Bruno Senna, Williams, Silverstone, 2012

Ecclestone: ‘No-one expected this much rain’

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Bruno Senna, Williams, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says Silverstone could not have foreseen this year’s exceptionally high rainfall.


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Organisers helpless – Ecclestone (BBC)

“I’m really, really upset for the fans, but in reality if it was you running the race what would you do? […] Honestly I don’t think anyone expected the amount of rain we had.”

Silverstone invokes “Dunkirk spirit” after rain chaos (Reuters)

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips: “A remarkable number of people actually got here somehow, I’m not quite sure how… and we are very grateful to the people who did stay at home. At least it’s given us breathing space now and we are looking forward to tomorrow.”

Organisers upbeat despite ??4m cost threat (The Telegraph)

“The chaotic scenes of Friday, which saw thousands of race fans stuck in all-day traffic jams on the A43 as car parks and campsites groaned under the deluge of rainwater, was estimated in some quarters yesterday to have cost Silverstone, or at least its insurers, ??4 million.”

Jason Plato via Twitter

“Getting so pissed off with the media reporting style. Silverstone have worked so hard to overcome the hideous weather that we have.”

British GP – Conference 3 (FIA)

Fernando Alonso: “It was very big and you are not in control of the car. You need a bit of luck and we were lucky today. With that moment in Q2, with all the decisions that we make for the tyres that it was the right one ?ǣ and lucky also that we put the lap together and lucky as well in the distance with Mark because there were some milliseconds. It can be first and second in a very easy way and today it was everything perfect for us.”

Hamilton says eighth was the maximum (Autosport)

“[Ferrari] won the last race, and have been good on their intermediates. For some reason they can switch them on and we didn’t.”

He’s 81 and 5ft 3in but Ecclestone is still motorsport’s Mr Big (Daily Mail)

“[CVC chief executive] Donald [MacKenzie] is happy about me doing what I do. But what to do when I’m gone is a concern for him. If I’m dead or if I run away, he’ll obviously need to sort out some kind of succession.”

‘If you said to me all the drivers are free, I’d say: Send in Lewis’ (The Guardian)

Frank Williams: “For the next 17 years, every Williams car carried the letter “S” in tribute to Ayrton Senna. This season, as Williams says with a tangled smile, ‘we’ve dropped that. It’s time. And, also, we’ve now got Bruno.'”

Ferrari F2012 – new front wing (F1)

“The shape is much more sophisticated and features four vertical gills instead of the usual three. However, when driver Fernando Alonso damaged one of the new front wings during his Practice Two crash, the team decided to revert back to the older solution for qualifying and the race.”

Lotus F1 owner eyes ??500m football deals (FT, registration required)

“Gerard Lopez and Eric Lux, whose private equity fund Genii Capital acquired the old Renault F1 team in 2009, have set their sights on about five second-tier European clubs as well as a dozen football-related businesses such as player agencies, academies and media rights management companies.”

Red Bull?s Mark Webber on his Norfolk racing roots (Eastern Daily Press)

“[Snetterton] actually played quite a large role in my career. I tested and raced there in Formula Ford and Formula Three and I even used it to shake down my F3000 car as the team I was racing for, Super Nova, were based locally. It was also the first track outside of Australia I drove on.”

Bob Constanduros via Twitter

“Did you watch GP2? New podium and revised ceremony with [Bob Constanduros] asking drivers questions. Probably the same in F1 tomorrow.”

Jennie Gow via Twitter

“I wonder if Michael Schumacher will sleep well or be forced to book into an hotel? ??Naughty loud campers ??;)”

Comment of the day

Simon999 on the variances in performance during yesterday’s wet qualifying:

Interesting how some cars seemed to perform much better on full wets than intermediates and vice-versa. Not sure if any of it was down to lack of fresh tyres, but Hamilton got a mighty lap out of the full wets at the end of Q2 and then struggled on the inters in Q3 (as did both McLarens during Q1 ?ǣ 14th and 18th?).

Other drivers, like Alonso, were the opposite ?ǣ scraping through Q2 on the full wets and then a great lap for pole in Q3. Maybe it?s down to these narrow operating windows we keep hearing about.

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On this day in F1

Dan Gurney became the fourth different winner in as many races at the start of the 1962 season in the French Grand Prix at Rouen-les-Essarts. He scored Porsche’s first and so far only win in F1. Read more about it here:

Graham Hill led most of the way until lap 41, when he began to suffer with a fuel injection problem.

Here’s an introduction to the race with some very British narration:

Image ?? Williams/LAT