Circuit of the Americas construction 3/1/2012

Whiting praises “world-class” COTA after inspection

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Circuit of the Americas construction 3/1/2012In the round-up: FIA race director Charlie Whiting is pleased by the progress being made in the construction of Circuit of the Americas, ahead of F1’s highly anticipated return to the United States in November.


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FIA pleased with Austin progress (Sky)

Charlie Whiting: “From the world-class motorsports facilities and fan areas to the racecourse itself, which promises to be one of the most challenging new additions to our season, I believe Circuit of The Americas has the ability to put on a great show and spectacular Grand Prix in its inaugural year. I look forward to my next visit in August.”

Montreal nearing new long-term deal, says Ecclestone (SPEED)

Bernie Ecclestone: “We don’t need it to look like Abu Dhabi; we just want an upgrade. We want a facelift. If they do here what they’ve done at Silverstone, that would be good. Canada is important to us.”

Sauber eyeing qualifying improvement, but without compromising race pace (Autosport)

Monisha Kaltenborn: “It is our clear target to improve on the qualifying because if we can manage to get the car further in front on the grid, we can be far quicker and show even more the potential of this car, so this is really going to be our target to get further in front.”

Mario Andretti Q&A: Time for US F1 fans to rejoice (

“I said it a million times and I will continue to say it: the Formula One fan base in the United States is very much understated and I think it will be embraced now to have a proper, solid home. Something that you can look forward to every year and not just move around – put up a tent there, take a tent down there. This now is solid.”

How Alonso and Vettel could have beaten Hamilton in Canada (BBC)

“I wrote in my post-race analysis column on Monday that Alonso and Ferrari could have beaten Hamilton had they have come in for a second stop before the McLaren driver. But after looking through the numbers in more detail, it is now possible to see that both of them might have beaten Hamilton if they had made second stops after him as well.”

Hamilton wins for McLaren – but will he stay? (Unibet)

Keith’s latest article for Unibet, looking at what possible options exist for Lewis Hamilton as he ponders his F1 future.

Timo Glock via Twitter

Want to be Marussia’s social media driver over the British Grand Prix weekend?

Comment of the day

The announcement that Bruno Senna would be the recipient of this year’s Lorenzo Bandini trophy surprised many Fanatics yesterday, but damonsmedley thinks fans should not be so critical.

Bruno actually did a great job last year apart from that one little mistake in Belgium (after a pretty astonishing qualifying performance). He came in half-way through the year with next to no experience and started outperforming his team-mate in a way even quick Nick wasn?t managing. There were plenty of impressive drivers, but Bruno wasn?t exactly bad.

And on the subject of crashing, how often have you seen Bruno make mistakes that cost him his race? He was running in a position to score strong points in Spain before being taken out, and he had a collision with Massa over which no driver could really be blamed. He spun on lap 1 in Malaysia but on that occasion, he more than made up for it with his pace and scored a big haul of points.

He?s certainly been doing better than many are giving him credit for. And I really wish the Bruno-Ayrton comparisons would stop. That?s just plain mean. Ayrton?s death is actually the reason Bruno couldn?t follow his passion for a large portion of his life, and despite that, he?s still in F1 and doing a fine job.

From the forum

For the second year in succession, some of F1Fanatic’s PS3 owners will compete in the 24 Laps of Le Mans using Gran Turismo 5. There are still places available on the grid for the race this weekend!

There is also growing anticipation on the forum for the actual race as well.

Fanatics are also discussing Sebastian Vettel’s appearance on Letterman too.

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On this day in F1

Gerhard Berger won the Canadian Grand Prix 20 years ago today in a race of attrition.

Nigel Mansell crashed out early on while trying to pass Ayrton Senna.

Senna later retired along with Riccardo Patrese and Martin Brundle – the latter giving chasing Brundle in the closing stages.

Here’s onboard footage from the race with Michael Schumacher – who finished second that day and went on to win the Canadian Grand Prix a record seven times: