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Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

2012 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Canadian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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223 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. It was a brilliant race. Very strategical, and very unpredictable even during the race. I’d have never thought Grosjean or Perez could get so far ahead. And when Hamilton was 15 secs behind Alonso after his 2nd stop, I thought it was game over for him. But no… brilliant. A bit 9.

    Couple of things do: I’ve always said this but it’s still showing. Who choses the DRS zones? why put the DRS in the easiest place to overtake?! You could see Hamilton having a look at Alonso, as Alonso was struggling a lot for grip. Hamilton could’ve got him anywhere, but he didn’t, he waited until the DRS zone. That’s rubbish and needs to be changed.

    1. Agreed, the DRS zone was silly. Quite a few of those passes would have happened anyway, but they would be more exciting without the DRS as they would be battiling till the braking zone for position, but no, they just storm past 400 meters before the corner.

      I bet it would be much better if the zone was in the pit straight or in the run for the final hairpin.

      While we’re talking about DRS, didn’t they all say last year that, if the DRS failed while opened, then it would be shut down automatically purely form the aerodynamic pressure on the wing? I guess Schumacher must be wondering that too…

      1. Pretty much agree as well. DRS really was not needed this race, or it should have been shorter. That would have made some of the battles last a lap or 2 longer. But it still was a very nice race with real fights for the lead (great defense from Alonso on those shot tyres).

        1. @bascb it’s time now they try to do a race without DRS. They tried with 2 zones, 1 zone, now NO zone… Spa anyone?

          1. @fer-no65 Yes please!

      2. @guilherme Don’t remember what you’re saying about the DRS. As it’s a mechanical-hydraulic system, I think once it deploys (as it’s an hidraulic piston that pushes the flap open), it’d not really close because of aerodynamic pressure. 3 mechanics couldn’t even close it.

        Plus, there’s hardly any aerodynamic pressure, is there? the wing is flat open… I think this is the first ever DRS problem since they implemented the system, right? Glad they told Michael about it in time… imagine if it happened while racing someone in the backstraight…

        1. @fer-no65 I don’t remember who said it but I remember someone saying when they introduced it that should the system fail while open, it would shut back down – although I was skeptical on that for the reason you described. Although I believe that at such speeds, if there is no hidraulic pressure holding the thing up, there surely is enough aero pressure to bring it back down :P

          By the looks of it it was either a hydraulic problem with the mechanism of with the eletronics controlling it. Still, not a very safe thing. This time the corner after the zone was a slow one, but if it was at, say, Suzuka, Schumacher would have had a very nasty crash!

          1. @guilherme Yeah, well, if it was the hydraulics had failed, yeah, the wing probably would’ve closed… specially after those 3 guys in the pits pushed hard down to get it closed xD.

            It probably was, as you say, the mechanism that activates it rather than the hydraulic system itself. I thought about that when they were trying to close it down… and yeah, hope FIA looks at it alongside Mercedes because it’s a real worry if that happens again… specially at high-downforce tracks…

        2. Mercedes does something with their flap others don’t as we know. Maybe the FIA should take a look. An essential safety feature of the system is that it does not stick open.

  2. 4
    Had potential, but utterly ruined by stupid DRS. Actually angry after watching that. Waste of an evening.
    DRS is killing my love of the sport.

  3. 10!
    I was glued to screen just before the first stops to the end!

  4. i have supported drs in the past but after today think it should be banned.

    im a fan of hamilton so am glad to see him win today, however i would have prefered to see him really have to fight his way by vettel & alonso. watching him take the lead really easily twice just by pushing a button takes away a lot of joy from seeing my favorite driver win today.

    im only giving it a 4.

  5. 6 from me. The end was thrilling, the start was mildly interesting but nothing really happened in the middle.

    1. @dan-thorn The first pit-stops provided some early excitement but yes, it went quiet after that. However, at least the drivers were close to each other.

  6. Best race so far this year, well worth a 6.

  7. Good, good race. 9/10 from me. Brilliantly close racing throughout, which was evident when the top 9 finished within 25s of each other. The right driver won and two other excellent performances resulted in Grosjean and Perez ending up on the podium.

    DRS unfortunately robbed us of Red Bull’s pit-stop strategy of getting Vettel out in front of Alonso for the long-haul but that’s only a minor criticism.

