Teams given deadline to vote on 2013 cost cutting measures

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Start, Montreal, 2012In the round-up: the FIA give teams until the end of the month to vote on a resource restriction agreement for the 2013 season.


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FIA sets deadline to vote on cost-control measures in Formula 1 (Autosport)

??A statement issued by the governing body said: ??At their request, the FIA is having active discussions with teams regarding cost control and any amendments to the technical regulations resulting from a further limit on expenditure on the chassis will be submitted to the WMSC via a fax vote before 30 June. The intention is to help all teams participate in the championship in a fair and equal manner.?? The June 30 date is significant because it is the last day that 2013 regulations can be changed with only majority support from the teams. Any attempt to implement an RRA after that date would require unanimous support ?ǣ something that is not present at the moment because it is understood that Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso are against the FIA policing budgets in the sport.??

Gascoyne calls for budget cap as FIA promises action on costs (JAonF1)

Mike Gascoyne: ??I want freedom and innovation and I think we need a budget cap but we should leave people free to spend on whatever you like within that cap, so if you want to spend it all in the wind tunnel or on some trick new innovation then you can do that, but there is a limit and there has to be a limit. It?s a fine balancing act because you want innovation; you want F1 to be the pinnacle, it has to be the quickest single-seater motor racing formula in the world. It has to be the best, but it has to be sustainable.??

Mercedes seek to improve Michael Schumacher’s reliability issues (BBC)

Ross Brawn: ??The performance of our car and our tyre management were generally good in Canada. However, our competitiveness was compromised by reliability problems and mistakes. This is a disappointment that is deeply felt by everyone in our team, and we have been working hard to ensure we understand the reasons and deal with them.??

F1: Ecclestone Approves Plan To Move Interlagos Pits (SPEED)

Bernie Ecclestone: ??I have long believed in Brazil ? we’ve been there since 1972. The future of Formula One Brazil depends now on major improvements at Interlagos. These events (World Cup and Olympics) are a great opportunity to look at the circuit, as well. I can no longer be questioned by the teams about why we are racing at the worst circuit in the championship.??

Kaltenborn, Wolff, De Villota become FIA WMC Ambassadors (

Monisha Kaltenborn: ??Women nowadays do have the competence, the self-confidence and the education to follow a professional career in any area they choose, but still they need the right opportunities to achieve their goals. The challenge now is to develop the platforms for them, so they have equal chances to show their abilities in all business areas they are interested in, which may include motorsport.??

Whitmarsh: 2012 could be greatest year (Sky)

Martin Whitmarsh: ??It’s extraordinary, there’s never been a season like this and it could well go down in history as the greatest Formula 1 season because we have so many great drivers and so many World Champions fighting it out for this year’s world championship. Winning grands prix in F1 is not easy and winning them at the moment is probably more difficult than it has ever been with some hugely competitive teams and great drivers.??

Aussie Formula 1 driver Mark Webber geared only for this year (Herald Sun)

Mark Webber: ??The motivation is the most important thing. When you have that, the rest is straightforward. It’s clear over a 10-to-12-year career, you’re going to have sections of your career when motivation is not at its highest. But at the moment my motivation’s really high. I don’t like losing, which is a good sign. And I don’t feel what I can replace this with at the moment. Sitting beside the pool is fine for two weeks, but after that I think it’d be quite hard to live with ?ǣ so I need to keep racing.??

Truth in 24 II (Audi)

The 80th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours gets underway today. In anticipation of one of world motorsport’s most iconic races, here is Audi’s latest Truth in 24 documentary which looks back at last year’s dramatic event.

Comment of the day

As the debate over tyres in F1 rages on, vjanik offers this perspective on whether the sport should introduce more tyre suppliers.

In a perfect world every team would have their own tyre supplier and tyres tailor-made for their cars, with updates for each race. This would be costly but in a perfect world that wouldn?t matter.

Back in the days, teams were picking different tyre suppliers from race to race depending on which tyre suited the track better. It was all about making cars go faster, not about equalizing all the teams to create close racing (eliminating every possible differentiating factor ?ǣ tyres, engines, etc)

It all depends on what you want. A ??show?? which is unpredictable and entertaining? Or a race between the fastest cars, best drivers and smartest designers and engineers? The latter will lead to the cream rising to the top and might mean some seasons are dominated by a team/driver.

Its the role of the FIA to manage the balance between the two, and it looks as though they are moving more towards showbiz than sport. DRS is proof of that.

I am looking forward to 2014 when we will have big technical rule changes, new engines and hopefully new sporting regulations where we will get rid of some of the redundant rules as pointed out in previous articles on this site.

From the forum

Very best of luck to everyone competing in the 2012 F1F GT5 24 Laps of Le Mans today. May the best Fanatic win!

Fanatics are also debating Michael Schumacher’s season so far.

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A new deadline was set in discussions over the future of the United States Grand Prix five years ago. But no agreement to keep the race at Indianapolis was reached and it disappeared from the calendar.