winner

The Porsche 804 scored their first F1 win 50 years ago – but the team pulled the plug on its Formula 1 programme shortly afterwards.

F1 Lotuses celebrated at the Goodwood Festival

Dozens of different F1 Lotuses, some of the most successful and unusual F1 cars ever raced, are on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Marussia bringing “first proper wind-tunnel upgrade”

In the round-up: Marussia are bringing a major upgrade package for the British Grand Prix, which was designed with the benefit of a wind tunnel.

Raikkonen “disappointed not to have a win yet” 29th June 2012, 17:43

Kimi Raikkonen says he’s disappointed not to have won a race yet after finishing on the podium three times so far this year.

Three cars, 18 tyres: F1 six-wheelers at Goodwood

The Tyrrell P34, Williams FW08D and March 2-4-0 are among the only F1 cars ever to be built with six wheels.

Overheating caused Vettel and Grosjean retirements

In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean’s alternator failures during the Euoprean Grand Prix were caused by overheating.

Ferrari reduce their performance gap by more than half 28th June 2012, 9:30

Ferrari have more than halved their deficit to the front runners since the beginning of the season, analysis of the teams’ lap times show.

Banker jailed in Ecclestone bribe case

In the round-up: Ecclestone was “driving force” in payments to jailed Gribkowsky ?? Ecclestone tells paper he’ll back London Grand Prix

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