Furious Perez demands action on Maldonado

2012 British Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Silverstone, 2012Sergio Perez had harsh words for Pastor Maldonado after retiring in a collision with the Williams driver in the British Grand Prix.

Perez was trying to pass Maldonado on the outside of Brooklands on lap 11 when the pair made contact.

Speaking to the BBC afterwards, Perez called on the FIA to take action against Maldonado: “Pastor is a driver who doesn’t respect other drivers. It’s just a matter of fact.

“I was already in front, and if not he should have given me enough space not to crash, but he tried to push me all the way to the outside. I don’t understand the way he is driving.

“I really hope the stewards can make something because the last three or four races he has done something.

“It is not the first time he has damaged my weekend. He did the same in Valencia, and they gave him a drive-through, which I think is not enough.

“This guy will never learn if they don’t do something, because he is a very dangerous driver and he can hurt someone.”

Maldonado collided with Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the European Grand Prix.

Afterwards Maldonado said: “It was a very disappointing moment because the race was going well for us.”

Describing the incident he said: “The corner was mine. Sergio was on the outside of the corner trying to take the position from me. I tried to defend and on the entry I lost the rear of the car, I think on cold tyres.”

Update: Maldonado handed reprimand and fine

2012 British Grand Prix

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136 comments on Furious Perez demands action on Maldonado

  1. Nathan Bellows (@nathanbellows) said on 8th July 2012, 21:45

    It’s pathetic. Clearly he doesn’t really give a monkeys about his tarnished reputation throughout the F1 paddock, as he knows well enough that Williams will sign him up for another year because of his massive sponsorship from PDVSA. So long as he brings in the money I don’t think the teams are that bothered that he’s such a liability. Ban him, please just ban him…

  2. Juke said on 8th July 2012, 22:06

    I do not understand F1’s stance on safety, yet allow this clown on the track. I could not find any vid on his Monaco indiscretion, but I found this…


    Someone like this does not even belong on the road much less a race track. After all he has done in F1, and all I have heard he has done in previous leagues (and watching this vid), this guy is gonna get someone killed if they do not pull his license. With this guy, it’s not if, it’s when.

  3. Nickpkr said on 8th July 2012, 23:45

    Reprimand and 25000€ , they getting him differently now, drive through and grid positions are not working enough here, he is loving being protagonist one way or another, every race he’s big topic, Chavez and PdVSA are mention and all he seems to care.
    As he has won already, been there done that was boring and now is more fun to crash. I don’t think there is one race he hasn’t has contact or crashes, there is no one he hasn’t crash with already and not once has apologized as is always others fault !
    This is the best f1 driver for Williams ? Give Sutil or Bottas this car !

  4. disgruntled said on 9th July 2012, 7:25

    Many ppl here discussing that this is the most innocuos of Malfunctionado’s incidents…this maybe true…but why was I bracing myself when Checo closed in on him & attempted to overtake? Much like Massa vs Hamilton of last year: you know there’s gonna be contact

  5. SteadtHawk said on 9th July 2012, 15:00

    Mal squeezed Kimi off the course early in the race as well. Charlie Whiting has stated that a driver may use all the road only if there isnt a driver beside them. so if a car is trying to pass and is along side, you way not squeeze him off the road. The rules are pretty simple for driving. although at Monaco this would mean Hamilton was at fault for using all the track when mal was beside him. If they cant stick by their rules for every driver, they shouldnt for none. Its a shame we cant all get along even in the F1 game dirty racers are everywhere.

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