Alonso: “Probably the best victory”

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2012In the round-up: Fernando Alonso hails his European Grand Prix victory as “probably the best victory I ever felt in terms of emotions”.


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European GP – Conference (FIA)

Alonso: “Feeling very proud to be a Spanish sportsman at the moment and winning in Spain this race is probably the best victory I ever felt in terms of emotions. Nothing maybe compares to this one.”

Why Schumacher escaped DRS yellow flag penalty

“In Schumacher’s case he was received a DRS activation in the tow of Narain Karthikeyan. At the same time he was told by his engineer, who knew a yellow had just some out, ‘don?t use DRS.'”

Maldonado points finger at Hamilton (ESPN)

“He tried to put me out of the track and he didn’t leave any room for us to do the corner side-by-side. I jumped over the kerb and couldn’t avoid the accident. I don’t know why he drove like that, he was struggling too much with the tyres, he was completely lost and at that moment I was gaining at a very good pace.”

Sebastian Vettel takes positives after car failure (BBC)

“It’s bad, but you can’t change it now. Up to that point we were very strong. I felt happy, we were very quick.”

Renault to look into alternator issues (Autosport)

Renault Sport F1 deputy managing director and technical chief Rob White: “We don’t yet know whether it was the same incident on both cars, but it is very, very suspicious to all of us that it happened to both cars at such a similar point in the race.”

CVC accelerates to bumper return on F1 investment (The Telegraph)

“Private equity firm CVC is set to make a return of over 600% from its $1bn investment in Formula One motor racing, according to new research.”

Comment of the day

Mark Hitchcock is not impressed with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments on the New Jersey race:

That’s the key thing about these stupid public statement Bernie makes. If a powerful figure on the sport casts doubt on an event, what investor in their right mind would throw money at it?
Mark Hitchcock

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to three-times Grand Prix winner Johnny Herbert, who is 48 today.

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114 comments on Alonso: “Probably the best victory”

  1. The Limit said on 25th June 2012, 16:29

    What we have to remember is that Pastor Maldonado and Lewis Hamilton have a ‘history’ of running into one another, and it is probably safe to assume that they don’t exactly go to the bar for beers together. I doubt I am alone here in having a bad feeling something would happen when these two went wheel to wheel, it was almost bound to happen.
    I have made no secret in the past twelve months of the fact that I don’t like Pastor Maldonado. He is reckless and has, on more than one occasion, driven into other drivers ‘on purpose’ as recently as Monaco this year. He is unpredictable at best, despite the obvious potential he has in terms of talent. He has done well this season, and has certainly put Bruno Senna to pasture so far in terms of qualifying and race results. Yet there is something about this guy I really don’t like, something ugly!
    In saying that, despite this crash not appearing to be Hamilton’s fault, it is yet another disappointment. When we compare Hamilton to Alonso for example, when Fernando’s tyres lost performance in Canada he didn’t force the issue when drivers we making passes on him. He knew he was a sitting duck and could not compete, yet he brought the car home and scored points. Hamilton has yet, sometimes atleast, to look at the bigger picture of the championship rather than the glory of winning a particular grands prix. He had every right to defend his position from Maldonado, every right to do what he did, yet with hindsight, I bet he wishes he had settled for fourth instead of 19th.
    That is Fernando Alonso’s strength, he is consistantly bringing the car home even when it or his tyres let him down. He is not making mistakes, and picks his fights wisely. That is why I believe he will be this year’s world champion, and Sebastien Vettel’s biggest opponent.

  2. Mariano (@mariano) said on 25th June 2012, 17:23

    When I couldn’t access the site yesterday I got very preoccupied so I got in touch with friends located in other countries and asked them to try to access it but they were also unable to do so. I do follow other F1 related sites but not being able to access F1 Fanatic I felt like something was missing in my life. Glad to learn that the access problem was due to the high amount of traffic and not a hacker attack!

    • Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 25th June 2012, 18:53

      I had exactly the same feeling. F1F is the best F1 Blog/Fan site on the interweb, I was hooked within seconds of visiting this site about three years ago. I just read the articles at first, but quickly realised that the fanatics on this site were highly informed, witty and capable of coming up with some astonishing F1 trivia from left field, not to mention @keithcollantine isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. F1F definitely enhances my enjoyment of F1 and Motorsport in general. You Gotta Love It!

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 25th June 2012, 21:00

      @mariano @tmcs88 Sorry for giving you withdrawal guys! Rest assured I suffer just as much when it’s not working correctly.

  3. Fixy (@fixy) said on 25th June 2012, 18:49

    One thing: isn’t it forbidden to speak any language other than English during team radios? I know sometimes coded messages are sent in other languages, but it’s the third team radio in Italian I hear from Alonso this year…

    • HUHHII (@huhhii) said on 25th June 2012, 18:57

      This was discussed during Finnish live coverage of the race yesterday, and according to their “experts” there’s no rule which would force teams to speak English in team radio.

    • Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 25th June 2012, 19:02

      I don’t understand why they can’t just put subtitles on the screen, as that would nullify any advantage a team may gain. That is unless the team uses code such as ‘push the blue button’ which could mean anything.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 25th June 2012, 19:07

      Its rather that the FOM has tended not to play out messages in other languages than English, both because there are a lot of people who do not understand them, but also for the simple reason that they have a bit of trouble filtering out potential swear words.

      But I do remember the teams agreed somewhere to keep it to mostly English when the messages were made available to the FOM integrally (might have been just a non binding promise though).

      To me it seems that after Ferrari started using Italian more and more with Fernando (they also did a some of that in Canada), the FOM decided not to let them get away with this non too friendly gesture and play them out non the less.

    • PJA (@pja) said on 26th June 2012, 18:46

      I have never heard anything about it being forbidden to use any language other than English on the team radio, and I would be surprised if it was as it would be unfair on any drivers who don’t speak English.

      Even if they can speak English some drivers may prefer to speak to their engineers in another language as it may be better to get the message across to each other.

      Anyway I am sure Italian speakers were pleasantly surprised with team radio broadcast in Italian rather than English for a change.

      • Fixy (@fixy) said on 2nd July 2012, 21:25

        @pja I was surprised, but I couldn’t care less whether it was in English or Italian. True, it gives the team a more private appearance, but it also separates them from the other ones.
        All F1 drivers speak English, and I thought they did mostly because their engineers were going to speak to them in that language during team radios.

  4. themagicofspeed (@) said on 25th June 2012, 23:10

    I love Maldonado. He sorts out niggling little problems, like Lewis Hamilton scoring points. He is the one person who seems to be able to wind him up something rotten, which is both enjoyable and entertaining too. He can’t drive for **** but thats what makes him good. Truth is, Maldonado is a reflection of the sort of driver Hamilton was in the not too distant past. Hamilton was visited and bitten on the butt by a metaphorical ghost of himself. He can not complain about drivers doing that to him when in 2011 after too many years of F1 he still behaved like a rookie and crashed with just about any driver who got close enough to him.

    • Kimi4WC said on 26th June 2012, 4:52

      Considering the circumstances under which Alonso won his both Grand Prix and actual performance of Ferrari, I would be careful making statements like that. Karma is a b*tch.

  5. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th June 2012, 23:42

    Pretty much as I thought but this quote made me laugh from the Schmacher/DRS/yellow flag situation…

    “However it was deemed by the stewards that by backing off Michael had slowed down sufficiently, and intriguingly it was determined that Webber was actually 0.3s quicker through the same sector…”.


  6. javlinsharp (@javlinsharp) said on 27th June 2012, 19:21

    In my mind there is plenty of blame to go around.

    Pastor used bad ettiquette, and probably needs to temper his aggression with intelligence. Its a long race and to finish first, you must first, finish

    Hamilton also showed poor judgement – Its all well and good to be in the right, but if your car is in the wall, its in the wall and NO POINTS for YOU.
    Think big, its a long season, a few less points and a later penalty for Pastore would have been a better result than what ended happening.

    No matter who is at fault, and shunt is a shunt, and you dont get points for crashing “with an excuse”

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