2012 European Grand Prix grid

2012 European Grand Prix

Row 1 1. Sebastian Vettel 1’38.086
Red Bull
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’38.41
Row 2 3. Pastor Maldonado 1’38.475
4. Romain Grosjean 1’38.505
Row 3 5. Kimi Raikkonen 1’38.513
6. Nico Rosberg 1’38.623
Row 4 7. Kamui Kobayashi 1’38.741
8. Nico Hulkenberg 1’38.752
Force India
Row 5 9. Jenson Button 1’38.801
10. Paul di Resta 1’38.992
Force India
Row 6 11. Fernando Alonso 1’38.707
12. Michael Schumacher 1’38.77
Row 7 13. Felipe Massa 1’38.78
14. Bruno Senna 1’39.207
Row 8 15. Sergio Perez 1’39.358
16. Heikki Kovalainen 1’40.295
Row 9 17. Daniel Ricciardo 1’40.358
Toro Rosso
18. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’40.203
Toro Rosso
Row 10 19. Mark Webber 1’40.395
Red Bull
20. Vitaly Petrov 1’40.457
Row 11 21. Pedro de la Rosa 1’42.171
22. Narain Karthikeyan 1’42.527
Row 12 23. Charles Pic 1’42.675

Timo Glock will not start due to illness.

2012 European Grand Prix

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75 comments on 2012 European Grand Prix grid

  1. Jake (@jleigh) said on 23rd June 2012, 14:40

    Lewis’ performance very encouraging for Mclaren considering their lack of updates this weekend. They supposedly have a Barcelona size package for Silverstone

    • Jake (@jleigh) said on 23rd June 2012, 14:41

      That’s an upgrade package the size of the one they had in Barcelona, rather than one the size of the city of Barcelona!

      • Snafu (@snafu) said on 23rd June 2012, 14:52

        Mclaren’s lack of updates for 3 races is very surprising! I don’t know what’s going on in MTC but Mclaren was always the best in R&D.

        • Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 23rd June 2012, 16:11

          The 2009 season was a testament to this, as they were able to turn what was arguably the worst car they have ever produce, into one of the best cars on the grid by the end of the year. Hopefully this season wont be 2009 in reverse.

    • suka (@suka) said on 23rd June 2012, 15:50

      Lewis’s overperforming just like Alonso is, maybe even more than Alonso in qualifying. That Mclaren is losing the fight unless they get about .300sec worth of upgrades next 3 races. Newy is back on sound terms with the 2012 rules. FIA has got to change something to stop him. Otherwise, we’re watching 2011 season again from now on.

      • Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 23rd June 2012, 16:33

        It’d be grossly unfair to change the rules just to impede an incredibly talented engineer from doing his job!

        • Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 23rd June 2012, 17:12

          That is pretty much how it works. Engineer comes up with an ingenious new gizmo, other teams moan because they’re jealous, FIA ban new gizmo. its sad really, as you wonder if it stifles innovation. Take the RedBull ‘floor hole’ fiasco, even though it past FIA inspections it was banned because some of RedBull’s rivals were jealous that they didn’t come up with it first.

          • Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 23rd June 2012, 17:18

            @tmcs88 Well I take your point there. Many innovations such as the f-duct and double-diffuser have been banned in recent years. This can be explained by these things inhabiting and exploiting a grey area in the rulebook that then becomes closed off or clarified by the FIA, thereby making them illegal.

            There is a difference between that and what @suka seems to be suggesting i.e. changing the rules so as to curb Newey’s talent outright. One is banning a quasi-legal innovation the other is the entirely different prospect of manipulating the rules to keep one man from succeeding.

        • Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 23rd June 2012, 17:54

          I concur. It would be the end of Formula 1 as a sport if the powers that be started manipulating rules in order to manufacture results that fit their desires.

          • Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 23rd June 2012, 18:02

            @tmcs88 It would truly be the end for F1. I’m not one for conspiracies but you could imagine Bernie manipulating anyone and anything he can behind the scenes so as to create a great ‘show’, should RBR start dominating again! I’m just thankful this season is so competitive!

