Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2012

McLaren claim pit stop record

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Valencia, 2012In the round-up: McLaren say they set a new record for the fastest pit stop stationary time in the European Grand Prix


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

McLaren: pit stop ‘not the norm’ (The Telegraph)

“Mercedes were the previous record holders of the fastest stationary pit stop, achieving a time similar to McLaren?s 2.6s in Korea last year. But the Woking team believe they were just quicker.”

Three teams still on for Silverstone test (Autosport)

“Discussions have taken place over the past two Grands Prix to try and resolve the matter, and it now appears that at least three teams – believed to include Marussia, HRT and Williams ?ǣ are now planning to run on the Thursday and Friday after the British GP.”

McLaren predicts fierce development (ESPN)

Sam Michael: “I think the development rate this year is going to be really fierce because in the past there were things that maybe for half a tenth you would have lumped into something else, but it’s not like that now. 50 milliseconds is one place this year, sometimes two places, so you’re going to be bringing gains that are tinier and tinier. It would be interesting to see what the gap between the top 10-15 is like from the start of the year, because it feels like it’s getting tighter and tighter.”

European GP Review (Williams)

Chief operations engineer Mark Gallagher: “Obviously the team were disappointed to see one of our cars sustain damage so close to the end of the race when we were showing good pace, but we respect the decision taken by the stewards. Both Pastor [Maldonado] and the team have moved on and the focus is now on achieving a good result at Silverstone.”

Martin Whitmarsh: “These days everything is a surprise…” (Adam Cooper)

“At the end [Lewis Hamilton] was clearly and obviously struggling on the tyres. Twenty nine laps on either tyre was going to be a challenge, and it proved very difficult to do. If you stopped early you were taking a big risk, so it was difficult to come through that one.”

GP Of America Making ‘Significant Progress,’ Spokesman Says (Speed)

Alex Howe: “Nothing has changed in the last two weeks, since we hosted Sebastian Vettel and David Coulthard as the first drivers from F1 to try out the new circuit. We continue to make significant progress toward the first race in June 2013, in all aspects.”

Circuit officials offer to send county staffers to London race (Statesman)

“Local Formula One organisers have offered to pay airfare and other expenses for two Travis County employees to observe the arrangements for a race in England next week, a move the county judge endorses.”

Vijay Mallya Q&A: Force India on target for podium (F1)

“We want to be on the podium. I think we?re close to it now.”

Will Mercedes offer Schumacher a new contract? (BBC)

“They are known to be interested in Hamilton, the only one of the big three who is potentially available to take his place. But Hamilton may well not be available – he seems more likely to either stick with McLaren or to try to persuade Red Bull they should take him on given the reasonable possibility they could lose Vettel to Ferrari at the end of next year.”

Alonso sails serenely (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “To suggest the safety car was a tactical deployment to spice up the racing is nonsense. We saw as they pushed Vettel’s and other cars away at various times just how difficult it is for the marshals to clear the track at that circuit between the walls and with limited internal service access.”

Sexism in F1 or just playing to the target audience? (The really bad F word)

“Perhaps if there was a female driver or two, she would have hunky men at her car with bulging muscles wearing a stretchy tight tank top? I still cannot see this happening any time soon though.”

Comment of the day

Does unreliability make F1 races more exciting? SirCoolbeans is hatching a plan:

It was fun to see reliability issues return, it?s not a nice way to exit a Grand Prix, but it really spiced up the show.

So, overtaking and reliability issues make for entertaining races, maybe we need another button on the steering wheel that the driver presses in a designated zone, it will ‘roll a dice’ and give them a 1 in 100 chance of having their car forced to break down, but only if they are leading by more than some arbitrary time.

It could be called the Reliability Determination System or RDS, it would sit well next to DRS.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Dan N and gDog!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Nico Rosberg who turns 27 today.

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  1. As for the COTD, it’s obviously ironic but, frankly speaking, I also miss those times when reliability was another factor that could make unexpected changes to the race results. Unfortunately, as James Allen said, teams cannot unlearn how to do quality control.

    1. It’s less the teams and more the engines – the engine freeze has succeeded in this regard. The 2014 spec will likely usher in a new era of unreliability (especially PURE engines, as they have no real track record to fall back on) but it won’t take long before they’re standardised and controlled too.

