Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix

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What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race at the Valencia street circuit.

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188 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix”

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  1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    24th June 2012, 15:46

    Definitely the best Valecia GP so far. Superb racing from Alonso (my driver of the day), gutted for Hamilton though (McLaren cost him the win). An 8.5/10 for me.
    Also It must be the first time that three world champions, all of whom won their championships with the same team (Ferrari) have shared the podium.

    1. @tmsc88 and indeed anyone else who believes todays podium was composed of 3 drivers who won championships with Ferrari… Alonso won 2 world championships in 2005-06. Both of which were with Renault, He nearly won in 2010 with Ferrari, but that can’t count as ‘winning a championship’.

      However, I would like to think Alonso can win this year’s championship with Ferrari, wouldn’t that be a story? :)

      1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
        24th June 2012, 23:19

        WHOOPS! How on earth did I manage to make that mistake!?!!?!.

        1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
          24th June 2012, 23:24

          I shall force myself to watch the Hollyoaks omnibus as punishment. :-)

  2. Maldonado deserves a big penalty.

    1. We were watching the race with 4 guys, 79 years of F1 watching experience between us, and we unanimously felt Hamilton was the one to blame for the crash…

      1. Goes to show bias can overcome experience I guess.

        1. ronald plain
          24th June 2012, 22:56

          You push, I shove, we both lose. Some people you can intimidate, others are just like you a few years ago. Another lesson Lewis has to learn. Maybe if Mclaren takes the repair and steering wheel out of his allowance he’ll smarten up. He has grown up a bit recently, but not enough…

      2. Even though Maldonado rejoined the track by crashing into another car?

      3. Then you have 79 years of ignorance among you, Maldonado was off the track, and rejoined into another car.

  3. 10/10. It had everything you would want from a grand prix.

  4. 11, not 10! I almost can’t process saying this about Valencia but, not only it delivered the best race of 2012, it probably translated into one of the best races of the past year and a half or so…maybe even more!

    As someone here said…”El Classico”!

    Writing something about all the events in this race would mean an interminable post so, from the top of my head:

    – Alonso just raced the race of a lifetime! Didn’t trust him to climb higher than 5th after quali. Such a mistake from my side. I stand shamefully corrected. If there’s anyone that fully deserves the WDC title this year, based on the performances shown so far – it’s Alonso. Brilliantly done!
    – Absolutely ecstatic for Michael. Finally a race he can be happy with.
    – Glad for Webber as well – 19th to 4th translated into keeping himself up there in the WDC battle and that’s a good thing to see.
    – On the other hand, Schumacher’s bad luck seems to have left him, split up and distributed itself to Vettel and Grosjean. Absolutely gutted for them. They would have deserved 1st and 2nd, no question about it, but…that’s the way things go sometimes. What happened to Vettel anyway? Looked like a gearbox issue, same as Grosjean’s?
    – I am now 100% sure about the fact that both the Williams drivers lack significant chunks of their brains. I think I’ve never seen a team taking so much self-inflicted damage and wasting so much potential exclusively because of its drivers. If Frank Williams wants to hold on to 6th in the WCC, those two idiots have to go! Otherwise, that place is Force India’s for the taking.
    – And good signs for Caterham again. Too bad for all the clinches with Torro Rosso. A clean race might have brought them a much needed point here.

    Oh, and McLaren HAVE to do something about those pit stops or we’ll all die laughing at some point.

    1. actually, Grosjean wasn’t gearbox, it was his alternator :(

      1. Oh, ok. Looked like a typical gearbox failure at a first glance as when he switched from 2nd to 3rd it just went into neutral. But I didn’t look / read more into it so…alternator it is. Still a shame. :)

    2. The safety car and retirements made this race interesting. Without these factors Vettel would have won in dominant style, Grosjean would have been number to pretty much unchallenged. As for third place I suspect either Alonso or Raikkonen would have taken care of that one.

      But that`s F1 for you, the unexpected happens from time to time. That`s what makes it interesting.

      Hamilton was a bit unlucky and Maldonado way to aggressive (as usual). I still feel that Hamilton could have avoided the incident as he should know that Maldonado would stuff his nose in there 10 times out of 10. Maldonado did something similar to Webber earlier on and Webber reported back that he didn`t force the issue as it was Maldonado. Hamilton should know what was going to happen, after all he`s been doing what Maldonado did for years, he, Maldonado, Grosjean and possibly Vergne are the four drivers most likely to pull a stung like that.

      When your tyres are gone you have to defend as best you can going into the corner. If this fails and the pursuer with better traction is able to get a run on you it`s better to give way. There was no way Hamilton would have been able to keep Maldonado behind him to the end anyway so just let him go and focus on the next guy and a fourth place. If he had done so he would have had a lead on Vettel and Red Bull now. I feel this was a lost opportunity for McLaren and Hamilton. Red Bull and Vettel looked menacing in this race, I suspect we will see them back to their best in the next races. It would have been great with a point cushion at this point in the championship.

      Alonso was the big winner in more ways than one in this race. His main rivals recorded DNF`s while he got 25 points. He`s now 23 point up on Hamilton and 26 points up on Vettel..

  5. I gave it a 9. Great race, though until that SC it seemed to go a bit like the better 2011 Vettel wins: exciting behind him. Sorry for him, but great for the race that he dropped out.

  6. I am not sure if this is real, but I am saying this was best race of the season. In a way, it seemed to combine old school races full of retirements with recent overtaking wave. DRS spice the things enough, but not much to have the moves completed easy. Plus this podium is just so 6 years back.

  7. 9/10 for me.

    The first half of the race was interesting but Vettel scampering off into the distance took a little bit away from it. Then the safety car came out and the race got very busy. An unusual amount of reliability probably caused by dodgy Renault alternators and some crazy driving made the second half very unpredictable and exciting.

  8. Reportedly Maldonado has got a 10 place grid penalty for the British GP.

    He blamed Hamilton for the incident in an interview.

    He is a maniac driver. A faster version of Yuji Ide

    1. If so, 10 place sounds like a lot compared to Vergne. Might be after being taking into account erratic stuff from Monaco?

    2. No, he only got a 20 second penalty, dropping him into 12th, and handing P10 to Bruno Senna @neelv27

  9. I gave it a 9/10; some of the controversy after the race spoiled it slightly

  10. 9/10.
    Great race, really.
    I have an horrible taste in my mouth. My favourite drivers are Vettel and Grosjean, and to see them end in such a way…
    Nonetheless, it was one of the best race of this year. Good DRS zone, great battles, lots of drama. The only thing an F1 fan can’t like about this race is the championship table.

    1. i love this champ. table :)

  11. I didn’t enjoy this race as much as everyone else it appears, for sure it was very good but I think that the retirements prevented the best drivers from finishing on the podium…

    1. I don’t know what do you mean by “best drivers”, but there was 10 world championships up there in the podium!

  12. 10/10 – Epic race in the end. Dissapointing for Vettel and Grosjean, but delighted for Ferrari/Alonso, and most of all, Michael Schumacher getting a podium! At last! :D

  13. I would have given it a 10 without a doubt if Grosjean’s hadn’t broken down. Even if he didn’t win. I would’ve liked to see him battle for the win. But it was an amazing race nonetheless.

  14. It seems that Hamilton should have yielded to Maldonado cos the Britons tires were gone and evitably maldonado would have passed him on the last lap , but instead of that Maldonado punished Hamilton cos of this is when side by side smarter should yield and that would have been Hamilton .

    1. Or that Maldonado should have noticed he was off the track and held up to take him on the next turn. Anyway Maldonado got a 20 second penalty.

      1. ronald plain
        24th June 2012, 23:03

        and Lewis got a two wek penalty… Smarter?

      2. ronald plain
        24th June 2012, 23:04

        and Lewis got a two week penalty… Smarter?

  15. Definitely 10/10, beautiful racing from a lot of drivers including Alonso, Grosjean & Schumacher. Unexpected twists and turns (I’m still gutted that Grosjean’s engine gave up!) Overtaking all over the place, incidents galore, good DRS zone and an emotional race winner.

  16. I was invited to the paddock club for third time and I declined, thinking it will be as tedious as in previous years… I’m hitting myself hard since 15 minutes after the race started!!

    1. Hit Yourselves one more time from me;-)

      1. LOL @palle! I think that is one to learn you a lesson then @idr, after all this is F1 version 2012!

  17. 9/10. The quality of the racing was at the highest standards, a far cry from some of the racing in GP2 this weekend.

  18. Boring race up to the safety car, NASCAR style bashing and boring after that. Pirelli tyres once more had a major influence on the result.

    1. Why the h*** do u watch F1 races then…… It was a classic given the resources from FIA are the same for everyone and every track.

    2. Did we watch the same race?

  19. Maldonado penalised 20 secs which moves himto 12th place whereas Vergne is handed 10 place grid penalty with 25k fine and Kobayashi a 5 place grid penalty for Silverstone.

    Poor call on either Maldonado or Vergne/Kamui

  20. Very good race – 8 out of 10 for me (I’m a hard marker). Much better than one would have expected from a Valencia race.

    Alonso was amazing today. Ran up through the pack while others got caught behind the slower (Schumacher, amazingly) traffic. The reason I rated it down was because of the retirements due to mechanical problems for Grosjean and Vettel. Would have preferred to see a race between them to finish it.

    Even if Vettel had won, Alonso in 2nd or 3rd would have still been driver of the day.

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