Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Valencia, 2012

Maldonado, Kobayashi and Vergne penalised, Schumacher not

2012 European Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Valencia, 2012Pastor Maldonado, Kamui Kobayashi and Jean-Eric Vergne have been handed penalties for their incidents during the European Grand Prix.

But Michael Schumacher was not penalised after being investigated for using DRS while yellow flags where waving. The stewards decided he slowed sufficiently despite having his DRS open.

A 20-second time penalty was imposed on Maldonado for his collision with Lewis Hamilton.

It drops Maldonado to 12th place in the final classification and promotes his team mate Bruno Senna to the final points position.

The stewards also handed out grid penalties to Kobayashi and Vergne. The Sauber driver will lose five places on the grid in Silverstone after clashing with Felipe Massa.

Vergne’s contact with Heikki Kovalainen earned him a ten-place grid penalty for the next race and a ??25,000 fine.

Vergne initially described the collision as “just a racing incident”. He said: “I felt I was ahead and as I started to turn into the corner, we collided and his front wing clipped my rear wheel and there was too much damage to the floor and it was impossible to change the damaged rear wheel so there was no way for me to continue.”

However after the penalty was handed down he Tweeted: “All my apologies to Kovalainen, rookie, not rookie, just my mistake and will learn from it…”

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  1. Ok, thanks @bosyber, like I said I couldn’t really tell watching at home, it certainly looked close.

  2. Maldonado is dangerous and is going to hurt someone one day unless someone steps in soon.

    1. The same was said about HAM last year and he is still driving around

      1. Yeah well, Hamilton has never deliberately driven into an opponent, which MAL has done at least 3 times now…

        1. Yes, the term is ‘unavoidable accident’ – I remember them

  3. Had it not been for these ‘lottery tires’, many of the backmarkers, midfield and average drivers would not have had a podium nor more so, a win in their F1 careers.

    1. Which backmarker has scored a podium?

  4. That’s enough penalties for one day, speaking as an England football fan.

    I still think they’re punishing racing incidents too much. It was the wheel-to-wheel action that made this race great, and it’s a pity every collision seemingly has to have one driver judged and punished.
    I still think Senna’s drive-through was harsh, it was good to see him rescue a point.

    But a tough penalty or two is much better than all the drivers waiting for the stops, and not attempting to race.

    1. Agreed re: Senna’s penalty. I’m still not quite sure how they arrived at that one in the steward’s office. If anything, it was a racing incident, and if they were determined to dish out a penalty for it, they gave it to the wrong driver. (Senna tends to be one of the most docile and friendly drivers off the track, but he sounded quite bothered by it afterward, and I can’t blame him.) But like you say, he did get a point back in the end, so that was nice.

  5. You can see where all three penalties have come from, though I maintain the Maldonado/Hamilton collision was 50/50. Maldonado was off the track though, but at least he doesn’t carry a penalty to the next race, which would have been very harsh on him.

    Kobayashi was clumsy against Massa — it was avoidable and deserving of a penalty. Vergne was just stupid. I don’t think it’s deserving of a 10-place penalty, but his lack of spacial awareness was staggering.

    1. You can see where all three penalties have come from, though I maintain the Maldonado/Hamilton collision was 50/50. Maldonado was off the track though, but at least he doesn’t carry a penalty to the next race, which would have been very harsh on him.

      As harsh as losing 15 points? 100% Maldonados fault. He doesn’t seem to be learning.

  6. The penalty for Maldonado seems fair enough to me. Yes, it was a foolish move but he did try to correct it but it just so happens there was a kerb in the way! You could of course argue that he should factor that into his decision making but he’s not exactly the brightest spark.

  7. Maldonado was stupid in that occasion. Hamilton was so slow he’d have passed him anyway before the end of the race. He was on the inside of the corner but out of the track limits, and the track turned left. Hamilton turned in, but Maldonado went straight to re-enter the track as soon as possible and stay ahead of Hamilton, and crashed. He should’ve turned left, cut the corner, given the position back and re-passed him later.

  8. Hamilton should not have taken any risks considering he has so much more to lose than Maldonado. Furthermore, he was so much slower and Maldonado would have overtaken him anyway.

  9. Any driver that forces another driver off of the track should be the first one penalized.

  10. What Maldonado should have learned from Kimi, is that it is much easier to overtake a car with lack of grip by using traction out of the corner, as even with worn tyres cars can brake as late.

    There are plenty of fast driver in this season, but few legends.

    I think if it was anyone else but Maldonado, Hamilton would have acted like a legend and gave them space. But with Maldonado it is pride. You don’t want that guy push you around in future.

  11. While I agreed with most of the stewards decisions I was surprised by the penalty for Senna. I thought it was a racing incident but if one driver was to blame it was Kobayashi.

    As for Maldonado I will give him the benefit of the doubt in that it was only a careless move rather than deliberately driving into Hamilton when he rejoined the circuit.

    Hopefully he can stop making mistakes such as this or at least when he does be man enough to admit it was his fault, trying to blame Hamilton saying he ran him off the road when that is something Maldonado has done plenty of times and even employed the tactic in this race.

  12. Maldonado’s move was a rookie mistake. Have a look at Schumi’s overtaking move in the same corner towards the end of the race. He knew the other driver was going to try to outbrake him, so he braked earlier to take the corner shallower (switch-back move(?)) to have better traction out of the second corner of that chichane and ultimately an overtake before the next right turn. Hamilton’s tyres were going off and was likely to run deep into the corner to defend his position – he should’ve known that, but that’s the difference between a rookie and a 7 time WDC.

    1. Can’t remember who Schumi overtook – could’ve been one of the Force Indias – will have to look at the replay.

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