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Start, Silverstone, 2011In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen admits he is disappointed not to have won a race yet this year.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Bid to bring F1 to Olympic Stadium (The Telegraph)

“Plans for a London Formula One Grand Prix on a track running in and around the Olympic Stadium is among the bids being considered for London 2012?s showpiece arena.”

Alonso and Vettel could co-exist as team-mates, say Ferrari (BBC)

“A source close to Ferrari says Alonso has vetoed the idea of Hamilton joining him at the team but given his approval to Vettel.”

European GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Lewis Hamilton: “The guys are working as hard as they can and pushing as hard as we can to improve. We?ve not had the same size of upgrades as others potentially have. We?ve not really had an upgrade since Barcelona but we hopefully will have something very soon. […] Probably for the British Grand Prix, I would have thought.”

Ecclestone says “bit stupid” to pay German banker (Reuters)

“[Gribkowsky] was doing the best he could. I was a little bit stupid – normally I would have told him to get lost.”

Bernie Ecclestone says he has ‘nothing to hide’ over bribery claims (The Guardian)

“The poor guy has been banged up for 18 months. He would have said anything to save himself. He was going to be locked up whatever happens.”

Kimi: No rift with Lotus (Sky)

“We’ve been so close to certain results, so certain races have been a bit disappointing, and you are disappointed when you don’t win.”

Schumacher talks down victory chances (Autosport)

“You have probably seen Montreal. We indicated that to be a good circuit for us and it turned out not to be accurate. So it is a question mark what this track [Valencia] will be like.”

Q&A – Force India?s Nico Hulkenberg (F1)

“Not overly happy. In regards of results and the standings I had hoped that the outcome would be better.”

Twenty-three races in 2013 (Joe Saward)

“The word on the street is that the FIA Formula 1 world championship in 2013 could have 23 races.”

European GP – Massa: “Happy to be the eighth winner” (Ferrari)

“If you look at how many things have changed in this year?s races, with strategy and other situations, then many drivers have the chance to win and sure, I put myself in this category.”

Vettel admits Ferrari interest is flattering (Grand Prix)

“I respect Ferrari a lot and I respect Fernando a lot. I see it as a compliment and I’m flattered, obviously.”

Formula One: Get Ready For An 8th Victor in Valencia (Grand Prix)

My latest article for Unibet.

Comment of the day

Jake is pleased to see some better questions in the FIA press conference:

I must say I was impressed with the questions from one Jonathan Legard! Much better than the other football and economy-related questions to which the answers were always going to be standard dullness.

From the forum

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On this day in F1

Mike Hawthorn made his first start in a world championship race 60 years ago today in the 1952 Belgian Grand Prix.

Alberto Ascari won the race for Ferrari, Hawthorn fourth.

This was the first of nine consecutive world championship races entered by Ascari which he won – a record (he did not enter the 1953 Indianapolis 500).

Image ?? Lotus F1 Team/LAT

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75 comments on Bid to hold F1 race at London Olympics site

  1. PJA (@pja) said on 22nd June 2012, 11:32

    Of all the various proposed new locations for a Grand Prix, and there seems to be rumours of a new one every month or so, to me this seems the most unlikely to happen.

    I am sure Ecclestone wouldn’t mind it, as long as they paid him enough money, as he has said in the past he would like a London GP, the main appeal seeming to be a race in a major iconic city rather than what any proposed circuit would be like.

    But I don’t see the bid to being accepted by the legacy committee and even if it did get that far there are plenty of other potential locations ahead of it in the queue to host a race.

  2. having a grand prix in London would be soooo cool but i cant help thinking it wont happen. there are alot of countrys which probably have a better chance of holding a race. however i hope it happens and anyone who wouldnt want it is strange haha!!

  3. Tayyib (@m0nzaman) said on 22nd June 2012, 12:03

    It would look spectacular in london but we are getting a saturation of street races or grand prix tracks that are poor tracks, we need to keep the classics like silverstone, spa and suzuka.

    As for the 23 races would be tough on the teams but if they are good tracks and add something different to the calendar i wont complain.

  4. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 22nd June 2012, 13:17

    Sounds pretty sensible from Mercedes/Schumacher regarding their prospects in Valencia. I was thoroughly disappointed by them in Montreal, such a shame! They just seem to have gone really quiet recently and all we hear is about Schumacher’s hurrendous luck. Hopefully (touch wood) it will improve this weekend.

  5. Here is a concept video that was made in 2011 –
    A look into what is could look like is also here

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