Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea, 2011

Vettel: Alonso is “complete”, Hamilton “quick” and Schumacher’s “still got it”

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea, 2011In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel offers his views on his top F1 rivals.


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Vettel lauds Hamilton and Alonso (BBC)

“The ones that stand out are probably Fernando [Alonso], he’s one of the most complete drivers. Lewis [Hamilton] is very, very quick. There are plenty of others. Michael [Schumacher] is still in the game. I don’t think he has lost it.”

Hamilton set to shine – with Olympic torch run (Reuters)

“Hamilton was invited to carry the torch through Stevenage, the commuter town 50km north of London where he was born and grew up, but one glance at the race calendar made that a non-starter. The 27-year-old has his hands otherwise engaged when the flame is in town around lunchtime on Sunday – just before the start of a race he has every hope of winning – so it will have to be Monday instead at another location.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“I wonder if Jenson Button has been invited to carry the Olympic flame? Given his triathlon prowess it would make sense.”

John Iley via Twitter

“English ‘summer’ conspiring against our aerodynamic test today, I would take a picture, but it’s too depressing…”

Cost-cutting deal ‘vital’ for F1’s future (Autosport)

Norbert Haug: “This is vital to the future of Formula 1. It cannot just be a spending competition. Look at us; we spent three times in 2005 in F1 what we did in 2010. Be it engine, aero or whatever; reducing the costs is vital for the future of F1.”

Deadlines… (Joe Saward)

“If more than half the teams would like to have the FIA policing a Resource Restriction Agreement, thus making it part of the regulations, a situation which would help to stop teams breaching the agreement, then that would be possible in the current hiatus. This may not please the big spenders but it is likely to be rather more effective than a gentleman?s agreement.”

Evolution of the F1 Car (Ruf Blacklock via Vimeo)

Anger Management, by Mark Gallagher (F1Enigma’s Insider Notebook)

“[Jean-Eric] Vergne’s mistake was compounded by his initial statement that the accident was not his fault; a view not shared by the Stewards, the team, his colleagues at Red Bull, the media or anyone watching the European Grand Prix on television. Fortunately he later apologised to [Heikki] Kovalainen.”

German GP charity fundraising screening (Badger GP)

A live screening of the German Grand Prix in London with proceeds going towards the ‘ride2spa’ fundraising effort which supports five charities.

Comment of the day

Steven welcomes Pirelli’s plan to test harder tyres:

This is exactly what I have been wishing that they?d improve with the tyres.

I don?t mind the high (and sometimes unpredictable) wear of the tyres, as this provides a lot of entertainment with the frequent pit stops and end of the race dramas of choosing between staying out and risking of losing pace very suddenly or doing another stop and risking loss of track position in return for vastly superior speed.

But the narrow working window has made the start of this season (and the start of the last one as well) into a lottery of stumbling upon a working setup of the car with virtually no way of replicating it on the next day or in the next race.

Have your say on F1’s tyres here:

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On this day in F1

Today in 1982 Didier Pironi bounced back from the trauma of the Canadian Grand Prix, where he was involved in the accident which killed Riccardo Paletti, to win comfortably for Ferrari at Zandvoort.

Canada winner Nelson Piquet finished 21 seconds back with Keke Rosberg close behind.

Rene Arnoux suffered a major crash at Tarzan when his suspension failed.

Here’s Pironi passing Arnoux’s team mate Alain Prost for the lead of the race:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images