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Rate the race: 2012 British Grand Prix

2012 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the British Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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116 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 British Grand Prix”

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  1. Boring race. Decent ending, but not spectacular.
    This is forming into a Pirelli-fueled 2010. Red Bull have the best car now.

    1. Ferrari does. You need to have a superior car to get Massa in TOP-5. Only wrong tyre strategy took a victory away from Alonso.

      1. IMO the performance difference on different tires is too drastic in case of Ferrari. This ultimately makes for a worse car. Red Bull seems to have much better rounded package, capable of winning on very different tracks, different conditions and different tire strategies.

        1. Well I think it’s down to setup not car’s overall characteristics. This weekend was so changeable so teams’ setup should be compromised. Some more(Mclaren? maybe), some less(Red Bull?).

          1. The strategy was ok in terms of tyre order, not great but ok.

            what killed it was pitting far to early on first stop. I called it at the time that they would be adding extra laps onto last stint for no reason and it would hurt them.

            but as ever commentators totally missed the importance that error was. all they banged on about was the starting on the soft. No the error was not using the first stint to max and getting totally side tracked by what red bull were doing rather than concentrating on their own strategy.

            They risk losing another title due to poor strategy.

          2. *not starting on the soft

      2. I think Ferrari’s strategy was good. They drove on hards with the heaviest car, and waited with the softs to the end in case of rain. They failed to win but I believe it’s because Webber and Red Bull were slightly faster today.

        1. or rain never comes and Webber started with the prime.

          1. sorry, with the option.

        2. +2 on Ferrari strategy. As the practice runs showed the softs would work better when the track was rubbered in, which it was at the end. The car just didn´t like them. My hope is that Pirelly will make much harder tires, but with an even smaller “thread” depth. Pit stops would be as now, but the debree would be much less = more overtaking possibilities.

          1. debrit not debree, although we understood what you meant. as im frebch it helps…

        3. I think you are wrong. Ferrari lost the race because the putted Alonso way too early in each of the pit stops. And Alonso had to run a lot of laps in the soft. They putt him after running just 15 laps in the hard tires in the first stint . And he had to do 15 laps on the soft in the last stint for a tire that only lasted 8-10 in the other drivers. So with that fact you can see the Ferrari strategist lost the race and Alonso once again was screwed over. Webber won because of that and not because he was driving better or faster than Alonso .

          1. Pitting to early after first stint and two laps behind Hamilton. I would say that those are the mistakes which resulted in losing 1st place.

    2. xeroxpt (@)
      9th July 2012, 1:00

      I dont share the same opinion, with a better strategy like the one red bull keeps choosing for Vettel the lotuses could have been fighting for the race, what in my opinion is spoiling all this latest races from canada till now is the DRS, simply not needed.

  2. 4. It was very boring. The result was great, though, but the race was boring. I was expecting a lot more following all the excitement from yesterday!

    1. Were you expecting an alternator failure in Mark’s car, @fer-no65 ? :)

  3. What a dreadfully boring race. What happened to McLaren? Very poor…

    1. I think they were too dedicated to wet condition.

    2. mclaren should have scored more points at the beginning of the season when they arguably have the fastest car.Now they were behind ferrari , redbull and maybe even lotus,plus the poor form of button is really worrying

  4. Not the most spectacular race of the season, but a great strategic race similar to the Monaco GP. Great drive from Webber and Alonso, solid 8/10.

    1. Agree, even a good fight for the win at the end. Not the most spectacular race, but very good racing and strategy.

  5. 6/10

    It was never going to be another Valencia (never thought I’d say that about Silverstone!), but nothing really happened. I think it might have been because most of the telecast focused on the British drivers, and they didn’t really do anything.

    1. I know but that’s what you get when you watch British channels (if you were watching one or maybe it’s universally the same). Just like Wimbledon all the time

      1. Uh, once the race starts all countries get the same FOM feed.

        1. The FOM feed seemed to concentrate on the British drivers. I get that it’s the British Grand Prix, but there were half a dozen times when the cameras were fixed on Button or Hamilton while something more interesting was happening elsewhere – usually caused by Romain Grosjean – and I had to rely on the commentators to tell me about it rather than the FOM television director showing me it.

