Teams’ cost-cutting rules deadline postponed

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Start, Monaco, 2012In the round-up: Teams remain deadlocked over how to reduce costs in Formula 1.


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F1 teams get more time for cost cuts (Autosport)

“This means the F1 technical regulations for 2013 are now almost certain to remain unchanged because any amendments will now need unanimous support from the teams. That is unlikely to be achieved because of disagreements between Red Bull’s two F1 teams Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso and their rivals over issues like the scope of a Resource Restriction Agreement.”

Ecclestone still in prosecutors? sights (FT, registration required)

“Post-trial, Mr Ecclestone was attempting a business-as-usual demeanour. He put his name and money behind an unlikely project to stage a Grand Prix in central London. But no one believes German prosecutors are about to close the case.”

Alonso?s global virtual travels (Ferrari)

“Many of you ask about the future, what I?d like to do when I stop racing, or if I will set up my own team. Why not? It would be a nice adventure! But if Bernie would allow it, I would like to design a real race track, like the kart circuit I designed at Oviedo which is due to open soon. I?ve already shown you some photos and in the next few days there will be more. See what you think.”

The Inside Line – on McLaren?s Jenson Button (F1)

“Q: If your racing career ended after this season what would you do with the rest of your life?
JB: I would love to still be involved with motorsport, to manage a driver and be involved in a driver?s career. I have a lot to give – a lot of experience, good and bad. And as I am massively into triathlons, another thing to do would be to qualify for the world championship in triathlon. That is a big aim of mine in life. That is something that I definitely will try to do.”

Comment of the day

Finally some good news about Spa-Francorchamps? Here’s Necrodethmortem:

Here?s a good bit of news: A Walloon newspaper reports that there has been a proposal to have an annual GP at Spa for four more years, since the French are apparently no longer interested in a GP since Hollande is president. They do ask to decrease Barnie?s fees from 17 to 15 million euros. They also say that ticket sales have gone up 20% compared to last year (so actually alternating GPs doesn?t seem like that bad an idea tbh).

L?Echo doesn?t have an online edition, but here?s a link to a translated Flemish article.

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The non-championship Grand Prix of Reims was won 50 years ago today by Bruce McLaren.

Graham Hill finished second for BRM ahead of Innes Ireland’s Lotus. Ferrari did not attend due to a strike in Italy.

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