Maria de Villota, Marussia, Duxford, 2012

Marussia driver Maria de Villota injured in test crash

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Maria de Villota, Marussia, Duxford, 2012Marussia test driver Maria de Villota has been injured in a crash while testing the car today.

The team were running at Duxford Aerodrome in Cambridgeshire when de Villota’s car struck a stationary vehicle belonging to the team.

Eyewitnesses said the crash happened after de Villota had completed a run and was returning to the car preparation area.

Her condition was initially described as “life-threatening”, but the air ambulance charity that recovered her later confirmed she was “stable”.

Marussia issued the following statement: “At approximately 09:15 BST this morning, the Marussia F1 Team?s test driver Maria De Villota had an accident in the team?s MR01 race car at Duxford Airfield where she was testing the car for the first time.

“The accident happened at the end of her first installation run and involved an impact with the team?s support truck.

“Maria has been transferred to hospital. Once her medical condition has been assessed a further statement will be issued.”

De Villota, daughter of former F1 driver Emilio de Villota, joined the team as test driver in March this year.

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  1. Two things come to my mind: 1) What is doing a lorry so close by? I mean they are testing a F1 car!!!! There should be nothing without barriers around the track!!! That´s common sense!!!! I can´t believe that!!! 2) Her inexperience was the first thing that went through my head when I read about the accident. Let`s hope it has nothing to do with her accident. Someone wrote that even the most experienced F1-drivers make the most basic driver errors: yes, during a race!!! But as stated in the news, she was not even doing a test-drive (which was only a straight test drive), she was driving back to the preparation area. Anyway, let’s hope she is ok and that it is nothing too serious…

  2. Sounds terrible but really begs the question, why would they leave the loading ramp on the truck at that height so close to where the car was pitting? Surly not good practice, and a horrible way to learn the lesson!

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