New Jersey F1 2013 street track plan

New Jersey race organisers say track is on schedule

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New Jersey F1 2013 street track planIn the round-up: The organisers of the planned race in New Jersey in 2013 deny Bernie Ecclestone’s claims the project has fallen behind schedule.


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N.J. organisers again reject charge that F1 schedule is off track (NJ Biz)

Managing partner of Roseland Property Co. Carl Goldberg: “It’s distracting for someone who appears to be outside the process to suggest that the schedule that we’re all working toward is not a real schedule. I think it’s really inappropriate for him to suggest anything other than June 2013, not being here and on the ground and part of the planning that’s going to execute this event here in New Jersey.”

Boullier: No tests contributing to show (Autosport)

“Part of the unpredictability is coming from the fact that we have no more testing. You have to come with new parts and new ideas in Friday testing. You cannot do it one week [earlier] somewhere in Spain; you have to do it on a race weekend.”

Ferrari Gains New F1 Succession Rights (Sky)

“F1’s longest-standing team will be handed a seat on the boardroom nominations committee of its parent company if a $10bn stock market listing in Singapore goes ahead. Ferrari will also be handed a single share in Formula 1 plc, a nominal investment that will symbolise its enduring importance to the sport.”

Bernie Ecclestone signals delay to F1 flotation as another Asian IPO fails (The Guardian)

“Formula One is expected to postpone its planned $10bn flotation in Singapore after jeweller Graff Diamonds became the fourth company to halt a planned listing in Asia in the past week.”

F1 revenues to grow near double digits till 2016 – UBS (Reuters)

“Revenue should grow 9.2 percent a year from 2011 to 2016, climbing to $2.37 billion (1.51 billion pounds) from $1.52 billion over that period, UBS analysts estimated in the report dated May 21.”

Webber moves on from 2011 ‘mystery’ problems (ESPN)

“Last year was a little bit of a mystery to be honest. The gap sometimes was really, really extreme and it was hard for me to understand why it was like that sometimes. I think there was also a factor of me getting on top of the tyres but it wasn’t all of it.”

Lewis Hamilton hoping for error-free Canadian GP (The Independent)

“For what reason, though, I really don’t know. We haven’t had a Grand Prix weekend where something hasn’t gone wrong. The start of the race in Monaco was the beginning of things, and then I don’t know what else happened after that.”

Paul Hembery Q&A: Tyres are just part of the challenge (F1)

“We?ve been the talking point, but the fact is we feel that we didn?t make huge changes compared to 2011. I think we?ve made some interesting changes to stimulate the engineering challenge. So far it?s been very interesting.”

Work, the key in 2012 (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso: “We?ve brought some upgrades to Canada.This is a race both on and off the track. All the big teams are going to bring new parts so let?s see whose works best. We?ve tried to extract the most of what we had and our rivals have let their guards down. Hopefully in Canada we will confirm the improvement shown in Barcelona and Monaco.”

An appetite for success (Toro Rosso)

Jean-Eric Vergne: “I don?t think I was scared by the thought of the Monaco GP, but I was a bit anxious about it and didn?t know what to expect. Also, the simple fact is, I was up against a team-mate who had won the Monaco round in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2011 and 2010, and had driven in Monaco in FP1 last year. I didn?t go into the weekend with much confidence.”

F1 engine in Ferrari earthquake charity auction (Adam Cooper)

Ferrari is to run on online auction in aid of the victims of the Italian earthquake disaster, which has affected the region around the Maranello factory.”

It’s Only The Moaning That’s Boring… (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “Overtaking in Monaco is difficult, and always will be. It’s a different challenge to Monza or Melbourne, or wherever, and thankfully so. Had the heavy post-race rain arrived ten minutes earlier there would have been chaos and everyone would have been raving about a great race. Not every cup final is a 5-4 last minute thriller, and nor is every F1 race a classic.”

‘One of the last great challenges’ (ESPN)

Karun Chandhok: “The big feel-good story from the weekend for me was Michael Schumacher’s fastest lap in qualifying. You could see how happy he was and that lap on Saturday clearly meant a lot to Michael.”

Monaco: A different kind of motor race (GrandPrix)

“Man overtakes Man is more easily understood than Man has to stretch his focus and mental resilience while not putting a wheel so much as a centimetre out of place while skimming barriers with a precision and speed that would make your eyes water.”

The master of the long game in 2012 (MoorSport)

“There was a time when it wasn?t the date around which the calendar pivots. From 1951-?54, there was no Monaco GP as we know it. The ersatz F2s of 1952-?53, which would have suited the track, did not suit the race?s high-rolling organisers and so never set a wheel in the place.”

Embrace the unpredictable (Sporting Life)

“In my opinion, yes, you can have too much of a good thing, but seasons like this come around so rarely they need to be embraced at the time.”

Formula One: It’s The Most Exciting Season Ever! (Unibet)

My new article for Unibet.

Comment of the day

Nick.UK tips Alonso to win the championship this year:

I would tip Alonso for this championship based on his current form and the improvements to the car. He has been close to faultless! Highly consistent, fast when it matters, conservative when it matters more and the end result is evidenced by the standings currently.

I also think that the current standings are also just as much a product of a more competitive grid as they are of Alonso’s talent. Drivers snatch points off each other so often that nobody can really break away. For example Button, Rosberg, Vettel & Alonso have all had a win, second and fifth place along with a non finish… except for Alonso. As I said, consistent and faultless, leading the standings, thus it will take a lot for anyone to stop him this year assuming car performance doesn’t jump ahead of Ferrari again.

I say all this and I don’t really even like Alonso! But you have to respect blatant talent when it’s on show in front of you so clearly.

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On this day in F1

The 14th Albi Grand Prix was held on this day in France in 1952. The non-championship race was won by Louis Rogier driver a Ferrari 375.

Juan Manuel Fangio, making his first appearance for BRM in their thundering V16-engined machine, retired after 15 of the 34 laps with a broken water pump. Team mate Jose Froilan Gonzalez set the race’s fastest lap, covering the 8.954km track in 3’06.0.