Sergio Perez, Sauber, Barcelona, 2012

Perez too inexperienced for Ferrari – Montezemolo

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Barcelona, 2012In the round-up: Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says Sergio Perez needs more experience before he’ll be ready to drive for Ferrari.


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Perez needs more experience, says Montezemolo (Reuters)

“Perez is a good driver but to drive a Ferrari you need more experience. I think he is one of the potential best young drivers for the future but before putting a young driver in a Ferrari I need more experience and more results.”

Fernando Alonso backs Felipe Massa to come good (The Independent)

“It’s hard to think Felipe won’t win many points in the second part of the season, that he won’t make podiums or fight for wins. He’s got the talent for it.”

Volatile markets blamed for F1 IPO delay (FT, subscription required)

“Mr Ecclestone said the IPO may not take place until later this year, blaming a volatile equity market.”

Alan Baldwin via Twitter

“Spoke to Bernie [Ecclestone] yesterday about possible Mexican Grand Prix. Said talks ongoing, nothing agreed.”

Analysis: F1 Fuel System (ScarbsF1)

“Major fires in F1 car are now thankfully rare. It?s fair to say the biggest leap in F1 safety has probably been the advent of the flexible fuel cell.”

The Inside Line – on Force India?s Paul di Resta (F1)

“Q: What is your greatest weakness?
PdR: Shouldn?t that be for somebody else to say? On a trivial level, it?s that I sometimes don?t know when to stop eating. When you put food in front of me I find it pretty hard to stop. And that runs against my diet, as I always have to look that I don?t get too heavy, as I am quite tall already.”

Fake Twitter account delivers real results as fan bags a pass to the F1 paddock (The Globe and Mail)

“McArdle, 43, also understands the role of happenstance, since he owes his good fortune to Whiting’s wife’s cousin, Carleton Jefferis, who saw the Twitter feed and was amused by the Canadian’s clever wit. After Jefferis pointed it out to Whiting, the FIA race boss decided to get in touch. A few e-mails led to an invite to F1’s inner sanctum, where common grand prix fans rarely roam.”

Bavaria City Racing Dublin

Home page for this weekend’s event.

Comment of the day

Two DRS zones in Canada last year, one this year, Mads says:

So with the progress so far, we will see no DRS zones in Canada next year? Probably not, but i?m trying to stay optimistic!

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Jayantj and Rahim.RG!

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On this day in F1

McLaren founder Bruce McLaren died on this day in 1970.

Here’s the team marking the 40th anniversary of his death with a minute’s noise in 2010:

Image ?? Sauber F1 Team

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  1. I’m encouraged that Ferrari don’t want an absolute greenhorn beside FA, but at the same time I’m not convinced they want a proven WDC beside him either. So I think they might be hoping FM comes to grips with the car as the season goes along, which he is showing signs of doing, and they can then justifiably retain him after this year.

  2. Eddie Irvine had 2 seasons plus 2 races behind him when Ferrari signed him for 1996, Perez will have that 2 full seasons by the end of the year.
    Felipe Massa had 3 seasons behind him in 2006. (So what is Montezemolo talking about?!)
    The other driver was a world champion both times, and the results were expected from him and not from Irvine and Massa. Ferrari now has a world champion again, so the other seat could easily be handed to a “not that much experienced” driver, like Perez.

  3. Perez is overrated. What has he done after Malaysia? Nothing. Kobayashi is way better. Perez is inconsistent and a mediocre driver at best. There are many other better drivers than Perez. Kobayashi, lubricant, did esta, webber,vergne, alguasari, etc,etc

    1. Well except Webber which is already in a top team, all others greenhorns are below Perez in points…

  4. If they want future Champion, they should steal Bottas from Williams.

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