Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Valencia, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix

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What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race at the Valencia street circuit.

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188 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 European Grand Prix”

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  1. 7, the first half of the race and the Maldonaldo incident ruined it for me.

  2. Perfect result for Schumi and KIMI. Gave a 9.

    It was funny to watch Schumi appearing out of sequence in the podium. He went for a winners photo session before relishing the champagne while the iceman already downed a good 120 ml.

  3. F1fanNL (@)
    24th June 2012, 21:24

    Absolutely ****** off with Vettel’s retirement. On his way to a Grand Slam and then this happens… Why oh why does that only ever happen to Vettel. And to make matters worse, Alonso wins, just like Bahrein 2010 and Korea 2010… And to make matters even worse, Hamilton crashes out,.. And to make matters even more worse… Well, I could go on and on and on.

    The only thing that delighted me was seeing Raikkonen and Schumacher on the podium. But then I remember Lotus’ poor pitstop which allowed Alonso to pass Raikkonen and I realise Raikkonen could have won it…

    I could cry…

    Still, one of the best races this season and this is just Valencia! 8 out of 10.

  4. I rated the last race with a 7 anf if I´m not mistaken there were a lots of 9. Now I give it a 9, this was race as by far more entertaining, spectacular and unpredictable. Very surprised for so much overtaking at this track (much more than Canada!) and even more for the reliability problemas that we didn´t see at least since 2010.

  5. This article needs to stay at the top for a while, very low voter turnout due to the problems with the site. Surprisingly good race. I was bracing myself for VETTEL WINS and then all hell broke loose.

    1. themagicofspeed (@)
      24th June 2012, 21:54

      I know, if one good thing has come of this its that 2012 is totally different to 2011. I swore to myself if it was another Vettel stroll to the title (yawn) id zone out of F1 until 2013.

  6. Best Valencian Grand prix ever by a factor of multiple light years.

    I was gutted to see potential, and justly deserved winner Grosjean drop out with a busted alternator though. I always preach that personal preference should not affect the someone’s vote on the quality of the race, however Í will freely admit to being guilty of exactly that in this case. I have been a ferrari fan since I started watching F1 in 1994, but I haven’t rooted for them once since Alonso joined them in 2010. Although I can’t deny that he is probably the best driver out there right now, I simply loath the man a an individual. So because he won, I gave the ace an 8, though it probably deserved more…

    On the Maldonado-Hamilton crash: we were watching the race with 4 guys, 79 years of F1 watching experience between the 4 of us, and we unanimously felt that Hamilton was to blame for the crash…

    1. Also, Schumi and Kimi on the podium, AAAWWWEEESOOOMMEE!!!

    2. I was gutted to see potential, and justly deserved winner Grosjean drop out with a busted alternator though.

      “Justly deserved 2nd-3rd place” given that Vettel had the same issue ahead of him, and Alonso passed him after the SC. But yes, Grosjean drove a fantastic race.

      1. Yes, if there were any “justly deserved winner” of this race, it was Vettel.

    3. “On the Maldonado-Hamilton crash: we were watching the race with 4 guys, 79 years of F1 watching experience between the 4 of us, and we unanimously felt that Hamilton was to blame for the crash…”

      Then all 4 of you are blind.

    4. 79 years of bias experience obviously, good job the stewards understand the rules huh?

  7. so glad that Vettel had a DNF. heres hoping for more like that for him

    1. F1fanNL (@)
      25th June 2012, 12:18

      Are you really that childish?

      1. Agreed.
        Although I am no Vettel fan, I feel the greatest of sympathies for him retiring from the race, he was next to flawless throughout Quali and the Race, and deserved to win that by a country mile.

  8. Amazing race, but bitter dissapointment thanks to an idiotic driver that shouldn’t be allowed a Super Licence…

    1. That commment can be applied to 2 drivers in the last lap. Be specific ;P @baldgye

      1. inorite?

  9. What an incredible race! Best race for several years and surely right up there in the all-time classics list. Battles throughout the race, intrigue, controversy, a feel-good result with Schumi on the podium and Alonso winning in front of his adoring fans. It had everything, and I have no problem giving it a 10!

    1. On the Hamilton-Maldonado crash, I feel it was a racing incident where both must take a share of the blame. Hamilton should have given more room, Maldonado should have been less aggressive. In their positions, would you have done differently?

