Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, Monaco, 2012

Monaco GP receives lowest rating of 2012 so far

2012 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Daniel Thomas

Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, Monaco, 2012The Monaco Grand Prix produced an extraordinarily close finish. Just 4.1 seconds covered the top five finishers, led by Mark Webber, after 78 laps of racing.

But despite this, the race received an average rating of 5.436, the lowest so far this year. It was also rated lower than the four previous Monaco Grands Prix.

The race was shaped by the ever-present threat of rain, which led teams to be very conservative about the tyre strategies, as Solo pointed out:

Another problem was the one pit stop strategy that they all end up doing either waiting for rain or as a plan.

With such a strategy everyone was on conservative mode to keep the tyres alive.

Several commenters remarked that the team’s ‘want-and-see’ strategies made for a lifeless race:

David Coulthard made a comment after the race about how impressed he was that the top six drivers didn?t make one mistake.

I think this is less about the current quality of the drivers and more to do with the way in which they are required to drive.

Even Mark Webber after the race didn’t seem that pumped given he’d just bossed the field for 78 laps.

For some, this was what made the race, though they seemed to be in the minority:

The strategy on the pit wall and the strategic driving in this race was second to none and with the first four cars separated by 1.4 seconds the tension until the end was incredible.

JCost argued that the traditionally glitzy atmosphere did nothing to entertain:

The glamour cannot save that race as a show for the spectators. I understand drivers love the challenge but for viewers it’s very boring.

A bit more rain would make it a thriller but it never came and we ended up with a poor show.

John H views Monaco as an all-or-nothing track:

Moncao can either be fantastic or a bore-fest. Obviously its convenient to criticise it after this race but next year it could be fantastic again like it almost was last year, in 2010 and 2008.
John H

Despite echoes of the thrilling climax to this year’s Chinese Grand Prix, rambler wasn’t excited:

I’d say it’s the only time I have ever been so bored while the top six of a race are so close together.

You just knew nothing would happen despite everyone being so close. They might as well been 20 seconds apart, I wouldn?t have felt any different.

But have the changes in racing in recent years altered our view of Monaco? DK and Craig-o offered some perspective:

Monaco has never been an overtaking track in any era. The artificial overtaking methods have blinded people tremendously to that.

Not sure why anyone thought somehow there was going to be loads of overtaking in any manner.

Heikki?s move on Jenson was ace! Felipe on form was good too. But the anticlimax of no rain just made it dull towards the end.

It would have been an amazing race five years ago. But abysmal by 2012 standards.

What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Does it deserve its place at the foot of the rankings? Have your say in the comments

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Monaco Grand Prix rate the race results

Race Rating
2008 Monaco Grand Prix 8.177
2009 Monaco Grand Prix 5.504
2010 Monaco Grand Prix 6.217
2011 Monaco Grand Prix 7.684
2012 Monaco Grand Prix 5.436

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. Michael Brown (@)
    5th June 2012, 21:07

    Personally I thought it was boring because nobody even made an attempt to overtake anyone else. The only moves I can recall are Perez on Kovalainen (once or twice out of the tunnel, one at St Devote), Vergne on Perez at the tunnel, and MSC attempting to pass Kimi out of the tunnel.

    Yes one stop strategies are boring but when the drivers aren’t even attempting to pass – and the DRS couldn’t even fix that – shows how worried the teams are about these tires. It might be fun for the viewers but I’m sure it’s not fun for the drivers.

    1. Because Kimi’s tyres were gone 6 laps ago and he was lacking traction out of corners for 10. Lotus and their winning strategies, gotta wonder.

      For me this was the most exiting moment too, I stopped watching GP after I realized Lotus pulled another of their strategy masterpieces.

  2. The Monaco race from see above can be a bit tedious but the views from inside the cockpit… Come on theyre brilliant! I love watching the race from the drivers perspective and also that low angle shot at the end of chicane where you see the cars literally bounce off the curbs.

  3. I think I have it a 7 and I stand by that. Personally, I can only vote for the race I did see, rather than what I didn’t so with that in mind I scored it pretty high. Yes, drivers were very concerned about their tyres but I would attribute that to the weather rather than any supposed high-wear, after all, Vettel did 46 laps on the softs! You can only expect so much at Monaco, the cares were extremely close in the end, to me that’s a good race, irrespective of position changes.

  4. as I mentioned in an earlier comment, I do not recall moaning at the kids once to keep quiet during the race. In fact, I recall speaking to them a fair bit during the race. :)

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