Ferrari F2012 engine

F1 engine costs could triple in 2014

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Ferrari F2012 engineIn the round-up: The new engine formula for 2014 could cost teams dearly.


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F1’s plans to avoid a financial storm (Autosport, subscription required)

“Some are talking of price increases of 300 per cent, or from the current FOTA-negotiated V8 units at ??7m/annum for a year’s supply to ??20m, which would cripple all but F1’s best-funded operations.”

“Thor” Heading To Formula One (Big Lead Sports)

Chris Hemsworth (who plays James Hunt in Rush): “For those in America, they may not know the history of Formula One yet that well, but the guys who raced in the 1970?s were real daredevils, and the threat of death on the race course was very real.”

Red Bull could still lose Monaco win (Pitpass)

“Red Bull’s results are therefore safe, but only for the moment. It could be almost six months before an official protest is lodged.”

Rules… (Joe Saward)

“Some websites are reporting that Red Bull might lose the wins in Bahrain and Monaco. I think this is tosh.”

Nico Rosberg Twitter Fan Q&A (Mercedes via YouTube)

Ricciardo’s Canadian Grand Prix Preview (Toro Rosso)

Daniel Ricciardo looks ahead to the Canadian Grand Prix and talks about driving the wrong way through Eau Rouge in an F1 car.

Comment of the day

Toro Stevo on two-times Monaco Grand Prix winner Mark Webber’s record at the track:

Webber seems to be a bit of a Monaco man, and his results would be better if not for car failure in the early years. But relative to the car he?s been in, and the results at other tracks, he?s always very competitive there.

He won there in F3000, was running best of the rest in 2003 until hydraulics failure, third in 05 with Williams (his team mate passed him by being called in a lap early), qualified second there in 2006 and was on track for another podium before car failure, qualified high (for the RB3) in 2007, finished fourth in 2008 (his best position of the year), and pole and wins in 2010 and 2012. Even in 2011, he qualified pretty close to Vettel time-wise (closer than he got most races that year). That?s why I?m not reading too much into his win at Monaco, he?s always done well there.
Toro Stevo

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On this day in F1

Gunnar Nilsson scored his only F1 win 35 years ago today in the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Swedish driver died from testicular cancer the following year.

Here’s Nilsson winning in the rain at Zolder after team mate Mario Andretti collided with John Watson at the start. Niki Lauda was second ahead of Ronnie Peterson:

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo