Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix

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What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race at the Valencia street circuit.

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188 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix”

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this about this circuit, but what a race! One of the best this year in my opinion. Despite the boring first half with Vettel’s dominance, the racing back behind him kept it exciting. Love it!

    1. it was absolutely Surreal!! Valencia has the reputation of being one of the most boring circuits and here we have the most exciting race of the year(coz it was totally unexpected)…i mean Vettel and grosjean had Car failures…a rarity nowadays… Alonso winning out of nowhere in front of his home fans! and the Most intruging part..Hamilton taken out by maldonado on the penultimate lap!
      What else can you ask for…oh I forget it was Schumaker on the podium for the first time since his contentious return…

      1. Jayfreese (@)
        24th June 2012, 20:56

        I watched GP2 Race 1 and today in the Formula One race it was kind of such a mess again, with the leaders (Colado in GP2, Vettel in F1) run so much faster on the opening laps and then the Safety car came and switch every outcome of the races.
        Amazing race, couldn’t be the Valencia circuit we all know as I voted 9/0, my higher note of the season( maybe due to failures and crashes)

      2. That’s what I was thinking at the beginning of the race, “Ho, hum…another parade.” I had no idea how exciting a Valencia race could be. I love Lewis/McLaren and I am NOT an Alonso/Ferrari fan, but it was a phenomenal race!

        1. You called ? Oh, I see, Anyway this race had a lot of what historically F1 races provide, a superfast but unreliable car or 2, the hand of fate cruelly striking one competitor down and lifting another high, a bit of racing and some good passes even without the tyre and DRS factors, so generally a good average GP. I feel sorry for those fans whose experience of F1 only encompasses the dreary processions of most of this century, judging by the scores awarded recently they must be the majority of the F1Fanatics on this site, let’s hope F1 only gets better.

    2. xeroxpt (@)
      24th June 2012, 23:48

      Justice+Drama= Life.

      1. xeroxpt (@)
        25th June 2012, 0:02

        The race was so good that the website crashed, that’s how good it was!

        1. Yeah, I was trying all night from the US to get on here.

    3. +1 if some one asks me what my favorite race of the year was all i will be able to answer is ” any one but Monaco”, What a season!

    4. I never thought I’d see it either. Excellent racing all round

  2. Best Race of the year by a Country Mile 10/10

    1. Sanfrantsastic to see the best driver in the World back where he belongs,back on the podium.Great to see all 3 of the old drivers,and so unexpected!.Just like the old days.
      GO SCHUMI>>> you deserved this one.44yrs old next January,let us see another 43year old do the same.
      Merc GP”get the message”,keep the car good for him and he will bring home the bacon.

  3. It was FAN TAS TIC!

    Great on track actions. Some very very polemic! also, weirdly, loads of unreability within the top teams! The result was really unexpected after qualy.

    You might be a fan of Vettel or Hamilton and be quite ****** off right now. But that’s to be expected… this was a superb race. And to think it was in Valencia… this is going to be very up tehre in the ratings!!!

    1. Big fan of Hamilton, but that did not affect (well maybe a little) my enjoyment of a phenomenal race!

      1. Same. Also enjoyed the fantastic celebration from Alonso at the end.

        That’s what F1 should be like.

        1. The only thing missing from that celebration was burnouts! :)

        2. xeroxpt (@)
          25th June 2012, 0:12

          I didnt see a thing I was jumping up and down grabing a bite after the race at 3pm, yeah Hamilton was knocked of but realisticly he was doing a superb job so, bad pit stop again… but good strategy lead them to a realistic top 5 finish until a true heart breaker, and for Vettel fans just wait till next race.

  4. Wow! A 10 for me, battles all the way through and the safety car really spiced things up, can’t believe the amount of crashes and mechanical failures… only goes to show reliability is not necessarily good for the excitement of the sport! Can’t believe THIS race took place in Valencia!!

  5. Great race!! Happy for every one on the podium especially Schumacher and räikkönen!! :D

  6. Great race when was the last time Alonso Kimi and Schumi were on the podium together ?

    1. Canada in 2006, apparently.

    2. @tmax French GP in 2005 was the first time. They’ve shared the podium 6 times, with Alonso winning all 6 of those races!

      1. RAI and MSC go back further.
        They were sharing podiums when ALO was midfield and watched the podium ceremonies along with the rest of us

      2. Schumacher won in China – 2006.

        1. Oh! you mean MSC, ALO and RAI

    3. Not a dry eye in the house! On a course noted to be “impossible to pass” .. three-wide, nose-to-tail, wheels inside wheels … Young Guns* looked good but the Ol’ Dawgs gotter done! And three Ferrari champs on the podium.

      *”Big John”, “The Shepherd”, The Scot …

  7. “El Classico”

  8. Amazing race again. Saw the GP2 races and they were amazing. Luckily the F1 race was great too.

    Alonso truly spectacular. You could see he was on a rampage from the start. Even before the safety car he was the driver of the race.

    Too bad Grosjean’s car broke down. Would have liked to see him win.

    Jus ta shame that Maldonado is driving around though. Why doesn’t that baboon get a penalty for weaving like a loon after the start? Pushing off Raikkonnen in the process. He pushed and rammed into so many cars this race. Just insane. Senna gets penalized for something that others (Button ramming into Hamilton in Canada 2011) don’t get penalized for, but Maldonado just keeps getting away with it.

    1. f1tooslownowadays
      25th June 2012, 0:12

      Maldanado has alot of money which helps with these kind of things.. (being granted a superlicense)

    2. the thing that annoys me about Maldonado is that he has proved that he is a driver capable of winning races but then he goes and does something stupid….Spa last year, Monaco this year and now this

      1. Hamilton was as culpable as Maldonado

        1. @plboff23 Hamilton did absolutely nothing wrong – Maldonado was entirely at fault:

  9. Amazing race, one the best this year. So glad for Schumacher for this podium.

  10. A definite 10! This is entertainment & sport in its finest form.

  11. Shoot me but I give it a 10. So much drama, courtesy of the technology failing those brave men when they needed it most. Kudos for Alonso for aggressive driving and taking every single opportunity he had.

    1. I did the same and thought that I’ll be in minority. Dream podium for me! And there is one thing you have to admit- F1 would be much more fun to watch with more reliability problems. I like the track layout but didn’t think it can produce such racing as today.
      VET, HAM, GRO, MAL really made this race much more interesting. I hope to see more racing incidents like the battle of HAM and MAL this year!

  12. It was FAN TAS TIC!

    Great on track actions. Some very very polemic! also, weirdly, loads of unreability within the top teams! The result was really unexpected after qualy.

    You might be a fan of Vettel or Hamilton and be quite ****** off right now. But that’s to be expected… this was a superb race. And to think it was in Valencia… this is going to be very up tehre in the ratings!!!

    1. I’m a fan of Vettel and I’m disapointed with the DNF, but at least it wasn’t a mistake from him. The retiremements of Vettel, Grosjean and Hamilton opened up the way for Schumacher to get 3rd, so I’m still delighted :D

      1. f1tooslownowadays
        25th June 2012, 0:20

        I’m a fan of Ham, Schumacher and kimi and to some extent alonso too.

        I dislike redbull so I was delighted when Vettel retired. I really dislike Maldonado and I’m disappointed Lewis’ race was ended by him. The fact Vettel and Hamilton’s race’s were ended equals out for me. If Hamilton had been able to recover and win with Kimi and Schumacher on the podium I would have been most pleased and voted 10/10.

        Overall 9/10 for me, excellent racing today

  13. A 10!!

    And FIA got the DRS zone just right! No pass was completed before the braking point, and drivers went side-by-side into the next turn so many times..

    The retirements of VET and GRO also helped in increasing the rating…

    1. xeroxpt (@)
      25th June 2012, 0:01

      In retrospective and taking in account how quick Alonso went from lap 18 onwards, (likewise Monaco) the race could have been a 3 way battle for the victory, I too rated it a 10 but I would rated this as my all time favourite if Vet and Gro didnt retired instead of the opposite, plus we really wanted to see another driver winning a first race maybe Grosjean that had been lucky till the retirement or Raikkonen which was unfortunately stuck behind slower cars from 1st turn onwards.

    2. There was so much overtaking, DRS wasn’t needed here…

      Did anybody count how many overtaking was done?

  14. Fantastic race. Lot’s of incidents, passing, talking points, a home winner and finally one of the greatest F1 celebrations in recent years.

    1. Yeah, I was even tempted to give it a 10, especially for Valencia suddenly showing it CAN offer a good race. Hermann Tilke will feel vindicated. At this rate even Abu Dhabi might become an epic race!

    2. I did wonder if Nando was ever going to make it to the podium, he seemed in no hurry to get there !

      1. @basCB

        At this rate even Abu Dhabi might become an epic race!

        This is r-r-ridiculous!

        I find that the more I go back and read older comments, the more ironic and surprisingly accurate, crazy predictions I find! :p

  15. it’s a clear 10, so much overtaking! great race, Alonso was superb and just as beautiful was Schumacher’s charge in the last 10 or so laps!

  16. I’m voting 10/10 on a Tilke circuit? HERESY!

  17. A truly great race, one I could easily see myself telling my future children about, even though the track never seemed like producing a great race..

    It takes a lot for me to give a race 10/10, and since the first 20 or so laps looked like Vettel was running away with it, I can only realistically give this race 9/10.. But what a race!!

  18. 10 no doubt about it, a thriller to the end. Rating driver of the weekend though is gonna give some problems, there’s so many.

    1. They’re all called Fernando Alonso lol

  19. Good race, shocking effort from Maldonaldo at the finish. 7

  20. 9 for me.

    Great race! Only thing that would’ve made it better was a straight fight between Alonso, Vettel, Grosjean and Hamilton. The result was a little too artificial as well with all the mechanical failiures, but I guess that’s racing.

    Roll on Silverstone!

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