Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Monaco 2012

Montezemolo counting on Massa to help Alonso

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Monaco 2012In the round-up: Luca di Montezemolo says Felipe Massa needs to take point off Fernando Alonso’s rivals.


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Ferrari chief coy over Massa future (CNN)

Luca di Montezemolo: “I’m pleased to see Felipe Massa did a very good race weekend in Monte Carlo. Because the more the car has improved, the less difficult it is to drive and good for Felipe. I count on him to take off points for Fernando’s competitors.”

Vettel to drive “preview lap” of New Jersey F1 course next week (Racer)

“Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel will drive a preview lap of the course at the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial next Monday.”

A competitive Ferrari in memory of Gilles (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso: “I think we have improved the [F2012’s traction and top speed] since the beginning of the season and Canada will be a good test in this respect.”

Nico on Montreal (Force India)

“Most of the races have been unpredictable, but I think our pace has been quite consistent so far. We were very close to making Q3 in Spain and Monaco, and we?ve been able to race well ?ǣ in fact we are probably stronger in the races than qualifying.”

Monaco 2012 Free Practice 2 (F1 Pit Radio)

“During Di Resta?s debrief, he was reporting the inability to reach optimal brake temperature and said he, ??Couldn?t get the light to turn out.?? That tells us that he has an LED indicator light on his dash that stays illuminated until the brake rotors reach optimum temperature, as measured by infrared sensors on the uprights.”

The Horse Whisperer – The same old story (Ferrari)

“Just arrived, but it?s surely not the last is something called ‘Business Book GP 2012.’ This august publication would have Fernando Alonso earning 30 million Euro per year, or almost the same as the two McLaren drivers put together. A shame then that it?s an other case of utter balderdash.”

Hungarian GP promoter Frank passes away (Adam Cooper)

“A close associate of Bernie Ecclestone, Frank was a familiar face in paddocks around the world. He also pushed the career of Hungarian F1 driver Zsolt Baumgartner.”

Young Female Karter Awarded Funded Drive (FIA)

“Fifteen-year-old Lina Von Schedvin has been selected by representatives of the CIK-FIA and Women in Motorsport Commission to receive a funded drive in the 2012 CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy. Lina, from Sweden, won this opportunity following a shoot-out against eight other young karters vying for a drive in this low-cost educational formula.”

Comment of the day

Was Monaco really such a bad race? Pelican disagrees:

Sure, it?s hard to pass at Monaco, but that means that the attempted passes are daring, and the few that succeed are brilliant.

Because of the fame and history of Monaco, the drivers risk a little more to get in front. This year, whether everyone was waiting for rain or just protecting their tires, no one tried very hard to pass, even though they were all running nose-to-tail, and that?s why the race was justly rated so low.

The race was a drag not because it?s too hard to pass, or because we?ve been duped by various gimmicks introduced in the last few years, but all because the teams and drivers settled and played it safe.

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Detroit held its first F1 race in somewhat chaotic circumstances 30 years ago today. John Watson scored a remarkable win from 17th on the grid:

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