Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Silverstone, 2012

Furious Perez demands action on Maldonado

2012 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Silverstone, 2012Sergio Perez had harsh words for Pastor Maldonado after retiring in a collision with the Williams driver in the British Grand Prix.

Perez was trying to pass Maldonado on the outside of Brooklands on lap 11 when the pair made contact.

Speaking to the BBC afterwards, Perez called on the FIA to take action against Maldonado: “Pastor is a driver who doesn’t respect other drivers. It’s just a matter of fact.

“I was already in front, and if not he should have given me enough space not to crash, but he tried to push me all the way to the outside. I don’t understand the way he is driving.

“I really hope the stewards can make something because the last three or four races he has done something.

“It is not the first time he has damaged my weekend. He did the same in Valencia, and they gave him a drive-through, which I think is not enough.

“This guy will never learn if they don’t do something, because he is a very dangerous driver and he can hurt someone.”

Maldonado collided with Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the European Grand Prix.

Afterwards Maldonado said: “It was a very disappointing moment because the race was going well for us.”

Describing the incident he said: “The corner was mine. Sergio was on the outside of the corner trying to take the position from me. I tried to defend and on the entry I lost the rear of the car, I think on cold tyres.”

Update: Maldonado handed reprimand and fine

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  1. Classic 2011 Hamilton-esque, he shows the pace is there, he has done some wonderful manouvers and had some nice results, but all too often throws it all away with moments of stupidity or rashness. It’s enfuriating not only for the fans of drivers he punts, but also fans of Maldonado!

  2. I disagree that Maldonado is some reckless driver everyone makes him out to be. He defended his position and I think in this case it was unfortunate that he lost control to take out Perez, but perhaps Maldonado needs to be given a warning (to be more careful) regarding these specific side by side maneuvers.

    1. Totally agree with you.He just happens to be involved in too many accidents this year.I wouldn’t say he is disrespectful to other drivers.His situation is similar to Hamilton’s last year.He just needs a small talk.It’s a shame that his reputation has been tainted so far this season beacuse he is an extremely fast driver.

      1. Part of the reason he comes across as disrespectful towards other drivers is that when he tries these reckless moves (and deliberate or not, they have all been reckless) he is totally unrepentant afterwards.

        Today was clearly just a racing incident in which he lost control, but he hasn’t accepted any blame. It’s worrying that he sees no problem in the fact that his driving has caused a number of avoidable accidents recently.

      2. This was a racing incident, sure. But how do you explain what happened in Monaco between him and Perez?

  3. At first I thought: racing incident.

    But after a bit of thinking, the Moscow rule comes to mind: Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is a enemy action pattern. And Maldonado even goes beyond three times.

    1. @verstappen
      Exactly. This incident was understandable. Not great driving, but its okay. Even the best makes mistakes at times. But he has done it oh so many times that harsher punishing should come his way, even if the infringement isn’t that bad. Simply to try to knock some sense into his thick head.
      And if that means he should get a race ban, then so be it.

  4. Maldonado really deserves a race ban at the very least after all of these incidents. He has consistently been reckless and over-aggressive. Not only is he throwing away great opportunities to gain points for himself and his team, but he is ruining other driver’s races as well.

    Though the situations aren’t quite the same, Yuji Ide had his super-license revoked in 2006. I’m not suggesting that Maldonado should be in the same situation as Ide, but the FIA can’t just give him penalties that are this lenient, when he is consistently doing this.

    In football, if a player consistently commits fouls against other players, they’ll eventually be sent off. Why shouldn’t Maldonado be given the same treatment?

  5. In 2006, Yuji Ide had his superlicense revoked after:
    Blocking Barrichello in qualifying for the Australian GP.
    Pitching Albers into a series of rolls in the San Marino GP.

