Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Montreal, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

2012 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Canadian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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223 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. Loving these 3+ way battles for the lead

  2. 10. What a race!!!
    This is why we love F1 so much :D

  3. sid_prasher (@)
    10th June 2012, 21:09

    On days like this I miss a bit of the old defensive drive…one thing for sure is that the teams are still not very sure of when the tire performance will drop off.

  4. 7 for me – I found it really pretty dull until the last 20 laps or so. Glad to see Lewis win but agree with others that the passing felt very artificial.

  5. 7 for me…… again, thanks to Mercedes for producing a error free racing.

  6. 8. I would’ve said 9 if it wasn’t for the mid-race procession. And this was probably the most quiet Canadian Grand Prix in ages…seemed a bit odd to me, to be honest. However the mixed strategies made for an good, enjoyable race. End of the race in particular.

    Hamilton rewriting history – well done! Those 2 glitches in the pits again are forgiven…-ish. And what a race for Perez! 3rd from 15th! A couple more and Sauber could very well be in the position to tackle Mercedes’ 5th place in the standings. Grosjean – deserved 2nd this time. Well deserved! Put on a strong, consistent and clean performance, how it should be done. Hopefully it’s gonna start happening more often.

    As for Alonso, I wouldn’t rate his gamble as disappointing. It was a bit of a bet he took with the tires there. Might have worked if Vettel would have posed more of a problem to Hamilton and if the spaniard would have hit the cliff a couple of laps later.

    As for the rest of the field:
    – mixed feelings for Rosberg’s maneouver on Massa, in front of Perez. Legal but not fair play if you ask me. And Rosberg has precedent for there kind of things…
    – Button is in a bad-bad place at the moment, and I guess the same could go for Senna – stayed more than 1/4 of the race behind the two Caterhams. Sub-par to say the least.
    – What in god’s name happened to Di Resta?! He looked very quick at the start of the race only to fade after the first pit stop… Too bad. Would have credited Force India with a good chance for a points finish here.
    – Massa, throwing some of what might have been a top 6 finish (even a top 5 and in front of Alonso) away again…
    – Raikkonen, saved as much as it could have been saved after quali…
    – Schumacher, I can’t even be bothered to try and understand what’s happening between him and his Mercedes. Either he’s beating that car like a horse and it simply can’t take it or…I don’t know. Frustrating is a kind word to describe his situation this season, and the worst thing…nothing even shows it could get better.
    – Too bad for HRT, a finish in front of the Marussias seemed like a sure thing for them yesterday.
    – Torro Rossos – completely invisible except for Ricciardo’s small mistake towards the end of the race.

    Anyway, let’s brace ourselves for a boring Valencian procession. At least we have LeMans till then…

  7. Is this the 1st all GP2 graduate podium?

  8. I gave it a 9, it was a superb race with my favourite driver winning it. I think this race the tyres behaved very well and I don’t understand the criticism, If some drivers didnt do a one stopper i think that people whould not be mad at pirelli and drs, In Canada you should know that the rears tend to go off because of the tracks nature. About the DRS i only can say that if the drivers didnt choose to pull a long stint on the tyres they would have been able to defend with kers I think.

  9. so I gave it a 6. Was thinking about 7 but just decided to vote HAM for the driver of the weekend instead.

  10. Superb race, but the DRS was still way too powerful. All the late duels, except Vettel on Alonso was ruined completely by it. And because of the DRS, the winner was given by the time Hamilton was catching Alonso and Vettel by over a second a lap. Other then that, really exciting!

  11. The criticism on DRS is fully understandible and correct but why do I get the feeling without it the current form of F1 wouldn’t give us any. Difficult to say!

    1. correction: why do i get the feeling without it the current form of f1 wouldn’t give us any overtaking . da** *t

  12. Not a classic by any means, but a good race! I gave it an 8!

    Thing is… it’s probably the worst canadian gp in the last 3 years, but it was still bloody good!