      1. At first I thought it was Hamiltons fault, but according to the rules of course it is Maldonados fault. However Hamilton could quite easily have avoided it, by realising the situation and the inertia of Maldonado’s car. Epic to see Hamiltons temper burst right out, pounding the steeringwheel and throwing it in front of the car – feel sorry for him as well as Vettel and Grosjean. Alonso’s extra show for his fans and the marshalls together with his emotional reactions was great to see.

        1. No, Hamilton couldnt have avoided it.

          He took the normal racing line and thought maldonado, like all drivers do in that situation, would take the escape road. There is no way Hamilton would have knew Maldonado was going to keep his foot in and straight-line the Apex of the corner, i am ***** astounded that Maldonado thought it would be ok to rejoin the track in that manner, in that place.

  10. As a long time fan of the Valencia street circuit, I couldn’t be more happy with the race.

    This track is beautiful and offers great overtaking opportunities. Now you all know it!

    1. I fully agree. It’s my third year there and I have seen incredible GP2 races and now this. I cannot explain my feelings

  11. Incredible to think that the Urbano Valencia has produced one of 2012’s best races! Even better, a podium place for Michael Schumacher! 8/10

  12. Schumacher, wow! Looking at him in the press conferance he seemed like the fittest driver there, was not sweating at all and he’s 44′ again WOW. It took a while coming, and i dont know if he’ll win another race though i’m hoping he will, but a worthy podium to add to his illustrious life. He stood on the podium in Piquet Sr,Senna and Prost’s generation, he stood on the podium with Hill, Mika and Villeneuve, he stood on the podium in the generation of Alonso, Kimi and Massa and now he once more stood on the podium among the new kids ( some of them young enough to be his sons ) Grosjean, Vettel, Hamilton etc..


  13. What an incredible race, I never thought I’d see a dry race that good!

    9/10 for me. Should have been a 10, but once again (sorry to be repetitive) DRS took something away. I want to see Schumi grappling with Hulkenberg, not powering past him on a straight.

    Apart from that, what an amazing race!

  14. Fantastic to see Schumacher and Raikönnen on the podium again. Impressive drive of Alonso. Maldonado seems to be a rough diamond or a talented bully. Sorry for Hamilton this time. I hope this doesn’t mean that Hamilton has found a new crash-mate. But surely Newey will make Vettel and Webber put his car in front in the coming races.

  15. I gave the race a 9/10, but it took me a few hours to muster the motivation to do it, and even then it wasn’t easy. ;-) Obviously the race was “cracking good fun” and all that, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the guy who had opened up a massive lead and was just about to start building up another one had been able to finish what he started on Saturday. Still. Good to see Kimi and Schumi on the podium! And hopefully this Renault alternator problem will be sorted out by Silverstone, where I’ll be able to watch Seb win like he should have today. In person! :-)

  16. My skin is sunburnt, my ears sore, my throat dry. What a race.

    Is there a button for “classic”

    12/10. Still floating

  17. Voted 9 – great race, so much drama, so many twists and turns. Never knew which way the result was going until the flag finally fell.

    Also, I’ve just roughly worked out that this race currently has an average rating of about 8.9 – only the 2011 Chinese and Canadian GPs have a higher score than that! However, whilst Valencia produces an epic F1 race, the English football team loses on penalties.. the balance between surprise and inevitability is restored.

  18. what really made it for me was the images of Alonso waving his flag from the car and stopping infront of the fans at the end. the raw emotion was incredible.

    very messy race though! the driving was all over the shop! 8/10. brilliant

  19. Best race this year… Fernando’s the best driver this year by far, Schuey’s second.

  20. I can’t believe so many people think this was a great race. Sure it was “exciting” but its clearly staged. This one tire manufacture rule is destroying the sport. No one knows which teams get the good sets of tires and which teams get the bad sets of tires. Only FIA and Pirelli know. In Canada, Ferrari go the bad and McLaren got the good…look how that turned out. Such an “exciting” end to that race. In Valencia, McLaren get the bad tires and Ferrari and Lotus get the good tires. This is literally all orchestrated to achieve this false entertainment.

    Bring back Michelin and Bridgestone and any other manufactures and lets get rid of this staged nonsense. I want real racing!

    1. No one knows which teams get the good sets of tires and which teams get the bad sets of tires. Only FIA and Pirelli know.

      That is a piece of complete fantasy on your part. If the tyres were inconsistent in that fashion the volume of complaints from teams and drivers would be deafening. It simply isn’t the case.

    2. Is your tinfoil hat wrapped on a bit too tightly?

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