Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2011

Ecclestone wants customer cars for cost-cutting

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Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2011In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone pushes for the return of customer cars to bring costs down.


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Ecclestone open to customer cars (Autosport)

“I don’t think it will happen. But I would like to see some of the smaller teams with a single car sold by a top team, which had been used the previous year. Perhaps it could be driven by a rookie.”

European GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Eric Boullier: “Today?s Formula One is based on constructor regulations. If we have to go to customer cars to serve Formula One and be the Formula One of the future, why not? I think the discussion is open now. I know some teams would like to stay as constructors, some teams would maybe need to be customers to save their budget or their company, but it?s a more complex debate and actually together with the previous question about cost-saving, it?s obviously crucial in this discussion.”

Red Bull’s latest upgrades could make the difference in Valencia (BBC)

“An important part of the modification is the hot air from the radiator – instead of exiting at the front of the rear tyre, it now comes out half way along.”

McLaren now has fastest pit stops, says Michael (Adam Cooper)

“We?re now averaging 2.5s pit stops through practice. We think we can average here sub 3s, which is better than any other team in the pit lane.”

‘Vettel will join Ferrari’ (Sky)

Ted Kravitz: “The interesting thing about it is that we all know in F1 that, at some point in his career, Sebastian Vettel will drive a Ferrari. He has said he wants to do it and they have said they want to have him.”

McLaren face a hard day’s night in Valencia (Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton: “I’m about 95 percent away from where I want to be with my car at the moment but I’ll get back 90 percent overnight.”

Interesting timing (Joe Saward)

“Formula One has hired Michael Payne, as part of its restructuring in preparation for the eventual departure of 81-year-old Bernie Ecclestone.”

Comment of the day

Colossal Squid is keeping an eye on Force India this weekend:

I wonder how Force India’s true pace will be in qualifying. Mallya said during the week that Force India were ??close? to being on the podium, and I?ve also read about general rumblings the team have been making since Canada about how they’ve ‘learned’ from Canada and improved a lot. Maybe they have a surprise in store this weekend?
Colossal Squid

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On this day in F1

Rubens Barrichello won the 2002 European Grand Prix for Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher finished second, less than 0.3 seconds behind, but Ferrari decided against ordering their drivers to swap positions as they had in Austria one month earlier.

They were joined on the podium by Kimi Raikkonen, who finished 46 seconds behind in his McLaren.

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