  2. Very good point from @sircoolbeans ;) Like it.

    How do we go about finding out what the fastest official stationary pit-stop is? Is that data even available or just under the umbrella of the pit-stop as a whole?

    1. Good question, I think FIA publishes only the “pit lane time” in its timing data. I guess only the stops on TV have a stationary time as well, and the teams will time them for their own training or (if you’re McLaren) spin purposes.

      I wish they’d make more of the stationary times, they’re one of the most staggering things about Formula One. At the moment they’re buried in a caption that I keep missing because I’m watching the track to see where the driver rejoins…

    2. @andrewtanner
      As @bullfrog says the FIA only measures the pit lane time. The stationary stops are measured by the teams, so that is why noone can be sure about the record.

    3. I’m not sure if it’s shown on TV at the moment as the racing is interesting enough to keep my interest, but previously they’ve calculated stationary time by taking the time to traverse the pitlane at the speed limit away from the total time to get a roughly accurate result.

      Obviously this doesn’t take into account delays, speeding or other issues such as unsafe releases/jostling between multiple cars/etc.

      1. Himmat Singh.
        27th June 2012, 12:48

        Wow man that’s a poor way to find the stationary time!

      2. @optimaximal @bag0 @bullfrog I’m sure it is, certain i’ve seen it. I wonder if FOM log it? Do you have any idea @keithcollantine ?

  3. Perhaps McLaren could be the first ever team to have both the fastest AND slowest pitstop of the year?

  4. Can’t believe such COTD gets selected!

    1. Often they are selected because they are controversial, or fun, or a good point in a debate. This one is clearly meant to be ironical (having a dig at push to xxx buttons in racing)

    2. @neelv27 It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

  5. What record? The Most Clumsy?

  6. thats why we say ‘Incredible !ndia’ u cant understand our nation, until u cme here and have a culture shock, much like we ppl do when we visit different parts of our country :p. As far as drivers are concerned. We have Aditya Patel(under Audi driver program) who has a realistic chance. Motorsport very expensive here. Probably only 1pc of the country’s youngster can afford a career in motorsports. Karun Chandhok had to mortgage his house thrice to enter F1! @girts

    1. You will be surprised how many “drivers” have to take mortgage loan to finance their driving in Europe. Starting all the way from karting, and most of them never go higher. It’s very common.

      A girl have way higher chance of getting decent sponsors due to fact she is a girl, with average driving over a certain winner. That’s common too.

  7. What I still fail to understand is why have both pit jacks as the development, surely playing it safe with the backup jack would have been better?

    And really its pretty naive to put this out on weekend where they failed badly in the pit stop straight after. Keep news like this for better days!

  8. SM “50 milliseconds is one place this year, sometimes two places”

    A question to any engineers etc who may know:
    Could the closeness of lap times be down to the new tires becoming the main limiting factor in ultimate performance ?

    Could it be that the tires can only go so fast depending on track type/conditions and that no matter how much better the car/driver performs they can only make almost negligible gains in performance ?

    I’m not having a moan about the Pirelli’s, just wondering if this could be the case and as we tend to get a few geeks (and I mean that as a compliment) here who know more about this than I do it’d be nice to know what you think.

  9. I’m surprised that Mercedes is interested in Hamilton. Perhpas Haug has fond memories of him from the 07-09 days? I would think they would go for one of the several non-Vettel Germans on the grid who are plenty quick enough. Rosberg may not be a quick as Vettel/Alonso/Hamilton, but right now it’s not raw pace that’s holding them back. Rosberg is plenty fast to win a title in a strong, reliable car. Rosberg and Glock would work fine and they would save a big stack of Deutsch Marks on that choice.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with Schumacher, why would they replace him? He gives a lot of attention to the team, he is ethical and he keeping his team mate more than fair, unlike some top team.

      Unless of course, both Rosberg and Schummi drive like crap at the moment. (Not to car’s full potential)

  10. How stupid are these people from Mclaren really?. claim the fastest pitstop record by milliseconds only to lose your lead driver 7-8 seconds every race by one act or the other. Thats like saying oh I built concorde that can fly very fast from London to New York but 7 times out of 10 its speed is that of an ocean liner, but hey I still built the fastest plane. What use is it when you can put it to your advantage?

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