    Shame for Schumacher, he really is having a nightmare :(

  8. I thought it was a great race, so gave it a 9. Everyone drove well with no stupid manouvers, the DRS helped overtaking, but most of the moves at the would have been done on the straight anyway due to Alonso and Vettel’s tyres disappearing, so I don’t think it made overtaking too easy. It’s also great to see Grosjean and Perez on the podium, they both held onto their tyres brilliantly. It’s also nice for the run of different winners to continue, making it 7 out of 7.

  9. Its a 9 from me, very close racing, very strategic and very interesting, DRS made things relatively straightforward to pass but I don’t mind that, it meant that those with pace were able to use it. Enjoyed every minute.

  10. 10. Great first few laps; tense, tactical mid-section; then a hectic and epic last 20 laps.
    It was like Hockenheim 08 all over again. Amazing.

  11. This one is a 10 for me because:
    a) I am Canadian 
    b) Good amount of passing
    c) Varying strategies & seeing those tires fall of the cliff
    d) Surprising looking podium finishers
    e) History making 7th winner out of 7 races.

    Having said that, could it have gone any better for Hamilton? The race win would have been handy enough but to see Gosjean and Perez take places from his main rivals to propel him into the championship lead….. wow!

  12. The final laps had me screaming, especially when Vettel passed Alonso, but the rest was…****.

    7/10. I really don’t like these “procession until the end when the tyres get messed up” races. Yes, I’d very much rather have complete processions.

  13. I am a die-hard Lewis fan but I gave it a 9!! I dont think anything can ever be perfect and warrant a 10 but today was definitely great. We had all the cars on the track for an extended period, no safety cars, and we also saw some very good drives like Perez from 15th. Cant ask for more, I dont car what you say but that was a race, my heart was beating so fast towards the end; unlike Monaco I feel like we actually saw some driving and guys battling to get everything they can out of the cars. Brilliant!!!!!

  14. 9, He’s back! :)

  15. Hamilton passing Vettel and Alonso to win in the final laps of the Canadian Grand Prix should be thrilling. Actually, it was dishwater dull.

    In short, the formula has become a dumbed down joke with lots of glittery attractions to enthrall those with the attention span of a goldfish. One mistake – visiting a crap circuit like Abu Dhabi for the final race of the 2010 season – has garnered support for a much more vitiating set of debasements.

    Like Pepsi, DRS and candy tyres taste sweet in the afterglow of the sup, but the sensation swiftly fades and in the long run it’ll only give you toothache. I wouldn’t swap my Laphroaig for a Pepsi, and neither should have Bernie. Count me disinterested in F1 until it grows its balls back and stops catering to the lowest common denominator. If that means losing a few TV bucks in the short-to-medium term, so be it.

    1. HAM’s last passes were ‘dull’ because they couldn’t put up a fight due to badly worn tires. Not because of DRS.

      1. That clearly wasn’t the case: Alonso defended from Hamilton through turns seven, eight, nine and ten – then he was zapped in the DRS zone.

        1. Didn’t looke like defending to me; looked more like Hamilton being carefull not to run off his front wing and Alonso really struggling with his tyres. Because of that Alonso had very bad traction out of the hairpin. Hamilton was already alongside Alonso before Hamilton was allowed to use DRS. He would have passed Alonso anyhow; DRS only made it quicker.

      2. As I said, the DRS and the bizarre tyre performance combine to bring about lots of passing, but the contribution of this plenitude of cheap overtaking to F1 as entertainment and as a sport is tawdry, and at the same time these changes to the formula have reduced the amount of driver skill involved, reduced the occurrence of genuinely exciting, meaningful duels (like the one between Hamilton and Alonso in Canada 2010), robbed us of an entertaining battle between Button (whose terrible form surely isn’t attributable to his inherent capacity to drive a normal F1 car with sensibly designed tyres) and the other title contenders, and reduced the gravitas of the whole thing.

        I’m glad to see Lewis back to his best, but I can’t say I’m enamored of this race nor of the 2011 and 2012 seasons in general.

        1. I am also critical about the tyres, but clearly Alonso and Vettel should have pitted. I find it very normal that one can overtake cars that drive on 30 laps older tyres. Norging bizarre about that, just logic.

