Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Montreal, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

2012 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Canadian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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223 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. I can’t understand how people say the DRS ruined it….

    Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel spent the whole first stint close to one another, 2 of them had DRS, but there were no passes, why? Because they weren’t that much faster then the guy infront, that is why!
    DRS is an overtaking tool for cars that are A LOT faster then the cars in front of them, but would otherwise still be unable to overtake beause of the disturbed air comming from the slower car in front.

    Look at Webber, he was at one point quicker then Gorsean and Perez, but spent several laps behing them, with DRS, but not passing, why? Because he was not THAT much quicker. I say DRS worked exactly as it should have today, not making passes possible where cars of equal or near equal speed were involved, but giving that extra boost for overtaking someone who is simply a lot slower.

    8/10 for me btw the middle part was a bit boring, but 7 out of 7, the early stages with 3 contenders in 3 different cars close together, and grosean and perez awesome drives made it a solid 8 for me

    1. Also, DRS exists to give the gremlins in Schumacher’s Mercedes one more thing to play with :P

  2. 8/10 – could have been higher if I could have watched it in decent quality on tv..

    Excellent drive by Hamilton, I admit I’d rate it a helll of a lot lower if Lewis hand’t been able to overtake vettel and alonso

    1. Also would have voted 10/10 if I’d followed my heart and bet alot on Hamilton..After Vettel scored pole I thought the race was his, Vettel won too much last year for me to ever hope he wins from pole again!

  3. I am not quite sure why we are seeing the backlash from various ‘fans’ with regards to high tyre degradation. F1 has always been about maintaing the car throughout the race and getting it to the checkered flag. Nowadays drivers do not have to worry about looking after their engines, gearboxes etc. I for one am glad the drivers do still have to worry about their tyres. I think back to the Bridgestone refuelling era where two sprint processional races were the norm, and wonder how people can can say the current state of affairs are undesirable.

    Vettel and Alonso were passed because the wrong call was made on the pitwall. They tried to steal an extra 14 seconds in the race and so should be disadvantaged accordingly when they are unable to make the strategy work.

    I understand to some degree the comments regarding DRS, especially when drivers are playing cat and mouse on the approach to the activation zone. However, I would have to say they times when driver aids such as traction control, launch control and reactive ride heights were common were truly artificial.

    I liked the race, the initial laps until the first pitstop window were interesting, and then the endurance section in the middle of the race built into a fantastic finish.


    1. “Vettel and Alonso were passed because the wrong call was made on the pitwall” — absolutely correct, so I’m happy to see the Constructors’ points reflecting that.

      But for the Drivers’ points (WDC) would you agree that they both drove great races? Did their absolute best? Were on top of their form? Why should they be penalized when their pitwall, computerized strategists obviously didn’t know their lower bowel extremities from their elbows?

      1. F1 teams race, win and loose as a team. They were unable to pass Hamilton on the track and so took the call to stay out, one stop, and try to win the race that way. If it doesn’t work they shouldn’t get the points. In my humble opinion it is as simple as that.

        1. “teams?” OK that means constructors. “took the call”? Can’t drivers respect the intelligence of maybe a dozen or more strategists sitting in air conditioned luxury in front of computer screens answering the “what if” questions? “they [shouldn’t get the points]?” Who is they? Drivers or teams? I’ m happy to see teams (Constructors’ Championship) lose points for their faults. But not the drivers – the WDC is supposed (in my mind at least) to reflect driver qualities.

          Bottom line: in front of my TV screen (watching half the race, thank you Fox for your advertizing interrupts) I said immediately after Hamilton’s last tyre change that Vettel and Alonso must do the same. Losing 4 secs a lap with more than five laps to go is worse than a stop for fresh rubber – and that’s not rocket science.

          Could a driver “over-ride” his team advice? I really don’t know. But Vettel and Alonso for no reason to do with their abilities have both been penalized.

          1. @paul-a, Horner said they were already at that point aware they were not far enough ahead of Grosjean that if they pitted they could clear him so that might lose them the podium anyway; thus they decided to just try and pray. I think a similar reasoning applies for Alonso. I also still think that Ferrari could have seen from how Massa fared that it wouldn’t work (Webber wasn’t a useful benchmark for VET, too many stops), and had they stopped they might have at least still been ahead of VET and/or Perez.

          2. By your logic @paul-a we should have taken some points away from Vettel last year, just because his team made a faster car for him (thereby making it “unfair” in the drivers championship). And how would you even out the botched pitstops for Hamilton, Button and especially the technical problems for Schumacher this year?

            Its a sport where the team develop a car, build it and race it together. If they get the car right, choose a good setup, have a good driver who does not make critical mistake and execute their strategy, and its the rigth one sucess is the reward. If one of those things fails, it might still be a good result, but if several let them down, they just don’t get the points.

          3. Oh, and to answer your question,

            Could a driver “over-ride” his team advice?

            @paul-a – yes they can. We saw it with some of the nice race from Button last year. And with Alonso several times as well. Vettel also at times ignores what the team tells him to do, its really up to the driver in the car (off course its harder for a rookie or inexperienced driver to do so)

  4. They have learned the Pirellis and races are becoming pure and simple tyre management. The race was good but the last two races have depended too much on tyre management

    1. Not really.

      I would agree with that if the race winner was one of the one stoppers, but it was the guy who stopped who won (and vettel/alonso would have finished higher had they did the same strat as Ham, they missed out precicly because of tryin to tyre manage) therefore not a tyre-managing-race-win

  5. 8/10 – Great race overall, it started to intensify immensely in the latter stages with the tyre-strategy combination producing the goods when it certainly needed it around Canada. Who would have thought Sauber was actually going to meet their expectations with a podium this weekend by the end of qualifying in Perez finishing in P3, Grosjean was another that came out of the dark. Hamilton was superlative & purely fast throughout the weekend let alone the race, Ferrari are back as a front-runners in the form of Alonso & Vettel, did not run away as the majority of us probably expected & got sucked into the clutches of Hamilton & Alonso at the end of the first stint. Canada has not let us down once more! I wouldn’t say amazing but surely one that kept us on our toes & entertained.