  13. Great race! 9/10 Anything better than a win and being first in the championship for Lewis? :)

    Though, McLaren messed up Hamilton’s pit stop again! They must correct these mistakes because it WILL be costly for Lewis. Ferrari and RBR throw away valuable points!

    Grosjean and Perez fantastic “silent stalkers” hahaha
    They suddenly appeared when I almost forgot them!

    1. His strategy was on par, if he had stayed out till the end he would have finished 4th or below instead he won the race,hows that messing up the strategy?

      1. nothing to do with strategy, Allan is talking about pitstop mess up (taking around 2 seconds more than Alonso’s for example)

  14. Being a massive Hamilton fan makes my oppinion on this massively bias and thus I gave my first 10. For me this race was truly epic and by the end I was in tears, such a relief that he’s won this year, all my friends telling me he’s rubbish and this just proves all the haters wrong. If anyone ever tells me Hamilton is rubbish ever again my response will simply be “Canada 2012”

  15. I went for 9.
    The start was steady, then the stops and strategies really stoked the fire, and the second half of the race just got better and better.
    I was slightly disappointed with DRS. Hamilton would have undoubtedly have got the passes done without DRS, but you could see him holding back and not going for a risky pass somewhere other than the DRS zone, which to me is not the ideal situation.

  16. 9 for sherzinger slamming her hand down on the table after Hamilton’s stop. Great cinema. But seriously let her have a go at the left rear. Cant hurt. But seriously for real actually it was pretty exciting for a while. I say 7.5, and round up. Honestly the whole dramatic set up was due to RBR and Terrain making a stupid strategy. Alonso probably had this. After seeing Hamilton’s poor stop they should have covered. Probably Hamilton storming those first laps out changed their minds though. Still not smart for them to stay out.

    1. Ferrari not Terrain. Autocorrect is a scourge.

    2. I’d swear she said ***

      1. And I would have replied “yes, please”

  17. 5/10 for me. The DRS completely ruined it, similar to last year. And it’s a real shame because that aside, it was a really great race.

    For all those saying the DRS didn’t make a difference, well it clearly did. There was a great fight shaping up between Hamilton and Alonso, and with DRS he just sailed by. Yep, he may have done anyway, but at least we’d have seen some fighting.

    Too many times and in too many fights drivers just hit the button and flew by. It’s pathetic; it isn’t racing. When it first came in I was in favour of it, but now I’m sick. If back in 2000 someone told me that in 12 years time there would be a DRS “zone”, where you get an extra speed boost over the driver in front, then I would have laughed. Sadly, it’s no laughing matter.

    1. Completly agree, it hasn’t been such a big feature in the races this year but today it was just to much.

  18. This race had a lot of potential, but it didn’t live up to that. We had different strategies at the front, but the moment you saw Hamilton closing in on Vettel and Alonso at a second a lap you knew he was going to breeze past easily and take the win. Very much like Monaco where we had a lot of excitement because of potential rain that eventually didn’t fall.
    Then there was little to no real overtaking because of DRS, just like there was little to no overtaking in Monaco.
    And just like Monaco this is just a great track and setting, probably one of the best on the calendar.
    Yet Monaco got a 5.4 average, while this (if I judge it right now very roughly) will probably get around a 8.5 average.
    This was undeniably better than a 5.4, but nowhere near a 8.5. More like a 6.5, so i guess I’d give it a 7.

  19. Great race!! Only thing that ruined it for me was jaques vielnerd.. What a negative a-hole!! Bitter much!??

    1. +1. He was negative wasn’t he? I thought I was the only one to think this. Whoa, get him from infront of the camera plz.

  20. I can understand why a lot are highly rating the race, but to me it was pretty much normal. Too much passes because of tyre difference and DRS, while strategy was the deciding factor. And what is going on with Schumacher? I can’t believe how much bad luck he has upon him this year. So a 5 for me.

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