      • Tyeto said on 23rd June 2012, 22:42

        Nonsense. The macca has always being one of the best cars out there and probably the most consistent in every race. While the Ferrari has been one of the worst Nd the most inconsistent. Hamilton won a race and button won Nother so the macca team and the red bulls are the only one with two wins. So all of you Hamilton fans are over- exaggerating what Hamilton has done. The macca car is probably the 1st and sometimes the second fastest cAr of the field. Red bull is right next to them while the Ferrari is probably the 6 fastest car right now behind the Williams, the dauber , the Mercedes, the red bull, the Maccas and even the for e India in this race. Don’t try to compare what Lonso has done to what Hamilton has done. Let’s review the facts. The macca was the best car in preseason testing , Hamilton has three or four pole position this season yet he has only won once and instead of keeping the pole position he has lost places in almost all the races. Yet Alonso with one of the worst. Ads out there is just two points behind. And even being the 6th fastest cAr for tomorrow’s race watch out for Lonso. He has two brand new set of ss tyres and one set of soft, while Hamilton none because he had to used all of them to make it to q3. So all in all Hamilton did a lot of flying laps today while Alonso did just a few and because of that Alonso has a great chance of doing something phenomenal tomorrow while Hamilton most likely will go backwards as the race progresses. Last but not least vettel has a brand new set of ss that he also saved. So there is not doubt in my mind that vettel will win and that Hamilton will finish around 4-6. Last but not least let me remain all of you that vettel in Canada was wining the race in the first 20 laps but due to the fact that Alonso came up in front of him after the pits, Hamilton was able to open the gap and subsequently win the rAce. This time Alonso will most likely held up Hamilton .

  2. James (@goodyear92) said on 23rd June 2012, 16:18

    Two stellar laps from the fastest pair on the grid, Vettel and Hamilton. Bothe of them, to be fair, pulled it out of nowhere when it really mattered. Getting tired of Button’s, now customary, ‘I was fine in qualifying, right up untill Q3′ malarkey. I’m sure he’s just forgotten how to deliver a proper lap, I mean, what other reason is there? He looked faster than Lewis all weekend, but when it matters, he couldn’t get near him. I don’t want him to beat Lew, but it was his best chance so far and he completely blew it, as usual. I really do feel Mclaren have lost touch on raw pace since Spain, they haven’t had a single upgrade after that race and their next one will be for Silverstone – I hope it’s a substantial one.

    • Mads (@mads) said on 23rd June 2012, 19:49

      If Button was awarded a point for every time he has used that excuse he would have been leading the championship by a 100 points or so at this point in the season.

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 24th June 2012, 3:02

      I agree with this post. Button just seems to be a poor qualifier nowadays. Even in his best years, 2009 and 2011, he had poor qualifying records against his teammates. I remember the open goal he missed on Saturday in Japan last year too.

  3. dkpioe said on 23rd June 2012, 16:25

    vettels pole by this margin shows would an amazing effort redbull have made this year, after being so far from pole in the opening races. they have made amazing progress, while mclaren has stayed around the same in relative lap times. i think redbull will continue the progress and will eventually be the dominant team going into the 2nd half of the season. that is in combination with vettel. his qualifying performances are Ayrton Senna level.

  4. Wooolfy said on 23rd June 2012, 22:48

    Vettel’s lap was awesome but he will suffer tomorrow for pace. It is almost obvious that his car is setup towards qualifying with a 0.324sec lead over P2. Don’t you remember that Mclaren did this earlier in the season and have now traded off their quali performance for race pace. Watch out for Hami tomorrow!

  5. Mustalainen (@mustalainen) said on 24th June 2012, 10:20

    @keithcollantine I would appreciate if you could write out the last zero in the times, as in hamilton’s, Schumacher’s and Massa’s time. Now it looks like it could have been abbreviated.

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