    That was 2 incidents, only 1 where he took someone out.
    Maldonado has intentionally hit someone/taken someone out 4 times now:
    Hit Hamilton in Spa Quali 2011.
    Hit Perez in Monaco FP3 2012.
    Took Hamilton out in Valencia 2012.
    Took Perez out in Britain 2012.

    and he’s not even been banned for a race yet? The stewards seriously need to look at this.

    1. I don’t think the incident with Hamilton at Spa should be taken into account.And I strongly believe todays crash with Perez was a racing incident.

      1. Spa shouldnt be taken into account?

        For me, its precisly Spa and Monaco is why i think Maldonado shouldnt be in F1. The racing crashes, ok, they are anoying and he needs to calm down. But its those 2 inncodents that happend when they were _not_ racing that show that he has a terrible temperment and is going to cause injury one day.

        1. The Spa incident was almost a full season ago!

          1. Oh sorry, that makes it ok then.

            It dosnt matter how long ago it was, it only shows he hasnt learned from even previous inncodents before F1. Like being banned for crashes/ignoring flags and serverly injurying a marshall. He is a joke.

  6. Pastor’s only fault to date was his reaction after Lewis Hamilton shoved him off the final corner in Spa’11 during the qualifying. Lewis was clearly wrong in ruining Pastor’s qualifying lap there. But Pastor’s reaction has given him a reputation now. He gets vilified for everything after that, unfortunately all incidents after that have been clearly racing incident, with other driver having to share more (if not equal) blame.

    But now its become fashionable to call names and launch tirade against the Latin driver.

    1. ” Lewis was clearly wrong in ruining Pastor’s qualifying lap there”

      wow. are you for real?

      Lewis had every right to finish his qualifying lap, the only reason he was up Maldonados gearbox was that Mal got blocked by Barrichello infront. Thats just tough ****

    2. @nathhulal, I’m afraid it is you who can’t see fault in a Latin driver, in Spa 11 Lewis was also qualifying and much faster than Maldonado, Lewis had no obligation to wait for Maldonado to move back onto the racing line before completing his lap. Maldonado drove badly and got stuck behind a slower car because he didn’t use his brain but rather than accept that he blamed Lewis and in a temper tantrum crashed into him.

      1. double standard
        8th July 2012, 17:15

        So true, Pastor has obligation for everything, no body else has no obligation. No obligation for giving space after car is already ahead. Its just Pastor that has all obligation. I wonder if Mosley had left some ww2 era obligations for drivers of certain countries and exempted some others

  7. It looked pretty innocent to me but that’s just based on what I could see from that lap. He obviously didn’t gauge the corner well but I wouldn’t go so far too say it was outright reckless. I would like to see some previous laps for comparison to how he attacked that corner.

  8. Today’s one should be really treated like a racing incident, which in fact it was, but given Pastor’s crash record, i think suspended (‘do that again and you’re screwed’) ban for few GPs would be fully justified. Placing even a one race immediate ban would still be too harsh in my view. Pastor was a hot head even in lower categories, the public and the government body are pretty aware of that and should clearly indicate that this is not acceptable at the pinnacle of motorsport. We’re talking at a lower tones just because it was Brooklands, nobody’s got hurt, etc. I for one wouldn’t like to imagine the consequences of him loosing his read end as a result of overdriving the car alongside somebody at Copse, Becketts or Eau Rouge.

  9. He has begin to earn the title MADonald-0! First he say Lewis is too aggressive in defending his line (!!??) and next thing he say he won’t change his aggressive style (isn’t that contrary). He don’t seem to decide which is which, aggressive or not, lef or right, attack or defend! And that’s the reason, he say and drive in a totally uncontrolled manner, hence creating a crash every weekend not on one driver but on any driver arounfd him…

  10. So what now? Other drivers should avoid Pastor by at least 5 meters just because he’s a tough guy and exciting racer to watch? There is a line between tough, exciting racer and dangerous driver, Maldonado crossed it on several occasions. Also I strongly disagree with “this one wasn’t so bad” approach. By extension of this kind of logic, we should ignore speeding on roads for drivers who have already committed much serious traffic offenses because … this one wasn’t so bad! It’s not like he killed anyone (this time).

