Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Barcelona, 2012

Whiting on defensive driving, track and cockpit safety

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Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Barcelona, 2012In the round-up: FIA race director and safety delegate Charlie Whiting gives a revealing interview on driving, track and car safety standards in F1 and other top-level motorsport.


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Charlie Whiting on driving standards and safety (Will Buxton)

Fascinating interview with Charlie Whiting, in particular the discussions of why Nico Rosberg’s defensive moves in Bahrain were legal, fence post safety after the death of Dan Wheldon, a new F1 crash barrier tested in Malaysia, the ongoing studies into improving cockpit protection and why Dmitry Suranovich was not penalised following Conor Daly’s horror GP3 crash in Monaco.

Villeneuve gets threats following his blast against protesters (The Globe and Mail)

[Jacques] Villeneuve would not provide details but said Friday he had received some ‘dangerous’ emails since the previous evening. People were reacting to his lengthy criticism of the student protests which he characterised as, among other things, an international embarrassment.”

Protests threaten to overshadow Canadian GP (The Telegraph)

“The ‘nude’ protest started at about 7.30pm local time, as many tourists dined al fresco in downtown Montreal. Protesters said they were naked for a number of reasons: to show the government they have been transparent in their demands to freeze tuition fees; to garner more media attention; and to discourage police from handling them roughly.”

Talentshow in Silverstone in Gefahr (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

Bernie Ecclestone is putting teams under pressure to hold the Young Drivers Test at Abu Dhabi, though most of them want to run at Silverstone.

Raikkonen expects Lotus will improve (Autosport)

“I’m probably missing a little bit of overall grip, but it was quite cool today and it should get a bit warmer. Usually that helps us to get the tyre working better.”

Low downforce, high workload in Montreal (Toro Rosso)

“Some of the updates we brought here are part of our general car development programme, thus adding even more items to check out including, on Daniel [Ricciardo?s] car only, a revised exhaust system. In the short time since free practice ended, it?s hard to give an accurate assessment of its benefits, but step one was achieved in that it ran reliably all day.”

Senna: We will be back (Sky)

“It was a very unfortunate crash where you crash with the rear first and then with the front but they have plenty of spares and we’re going to be back in shape tomorrow. We do have another new rear wing to use.”

HRT mechanic released from hospital (Reuters)

HRT technical director Toni Cuquerella: “He just got some bruises and a swollen leg. He looked worse when it happened but luckily he’s going to be back with us tonight from the hospital.”

McLaren keep their cool in Canada despite spate of F1 problems (The Guardian)

The author reckons McLaren have made “17 errors in the six races so far this season”, including its drivers. That sounds like a lot – anyone fancy working out what all 17 are? Post in the comments…

PURE: 2014 F1 Engine (ScarbsF1)

“The turbo charger is mounted at the back of the engine, which will see it placed above the clutch and set partly inside the gearbox case. The second element of the turbocharger is the compressor; this sits head of the turbine. We can only see one outlet for the compressor, but it?s possible that the casing has two outlets as per the turbine. This will allow for two intercoolers, tidier packaging and critically a better balanced inlet manifold with a pressure feed for both banks.”

Vettel reprimanded over Senna incident (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel got away with a slap on the wrist from the FIA race stewards at the Canadian Grand Prix after he collided with Bruno Senna during free practice.”

Pook takes a peek (Joe Saward)

“Pook, who now lives in Palm Springs, where he has been working on trying to put together an IndyCar street race, is rumoured to be working on a plan to get Formula 1 back to Long Beach in 2015.”

Mea culpa, or me a psychic? (F1 Kate Walker)

“So yesterday I grabbed the wrong end of the stick and wrote a piece about Sky in the UK [reference in yesterday’s round-up], when it turned out the article I was referring to had meant Sky Italia. Oops.”

Comment of the day

There were many very kind comments from readers on the 10,000th article published here yesterday. Thanks to everyone for those.

However I thought it would be big-headed of me to pick one of the for Comment of the Day. Instead, here’s Pedro Costa’s view on practice so far:

Hamilton seemed to be the fastest man today and probably could have done a high 1’14. Although we should not discount Mercedes especially Rosberg, who I think will dispute with Hamilton for pole-position. Ferrari was not bad and they can qualify with both cars in the top six and get maybe a podium in race.

A bit of disappointment with Lotus, even if their Fridays are usually low-key, they didn’t seem to have the pace. They should get better tomorrow and especially Sunday with the temperatures rising.

Force India seems to be set for their best weekend of the year.
Pedro Costa

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Michael Schumacher tightened his grasp on the 2002 season with his sixth win in eight race in the Canadian Grand Prix.

David Coulthard was second for McLaren ahead of Rubens Barrichello.

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