Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2011

Horner “can’t imagine” taking Ecclestone’s place

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Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2011In the round-up: Christian Horner downplays rumours he could take over from Bernie Ecclestone in charge of Formula One Management.


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Christian Horner cools talk of replacing F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone (The Guardian)

“I can’t imagine that. I certainly wouldn’t be equipped to deal with that role. I’m totally happy and focused with what I’m doing. I don’t think there could be any one individual who does what Bernie does.”

F1 must analyse De Villota accident, drivers say (Reuters)

Pedro de la Rosa: “When an accident happens, it means that something didn’t work properly. We need to make sure between the FIA, the teams and the GPDA that we make changes for the future because it’s not good enough.”

I Won?t Change My Style – Maldonado (Speed)

“One and a half laps to the end I saw the chance to take the position against Lewis, he tried to defend, I tried to attack. It was a normal contact [accident], I think. For sure it was disappointing, because it was good points for the team, for me as well. Looking forward, it doesn?t change anything. The season is still long, we have plenty of races, coming. So I?m looking forward.”

Title hopes not over – Button (BBC)

“If it was one person streaking away in the lead like Seb then it would be a big chunk to get back. But if I win this race and the Ferrari is not on pace here, it’s a lot of points in the bag.”

British GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Fernando Alonso: “We are definitely quite happy with the situation now in terms of points, at least, because in terms of performance we know that there are still a few cars quicker than our car, so we are still not completely happy but the job that the team has done over the last three or four months has been amazing, recovering the maybe 1.5s or something like that that we were off the pace in Australia. So this is good news, not only for this championship or for this moment, but also for the near future of the team, because we faced some difficult times with the wind tunnel correlation etc which was not the best, also for the next projects.”

McLaren in big development push (Autosport)

“We have another package coming for Germany which visually is a bigger package of changes. It will be more noticeable.”

F1 Jack Technology (Scarbs F1)

“In Valencia the first jack was pushed under the front and the latch mechanism appeared to fail as the jack was lifted. As is normal procedure, the spare jack was pressed into service to complete the pit stop. McLaren say they have altered the detail design of the jack for Silverstone and have completed over 800 test pit stops with the new set up without any failures.”

Nico Rosberg via Twitter

“Just met Stirling Moss again. Really fun chat! Different times. He lost a wheel five times at full speed and once his steering wheel fell off…”

Lotus?s solar-powered simulator and a look into the future (James Allen on F1)

Lotus had already become the first F1 outfit to introduce solar panels onto its team trucks and European race paddock motorhome prior to the construction of the simulator.”

Porsche?s place in Formula 1 history (MotorSport)

“[Dan] Gurney?s greatest Porsche performance did not result in a win. After much testing at the N???rburgring, he secured pole for the German GP. Final practice ?ǣ the ??banzai? session ?ǣ had been compromised by rain, but Dan was three seconds faster than his nearest rival and was said to have another three in hand from testing. He and his car were in the ballpark basically. This they proved by leading the first two laps before having to give best to [Graham] Hill’s BRM.”

F1 buoyant despite economic climate (FT, registration required)

“It is the midpoint in the 2012 Formula One world championship, and the action off the track has been almost as fast paced as on it.”

‘Seb won’t join Ferrari’ (Sky)

Allan McNish: “It is also never negative if a comment comes out like it did from Ferrari with Domenicali saying he could see two drivers co-existing. But, I do think it was a case of Domenicali as much saying, ‘look, Ferrari’s quite an open book,’ as opposed to ‘we are having conversations and trying to get Vettel alongside Alonso’.”

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