Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2012

“It’s unbelievable how close it is” – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says the championship is “unbelievably” close as he leads seven drivers covered by 25 points.


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Canadian GP – Conference 4 (FIA)

“It?s unbelievable to see just how close it is. We got a win and 25 points and I only have a two point lead, so it?s incredible how close it is and I think it will stay that close throughout the year. Again, it just highlights how important consistency is.”

Mercedes apologises to Schumacher (Autosport)

Ross Brawn: “He suffered a hydraulic issue which left his DRS jammed open and it was not possible to fix it in race conditions. I can only apologise to Michael for a further technical failure.”

Red Bull ready to solve tyre mystery (The Telegraph)

“[Christian] Horner said he felt his team were well placed to win this year?s ‘race within the race’; understanding this year?s rule changes, and in particular the extremely sensitive Pirelli tyres.”

Q&A with Mercedes? Nico Rosberg (F1)

“Everybody is really close out there. Take Monaco. We had the best car there whereas here it wasn?t the case. So it is bit up and down from track to track. I think in the end it is just important to be as consistent as possible and then there will come a track where you again have the fastest car. And then there you will win again. Hopefully!”

James Allen via Twitter

“Ron Dennis says ‘Lewis last contract was signed at a time when the economy was slightly different.’ Different expectations this time…”

Timo Glock’s 2004 maiden F1 race memorable (Montreal Gazette)

“‘You?re going racing, son,’ [Eddie] Jordan told his 22-year-old test- and practice-session driver in as many words.”

Jacques Villeneuve is still a spoiled brat (The Vancouver Sun)

“You could put everything Villeneuve knows about the struggle to pay tuition ?ǣ the struggle of life in general ?ǣ in a thimble, with room to spare. This is the privileged Little Prince who got his education at a Swiss boarding school, then parlayed some talent and his father?s name into a ride with what was then an excellent Williams team.”

Comment of the day

Lots of praise for yesterday’s race but also a lot of criticism about DRS. Guilherme makes two points:

The DRS zone was silly. Quite a few of those passes would have happened anyway, but they would be more exciting without the DRS as they would be battiling till the braking zone for position, but no, they just storm past 400 meters before the corner.

I bet it would be much better if the zone was in the pit straight or in the run for the final hairpin.

While we?re talking about DRS, didn?t they all say last year that, if the DRS failed while opened, then it would be shut down automatically purely form the aerodynamic pressure on the wing? I guess Schumacher must be wondering that too…

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On this day in F1

Jo Bonnier, who scored his single F1 win for BRM in the 1959 Dutch Grand Prix, was killed 40 years ago today during the Le Mans 24 Hours.

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