  6. That was a fun race. With about 10 or so laps left, I was on the edge of my seat. It soon became obvious though, that Vettel and Alonso would be totally helpless to hold off Hamilton, so any drama pretty well melted away. I have to wonder “what if” Alonso had pitted for fresh tires with maybe 20 or so laps left to go. Might have made the podium, but never mind. Well done to Lewis and McLaren, and also Grosjean and Perez. I gave the race an 8.

  7. 10/10 for me. Good first few laps. Great around the 1st pit stops, bit of a lull then, but what a finish. Last 10 laps were epic.

  8. 7. Could have been a 10 but DRS ruined things again. Can’t remember a great overtake all race. Pleased for Ham though, reminded me of Hockenheim 2008.

  9. 9 from me, fantastic result, exciting and unpredictable with the different gambles on strategy.

  10. How many passes would we’ve seen without DRS? I get the feeling that some of you has forgot how few passes it used to be in F1 in the past. Granted that tyres nowdays makes for passing but after the summer break the teams will have learned this years tyres, as they did last year, and the argument against DRS will not be that strong anymore.

    1. I get the feeling that some of you has forgot how few passes it used to be in F1 in the past

      at least the overtaking we did see back then was actually exciting to watch though.

      all the drs related passing is dead boring to watch, im fed up of watching cars push a button & cruise past with the other car having nothing to defend with.

      i fail to see why anyone can defend drs & say it produces excitement because it just doesnt, its artificial & produces crap racing.

      1. Exactly.
        F1 isn’t about the number of overtakes. Its like a football match. Not many, but very exciting overtakes. Look at NASCAR, a million overtakes in each oval race but are any of them really exciting?
        I think it is more exciting to see drivers stuck behind each other for half a race, then to see them just push-to-pass and fly by.
        With DRS the duels are now noticeably shorter then they used to be, and with the many pitstops one driver will eventually get the edge on the other, either due to deg. or the under/over cut in the pitstop rounds anyway and I don’t think that a duel lasting 20 laps with no change in position is a bad thing. Its just 20 laps of excitement, instead of 3 laps of excitement and highway style overtake which in no way will get me up from my seat unless the championship depends on it.

        Also, the DRS has proven good defending skills worthless, because there is nothing the drivers can do, or is allowed to do, to stop the overtake from happening down the straight.

  11. Tyre-lottery and drs ruining yet another potentially great race..

  12. Low score from me. Even the commentators said it was boring in the middle of the race. Last laps were pretty good and I finally picked a winner in the championship.

  13. Very enjoyable race, with a lot of interesting plots.

    Hamilton was superb, despite MORE pit mistakes from the team, at least they had a smart strategy. Good to see aggressive strategy/driving win out. Button though needs to have a serious re-think, must be regretting not attending the Mugello test now.

    Ferrari/Red Bull, a bit mystifying. I could understand them not pitting right after Ham, but there was a point about three laps after where Ham was going a second a lap quicker (so he’d easily catch them) whilst Grosjean was 25s back and Perez looked out of the picture. Had they pitted there, second and third would have been guaranteed. At least Red Bull were smart enough to look at the data and see they could beat Alonso.

    All that Friday running on the SS paid off for Lotus, as their race pace was pretty remarkable.

    As for Perez, great to see that performance and make LdM eat his words. For him to have two podiums this year, and Massa be on only 11 points is super embarrassing. Needless to point out, if he drove for Ferrari in the WDC instead of Sauber they’d be in a close third, on 123 points.

    Rosberg should have done better, likewise Kimi and Schumachers run of bad luck is unbelievable! But an solid race, especially after the Monaco bore-fest. 8/10.

  14. This is exactly what the high deg Pirelli tyres combined with the two different compounds was designed to produce. Top drivers taking significantly different strategies with one on fresh tyres chasing down another (or in this case 2) on old and slower rubber. It’s exactly what we used to see in the early 1990s and earlier. DRS really didn’t materially impact on the racing we saw today. And it wasn’t just exciting in the final laps, the whole race was shaping up for that grandstand finish with Perez looking good from fairly early on.

    Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso all had huge grins on their faces at the end, they clearly enjoyed the race and so did I. Hard to decide whether to give it a full 10 or ‘only’ a 9.

  15. It was a good race. I think it deserves a 6. It’s 5 points really, 1 extra for nice win from Lewis :)

  16. In no way was that a 9 or a 10. Most of the race was uneventful, it was only the last 5 or so laps where it was a little more exciting. 6 from me this year.

    1. Seriously? We had a boatload if changes for the lead and different strategies. What more excitement do you expect?

  17. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    11th June 2012, 2:27

    A great race, considering what a procession Monaco was 14 days ago.
    10/10 – Because HAMILTON WON!! YEEEEESSSSS!!!
    So happy for him! The first stint was so exciting, hunting down Vettel, and then taking him with DRS, then his final 12 laps were just amazing, hunting down a struggling (1 stopping) Alonso so quickly.
    He really proved that the 2 stop was faster.

    1. Maybe Grosjeon proved the one stop was equally good. Considering Grosjeon was running at a reasonable pace, McLaren were lucky not to drop back behind him after a botched stop.

  18. I’m giving the race 7/10. It was exciting by Formula 1 standards, but not by the precedent set by the Grand Prix in previous years.

  19. i gave 8 because hamilton win

  20. “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

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