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Silverstone urges fans to avoid car parks on Saturday

2012 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Silverstone is taking the unprecedented step of asking some fans not to attend Saturday’s action at the track.

The circuit issued the following statement on their official Twitter account:

“We are dissuading fans from coming to the event tomorrow if you have a public car pass, those with [park and ride and] are camping will be fine.

“We will be refunding people with unused Friday and Saturday tickets the details of how to do this will be communicated to you early next week.”

Thousands of fans were left unable to get in after serious traffic problems at the circuit day following today’s heavy rain.

If you attended today’s session please share your experience of the traffic problems in the comments or in the Going to the British Grand Prix forum.

Update: Silverstone reiterated their warning in a statement sent by email:

“Silverstone are strongly advising fans with public car park passes for Saturday, not to come to Silverstone tomorrow (07 July).

“Unless spectators have pre-booked Park and Ride, have a hospitality ticket that includes parking in the centre of the circuit, or are already in local campsites and able to walk to the circuit, Silverstone strongly advises that you do not attend the qualifying day of the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix.

“Silverstone has had to take this action due to the fact that 50% of the public car parks have been lost, due to the severe weather conditions over the last weeks and, in particularly, the last 36 hours. Silverstone is doing everything possible to protect and preserve as many of the car parks ahead of Sunday.

“Fans will be refunded for any unused Friday or Saturday tickets. Full details on how this will be handled will be communicated early next week.”

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66 comments on “Silverstone urges fans to avoid car parks on Saturday”

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  1. Just got back home after 6 hours of trying to get in not going to bother tomorrow will just get refund might try on Sunday but let a sour taste as meant to be camping at woodlands too

  2. Messy but isn’t the first time it’s happened. I’m guessing this was pushed by Health and Safety with the threat they’d call off the race.

  3. Conditions are actually set to get worse or just as bad as today on Sunday. So lets hope nothing dangerous happens.

  4. So people who paid £55 for circuit parking are being told to stay away, but those who paid £10 for park and ride are being allowed to park their car?

  5. If you’re heading to Silverstone do have a look at the forum where there’s a lot of activity at the moment with people sharing advice and making contingency arrangements:

    Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

  6. On Sunday, if you’re arriving by car, but the car isn’t parking, just dropping off, does it still need a pass? Also, is that going to cause complications? I think the weather is supposed to be okay, so this is more of a general question in terms of is this an okay thing to do, or is a pass needed? Thanks guys.

    P.S, any heads up on what I should bring, as you can probably tell, it’s my first time.

  7. Maybe if the fans all had Pirelli wet weather tires they would be able to get there on Saturday. Think of the massive piles of clagg along the sides of the roadways….Poor Paul Hembry maybe your road tires are better than your race tires….somehow I doubt it….

  8. Yet again the British Fans get the raw end of the deal, Siverstone spent all that money on upgrading the circuit, oh hang on that was for all the VIP’s and for the all posh nobs hospitality and new pit building even after 12 years the fans (the paying people are still subjected to this!). Seems like they didnt learn from 2000.
    Have Silverstone ever heard of plastic matting that can be put down on grass that is suitable for cars to go acrosss or wood chips, oh wait that costs money and its quite clear they dont want to spend it on the fans facilities!

  9. Updated Press Release From Silverstone

    Please dont turn up today If you have a Car – We advise that you apply for a refund and go to a grand prix abroad – they are far better organised.

  10. Paul campbell
    7th July 2012, 8:53

    There is a happy medium here but the organisers have not been prepared for this type of weather.
    It is possible to make semi hard standing surfaces that still allows the water to drain through a permeable surface whilst not allowing the grass to churn to mud. It’s called grasscrete. This would have stopped any of this happening.
    It wouldn’t solve the traffic problems around the circuit though… Let’s face it, again the British public get the wrong end of the stick… Expensive prices for poor facilities.

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