Marussia bringing “first proper wind-tunnel upgrade”

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Timo Glock, Marussia, Valencia, 2012In the round-up: Marussia are bringing a major upgrade package for the British Grand Prix, which was designed with the benefit of a wind tunnel.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Home asphalt (Marussia)

John Booth: “We have a fairly significant upgrade for this race, comprising a new rear wing, exhausts, floor and side pods. I would have to describe this as our ??first proper wind-tunnel generated upgrade of the season?; we?ve had some smaller parts in Malaysia and China, and a few small iterations recently, but this is the first fully developed package that is not just a modification of existing elements.”

Hamilton still battling for title (The Telegraph)

“It doesn’t really alter the way I go racing because I race to win, and that’s what I’ll be doing, especially at my home Grand Prix. And we can still compete for the championship. I feel what happened is just a blip in what can be a great year.”

Glass Half Full For Horner, Red Bull (Speed)

Christian Horner: “We effectively ran Mark [Webber’s] race in reverse, so we started on the hard [tyres]. He had two new sets of option tyres available to him. We wanted to make use of those in the back end of the race. He was unlucky not to get [Michael] Schumacher at the stop, and then he really made use of those tires as others ran into trouble. Given a few more laps, we were looking like a Montreal situation.”

Daniel Ricciardo – street fighting man (Toro Rosso)

“To be honest you really don?t pay too much attention to reputation when you?re in that sort of situation. When you?re out there it doesn?t matter who it is you?re racing. You see a car: you try to attack or defend. Beyond that you really don?t take too much notice. It was a good little fight though, taking those guys on.”

London Grand Prix: The ??35m fantasy stoked up by an under-fire Ecclestone (Daily Mail)

“What better way to divert attention away from a rather damaging ??28m tax inquiry than to lend his support to a ??35m London Grand Prix.”

Ecclestone backs Grand Prix on the moon (Sniff Petrol, satire)

“When asked if in fact he was endorsing a shallow publicity stunt to distract from the bribery allegations levelled at him, Mr Ecclestone was less forthcoming.”

InDetail: Williams FW34 (ScarbsF1)

“Firstly notice how the step in the nose is very abrupt, the 12cm area to merge the nose into the step does not appear to have been exploited, leading to this sharp step. From this angle we can also see why teams want the chassis as high as possible; the space below the raised chassis creates the least obstruction for the airflow passing through the front wheels and onwards towards the diffuser.”

Toto Wolff: The return of Williams (Autosport, subscription required)

“[The 2011 season] was very hard, because on the one side the company was doing OK commercially, but on the other side you had these awful weekends. From a commercial sense and a business view the company is doing very well. It makes a lot of sense to be there from the pure perspective of an investor.”

European Grand Prix video edit (F1)

Highlights from the last race, including a highly frustrated Heikki Kovalainen.

Giuseppe ??Nino? Farina: the man who set the ball rolling (The Formula 1 Formula)

“By today?s racing climate many would have thought Nino was too old to be starting in F1, at the time of his first race he was 43, but in the days of fifties racing when fatalities were common and the machinery regularly broke experience was a very important trait, and Farina had it in droves, he?d won his first major race in 1940 in Libya and was even a doctor of engineering.”

Comment of the day

Yesterday’s comment of the day on the subject of grid girls and grid guys inspired considerable debate. Here’s Tim Katz’s view:

As an openly homosexual man (gay, queer, poof ?ǣ whatever you like), grid guys would be just as offensive to me. It’s the objectivisation of a human being that gets me down; the expectation that some kind of titillation or desire response can be elicited by the display of an attractive body in a totally irrelevant situation.

Sexual response has got nothing to do with racing. Racing has got nothing to do with sexual stimulation. Don?t try and create a response from irrelevant stimuli.

Grid candy (male or female) is as relevant to a grid of racing cars as a display of beautiful food would be to a football match.

And anyway, how many grid guys would you include with the girls ?ǣ 50%? One in ten?
Tim Katz

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Rhys!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher who’s 37 today. Unlike his brother, he insists he is not considering a comeback.

Image ?? Marussia

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71 comments on Marussia bringing “first proper wind-tunnel upgrade”

  1. necrodethmortem (@necrodethmortem) said on 30th June 2012, 8:20

    Here’s a good bit of news: A Walloon newspaper reports that there has been a proposal to have an annual GP at Spa for four more years, since the French are apparently no longer interested in a GP since Hollande is president. They do ask to decrease Barnie’s fees from 17 to 15 million euros. They also say that ticket sales have gone up 20% compared to last year (so actually alternating GPs doesn’t seem like that bad an idea tbh).

    L’Echo doesn’t have an online edition, but here’s a link to a translated Flemish article.

  2. robk23 (@robk23) said on 30th June 2012, 8:57

    I would actually be tempted to go and see Marussia do a bit of straight line testing if it wasn’t 190 miles from where I am now! It would also double up as a nice visit to the Imperial War Museum.

  3. JCost (@jcost) said on 30th June 2012, 16:33

    I don’t know how I’m gonna cope with F1’s summer break. I feel tremendously stressed when we have a weekend off like this one, how can I make it through a whole month without F1? I’ve just realized that I’m officially supportive of 22 races calendar.

  4. JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 30th June 2012, 22:28

    When I click on the forum link for “Guilherme is trying to draw an F1 car using a CAD package” I get a page not found error. Hmmm, the second missing article scandal in two days……

    My theory is that this is the work of HRT, worried that Guilherme and Autocad 2006 could probably produce a faster car than the F112. @guilherme: if you get the design finished and built and are looking for a name for your new team, how about….Lotus?

  5. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 1st July 2012, 11:39

    Sounds good from Marussia, I hope they do feel the benefit of the package. Although it’s a long way off, it would be good to see them sneak up behind Caterham and perhaps spring a surprise on them.

  6. BasCB (@bascb) said on 1st July 2012, 16:26

    Here’s a really nice video about the way F1 cars have evolved since the 1950′ I found thanks to @pjtierney pointing to it. Very nice to see along the discussions about what F1 cars should do and shouldn’t have and all the superb pictures from F1 cars of all generations at Goodwood!

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