Protest threat causes Canadian GP pit walk cancellation

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Montreal, 2011In the round-up: The Canadian Grand Prix organisers cancel the Thursday pit walk due to the threat of protests.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

With regret, the Grand Prix du Canada announced the cancellation of its 2012 ‘open doors’ day (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve)

“Following a serious examination of the situation, made necessary by public disruption threats and the difficulty to measure their precise validity, the organizers came to the conclusion that it is necessary to restrain the access to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve and precisely the F1 pit lane, on the day preceding the first sessions on track.”

Shirleenriffe via Twitter

“I’ve been waiting seven months for this and it’s cancelled because of some stupid kids.”

LeonaClements via Twitter

“No pit walk on Thursday not impressed, first F1 race for us and my son’s 16th birthday.”

Red Bull: Floor Hole Legality (ScarbsF1)

“This case had the potential to be a far larger and messier affair. With F1 having an entertaining season so far, perhaps its best that the saga has ended quickly and quietly.”

Red Bull plays down floor ruling (Autosport)

Helmut Marko: “We had not planned to use this floor in Montreal anyway. We had prepared a different configuration using a flat version of the floor. Therefore we do not need to modify the cars in Canada.”

Former F1 driver and Le Mans champion Roy Salvadori dies at 90 (AutoWeek)

“The 1959 Le Mans winner and former Grand Prix driver Roy Salvadori passed away on Sunday, at the age of 90.”

In Pursuit of Speed (1TrueFormula)

“My passion for F1 is not going to diminish in the slightest simply because there isn?t an 8-wheeled or turbojet-powered car amongst the pack. However, if a series emerged that gave free-rein to designers and engineers to create the fastest machines that they could, strap a driver to it and send it blistering around a circuit I would be track-side in a heartbeat; cheering for the frontrunners of innovation, creativity and the unbridled pursuit of speed!”

Crowds brave weather as Dublin streets become F1 track (Irish Examiner)

“An estimated 110,000 people attended the Bavaria City Racing Dublin motorsport demonstration today, despite an unseasonably cold downpour.”

Grand Prix fan in pole position for F1 career (Oxford Mail)

“His dream is to become a Formula 1 engineer and this month he will find out whether he has successfully won an apprenticeship with the Lotus F1 Team in Enstone.”

Comment of the day

The question of whether Red Bull should be punished after the FIA decided their floor design does not comply with the rules provoked some very different views:

No, they shouldn?t lose any points.

The have have been found legal on several occasions an have probably even asked the FIA to look into this desging with an okay as the outcome.

To rule it illegal now is more a FIA problem than a Red Bull problem. The FIA should have stated it clear when this design was presented to them the first time.

But they have the right to be advised on other interpretations and come with a different ruling when they have come to another insight.

The car broke the technical regulations, which was the reason that Hamilton was disqualified from Spanish Grand Prix qualifying and the reason that Sauber were disqualified from Australia last year.

Failure to enforce the technical rules does not make it legal and does not change the fact that they won with an illegal car. While the FIA has been hopelessly inept in letting this drag on for so long without clarification, Red Bull are still guilty of breaking the technical rules and should be punished in some form, considering they have won two races with this on their car.

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On this day in F1

The Nivelles circuit in Belgium held its first F1 race 40 years ago today. Emerson Fittipaldi won from pole position for Lotus.

Here’s footage from the race:

Image ?? Sahara Force India F1 Team

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77 comments on Protest threat causes Canadian GP pit walk cancellation

  1. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 4th June 2012, 10:23

    I think the decision to cancel Open Doors Day was a sensible one, though if I were organising a protest, it would make more sense to target the Grand Prix itself, since all the cameras would be rolling. Some groups have stated that they want to cancel the Grand Prix outright, but I very much doubt that would happen if the crowds of protesters only showed up for Open Doors Day.

  2. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 4th June 2012, 10:26

    Real shame for those going to the Canadian GP. Of course, for the protesters, they will be loving that, but it’s just awful for anyone who was looking forward to it. However, when they do eventually get to a pit lane walk they will not be disappointed. I’ve had the pleasure of one at Monza and while a 12 month wait is agonising, it will be so worth it!

    • montreal95 (@montreal95) said on 4th June 2012, 11:07

      I’m not sure the protesters will be loving it in the long run. From what I understand the Canadians love their Grand Prix. Those commies won’t win any supporters by forcing the cancellation of the open doors day with their threats. And as the access and security are very strictly regulated and enforced on the other days of the weekend, their opportunities to “do something” will be very limited. So I see only losses for them all round. Can’t say I’m disappointed by that.

      • BBQ2 said on 4th June 2012, 13:55

        I don’t like those rebels from Quebec …… First asking for Independence from the Commonwealth, now rebelling against F1 …. don’t like them one bit!!

      • choltz (@choltz) said on 5th June 2012, 5:01

        I live in Montreal, and I know no one who supports the students… support is at around 5%. There is so much propaganda involved, I feel like an American watching CNN or FOX.

  3. robk23 (@robk23) said on 4th June 2012, 13:59

    I recorded the whole of Jenson Button’s Q&A in Dublin yesterday but it won’t be going on YouTube unfortunately, that is unless someone knows how to fix corrupted MP4 files!

  4. BBT (@bbt) said on 4th June 2012, 18:28

    “We had not planned to use this floor in Montreal anyway,” Marko said. “We had prepared a different configuration using a flat version of the floor. Therefore we do not need to modify the cars in Canada.”

    Of course, because the knew the floor was illegal and they would have to change it eventually, so had a flat version waiting in the ‘wings’ (excuse pun).
    Also the solution would have less effect at Montreal anyway, it might have even been a disadvantage.
    It will make a differences in sweeping corners however.

    So this quote tells me they were very aware that they were exploiting the rules and were prepared for if / when they were caught. Fair play, the contingency plan was in place.

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