    IMO Maldonado should be given one final warning, if his antics are to be repeated – black flag and additional race ban.

  11. My suggestion: 10 grid place penalty.

  12. Nick.UK (@)
    8th July 2012, 16:37

    F1 Fanatic does not need new debates on Maldonado, surely we can just re-read last weeks arguments…

  13. strip him of hes super license
    if people don’t let him through or over take him he takes them out
    spa 2011(quail)- Monaco 2011 + 2012 – Valencia and many more

  14. Unfortunately for him it’s not just other drivers’ races he’s ruining, he’s jeopardising his own positions too!

    1. Nick.UK (@)
      8th July 2012, 16:46

      Who cares if he is ruining his own races, that’s his problem. It is the team we should worry for, he is destroying Williams hopes for the season. They could finish as high as 5th if the drivers would get it together! If Force India and Torro Rosso move forward and they drop back to 9th it would be such a tragedy. To have made such a staggering comeback and not have to results to prove it; all because their drivers can’t perform at the level the sport requires.

  15. i honestly can’t believe some of the comments on here. Pastor is a dangerous driver and needs to be dealt with. Today was more of a racing incident but he contributed to it. if you push your car too much is such situations, an accident is inevitable. He’s also been seen to make deliberate moves on other drivers causing accidents. The fact that other drivers and commentators are concerned about him speaks volumes

  16. I wouldnt call MAL’s aggressiveness and abusive maneuvers a “style of driving” but a rather stupid way to try to defend his position because in the end, he’s screwing up himself too as he is not achieving anything. I call his stuke “lack of respect to other drivers, lack of brain, and and unfruitful aggressive way to drive that puts orhers not only in danger of leaving the race early, but risking their life” and an if he doesn’t get severally penalized after this, to me the sport will lose more credibility.

  17. Certainly Maldando needs to be calmed down, and a ban for a race or two might have some effect. But somehow I doubt it, his career before F1 was quite often full of incidents, including a 9 race ban for hitting a marshal at Monaco. And in the 2008 Silverstone GP2 race, he stalled on the dummy grid, picked up a penalty for speeding in the pitlane as he joined the race, another penalty for passing under yellow flags, and crashed into Adrián Vallés and Kamui Kobayashi on the final lap. I personally don’t consider him suitable for F1.

  18. I think there is a serious question over Maldonado’s attitude towards other drivers. I would not be questioning it if Spa and Monaco had not happened. I see such a difference between Kobayashi ( who early on would try similar overtaking moves) and Pastor now. I think there is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. Maybe not by the FIA, but by Williams. In the end Williams loses the most with a decent driver who has been in huge scoring positions, giving it away through amateurish racing.

  19. Maldonado’s collision with Perez by all means could appear to be a racing incident from a first glance but if you watch the replay a number of times in slow motion from both BBC camera angles (corner entry and exit) Maldonado can be seen muscling his way into the apex and forcing the Williams rear end into the Sauber and off the track the moment he realizes Perez was about to take the position on the outside of the turn. The replay shows just how ‘much’ force he hit Perez with. Not too hard, but plenty hard enough to nudge him off and continue himself.

    If you’ve ever raced in karting this ‘deliberate’ and intentional form of cheating can easily be made to appear as ‘unintentionally’ running wide and forcing the overtaking outside car off the track whilst using the opponents car as a barrier. Perez knows this, he wasn’t angry, he was genuinely shocked and appalled at his driving once again.

    Maldonado’s stunt at Silverstone may not have been as obvious this time as his other deliberate vengeance attacks earlier in the season but it can be seen as a clear defensive attack if you’re willing to watch the replay a few times.

  20. He needs a ban or suspension from at least one race. He has been penilized 5 times this season in the 9 races so far. He needs to be take out for a race, he needs to learn and I ‘m afraid that he might get injured or killed someone if he is not penilized the way he should be.

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