Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monaco, 2012

Red Bull told RB8 floor holes must be removed

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monaco, 2012In the round-up: the FIA tells Red Bull to make changes to their RB8.


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FIA forces Red Bull to redesign car before Canadian Grand Prix (The Guardian)

“Red Bull will have to revise the design of their car before next weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix after the FIA said that the controversial holes in the rear floor of their RB8 could not be employed.”

Red Bull forced to remove floor holes for Canada (Adam Cooper)

“Locating a fully enclosed hole partly or wholly within the 50mm band which is exempt from the requirements of Article 3.12.10 along the outer edges of the surfaces lying on the step plane does not exempt it from the requirements of Article 3.12.5, those parts lying outboard of Y650 are still parts of the surfaces lying on the step plane.”

Formula 1 powertrains for Le Mans in 2014 (Racecar Engineering)

“It has been made clear that the new generation of Formula 1 V6 engines could be installed, which could give a Ferrari, Mercedes, PURE, Cosworth and Renault a short cut to Le Mans, as they would not have to develop a bespoke engine.”

There?s only one way to drive a F1 car and I haven?t forgotten it: Kimi (Firstpost)

“Nothing has changed, it?s the same as before ?ǣ some rules have evolved, I had KERS three years ago, but now there are DRS and the Pirelli tyres etc but nothing is different. Racing is still done in the same way. The quickest usually wins.” Monaco race edit video

Video highlights from the Monaco Grand Prix.

Formula One seat might not be enough to tear Paffett away from beloved DTM (Kent News)

“Obviously I would like to race in F1, but it wouldn?t be a disaster if I didn’t.”

The Lost – Vocal – Chord (Toro Rosso)

Daniel Ricciardo: “The radar said rain was coming, so the team decided to keep me out on the supersofts past the point where I?d usually have come in. The plan was to wait it out until the rain started to fall, come in for the inters and then take places off those who needed to pit for a second time. The rain never came and in the end I had to pit for the soft tyre and as a result lost quite a bit of track time.”

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As always, choosing a favourite from the many excellent Caption Competition entries proved tricky. Among my favourites were those from Lopek, JamieFranklinF1 and Sunnymir:

But the winning entry from Jay_au is the one that adorns the caption below:

Jenson Button, Gary Paffett, Brands Hatch, 2012

This is where your mirrors are, you might want to check them in Canada this year.

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost won the Monaco Grand Prix on this day in 1984.

The race is best remembered for the heavy rain storm in which Ayrton Senna, making his fifth F1 start, brilliantly drove to second.

It was also the race in which the similarly inexperienced Stefan Bellof dragged his Tyrrell up to third, keeping pace with and sometimes catching Senna.

This race also began a remarkable streak of success for McLaren, who won nine of the ten races in Monte-Carlo beginning with this one. Five of those were won by Senna from 1989 to 1993. The only one McLaren didn’t win fell to a Lotus – also driven by Senna.

Here is the race being red-flagged with Prost commenting at the end:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images, DTM/Hoch Zwei