    2. I think it’s totally unfair to criticize the two DRS passes for the lead. It’s almost as if some of us are trying to ignore the fact that prior to catching both Vettel & Alonso, Lewis was reeling them in steadily to the tune of over a second a lap. The real travesty would’ve been if after that we were forced to watch him trundle around behind them on their worn tires. When LH took Alonso, he was alongside him even before he opened his DRS. It definitely made the passes easier, but Ham drove his ass off to get back in touch with them & deserved the win.

      I notice that there seems to be a school of thought that says a race can’t be exciting without a slew of overtaking, but much like Monaco last week, there was a lot more to enjoy from this weeks race than just the number of overtakes. I suppose it’s because I always keep one eye on the live timing while I watch the race: there’s ALWAYS something worth paying attention to that you won’t see on the world feed. Watching how the times stack up from sector to sector, seeing who’s gaining or losing time & where exactly it’s happening, trying to work out tire wear & strategy based on pit stops & lap times… there’s so much to take in! I’m sorry, but it is my opinion that if all you’re doing is watching the broadcast on TV, then you’re not really watching F1.

  16. 8
    Very impressive start from the 24 drivers in turn 1

    Only 15 laps in the middle where it went quiet but a brilliant battle with the top 5 at the end with all the different strategys coming together

    1. @mrgrieves Good point about the start, very clean indeed.

  17. A 9 for me, great action on the track but DRS was just to much. And to think they cut it down from last year. What happend to Schumacher was verry weird, No one’s seen that one yet! I was amazed he made it around the lap to return to the pits that fast. Great race from Hamilton phew!

    When he made his last pit-stop and the two guys in front didn’t come in i thought it to be a huge mistake. If he had stayed out with the other two Grosjean and Perez would have on them! What a sight that could have been.

    Great race, cant wait for Valencia. Hey never thought i’d say that. Lets hope the 2012 formlula can finally spice up this race

  18. Well done to Hamilton been a long time coming this season ….Hopefully the first of many

  19. PJ (@pjtierney)
    10th June 2012, 21:03

    I gave it a 4.

    Up until the last 15 laps or so not a whole lot happened; I even went down stairs to put the kettle on without fear of missing anything.

    Massa’s start was interesting (until he spun it), would have been nice to see him keep that pace up.

    From then on it was pretty dead until Schumacher makes that impressive divebomb on a Sauber… only for DRS to whomp him on the next straight. Then he had the failure which kicked him out of the race.

    The only redeeming factor in the race for me was Lewis’ pace on his final stint. It was nice to see him drive all out to catch those ahead of him, but once he got there it was basically a case of a faster car on better tyres with DRS to breeze past those ahead of him.

    I’m happy that Perez and Grosjean made their strategies work, but overall the race felt a little too artificial in terms of where people ended up.

    It wasn’t a race that I’d be interested in re-watching on the highlights reel, but at least it wasn’t a Valencia either.

    1. How is it artificial? By saying it was artificial I get the feeling you are implying the result would not have been the same had there been no drs or the unpredictable tires. The way I see it is that everyone is on equal footing as every driver has access to the drs systems and is driving on the same tires. In the end the winner is determined by how the driver manages these systems. This was dry race with no safety cars, it was just 24 drivers who all had the same tools racing.

      1. @img343

        Yep, but it’s rate the race, not rate the result. The result may have been the same without DRS, but at least those overtaking would’ve had to work for it! In my eyes bad racing makes a bad race..

      2. PJ (@pjtierney)
        11th June 2012, 15:28


        Regarding equality, DRS is not an equal system (KERS and Tyres are for the most part, everybody has an opportunity to make them work), it’s designed to benefit the driver behind. With it in F1 the art of defending is fading away fast.

        I’m not taking anything away from Lewis’ win (far from it, he drove it very well) but in terms of excitement (which is how I rated the race), it’d have scored a lot higher if he was forced to “properly” overtake those ahead of him instead of being given a free pass.

  20. really fed up of watching these crap & unexciting drs passes.

    seeing a car overtake another car, especially for the lead & in the closing laps shoudl be exciting yet today it was ridiculously dull.

    drs is robbing us of good racing.

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