  6. Boring race! But I think we have been spoiled in 2012.

    A 4 or 5 from me

    1. We certainly have been spoilt this season and especially so with the previous race. I think a lot of people have come down with a case of PVS (post Valencia syndrome [crappy acronym ftw!]). After such a fantastic race followed by an average one like today it’s easy to vote it lower. Keeping that in mind, I’ll give it a 7.

  7. Good race. but another tyre lottery…

    1. I’d say this was the least “lottery”-esque race of the year in terms of strategy. It was a very straightforward race with two obvious strategies. The primes were better than the options, and the only reason Ferrari didn’t know this is probably down to the fact they had so little dry running all weekend.

      1. @damonsmedley Why I’m saying lottery is unpredictable behaving of tyres. at least the option should be faster even last short no matter how condition is. Nobody expected it until the race started.

    2. Surely you jest?

      The teams had limited dry running. Nobody could predict the performance of the tyres. That’s not the fault of the tyre, and thus is not a “tyre lottery”.

  8. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    8th July 2012, 14:41

    It had a great battle between Hamilton & Alonso, the opening laps were amazing but after the first stint, it became pretty boring and even when Webber closed the gap and passed Alonso it hadn’t so much drama as expected. So overall, a grade of 5 out of 10 its what this race deserves…

    1. Agreed. DRS again ruined it at the end.

  9. Somewhere between 7 and 8.

    Kind of enjoyed it even though it was somewhat boring… Wasn’t necessarily in the mood for a mental “impossible to follow”. race at Silverstone.
    Some good moments and a clear answer to the question regarding who are the most powerful teams at the moment. Ferrari and Red Bull.

    Glad to see Webber keeping ahead of Vettel. Good to see Massa getting his act straighter with every race. Decent race by the Lotuses challenging for the “third best” trophy. Too bad for Schumacher’s pace, and Mercedes’ in general, including McLaren.

    Oh, and well done Maldonado…6th penalty this season soon come…

  10. Quite unspectacular, I guess dry weather didn’t help the spectacle. The end instead of being a fierce fight for the lead was just Webber devouring helpless Alonso. The bright point of the race was Hamilton vs. Alonso duel. 6 for me.

  11. A solid 7.

    1. Yeah that sounds about right, 7 from me too!

  12. I dcided to boycot this race because of the way the British Government violently suppresses protests. Even killing a protester and some protests resulting in violent battlezones. It’s just not save enough there to go racing.

    1. bit random lol

    2. Haha, awesome.

    3. You could just say that you wanted to watch the tennis.

  13. Great race! probably a bit biased, because I really wanted a Webber to win the race. Proper overtake for the lead right at the end of the race. No technical malheur for the leadgroup of drivers. Wish I was there! Cheers!

  14. Had to go for a 6.
    The opening few laps were total madness and great fun to watch, but as the race panned out it got dull and Lewis’s slow McLaren and DIR’s crash put a dampner on a brit doing well at the home race… but Webber coming back at Alonso at the end was nice.
    Dissapointing race, but it had its moments.

  15. First time I’ve really been frustrated by the tyre lottery, which dictated the result more than any other factor. If there is only one correct strategy then something is wrong. Having said that, it was a reasonably entertaining race which had its moments, and DRS wasn’t too bad (though it did rob us of a monumental scrap for the lead which would probably have got the race another point).

    In all, a good 7.

  16. Pretty good race! The first couple of laps were breathtaking and there were some good battles throughout. Mark Webber on Alonso at the end was great. Some rain could have made it more interesting but I wouldn’t really wish that on the fans who were probably soggy enough. 7 from me (even though McLaren were frankly lame).

  17. I’d say a 6/10 (thought I accident voted 7). The start was great and I thought we were in for a great afternoon, but the action died down and the became average.

    The incident with Kobayashi running over his mechanics was horrible to watch. I hope those hurt turn out to be okay in the end. Kobayashi was very sorry about it. It was a shame for him as he looked set for a solid points finish.

  18. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
    8th July 2012, 14:56

    I thought it was a great race! Lots of overtaking, action throughout and a battle for the lead at the finish.

    A solid 8/10.

  19. a solid 7! great first 5 laps then a pretty settled middle of the race. End got exciting again.

    worrying as a Hamilton fan…mclaren were nowhere near the pace of Ferrari and Red Bull. Perhaps they went with more wing expecting wet weather but I’d say they probably have the 4th best car now behind Red Bull, Ferrari and the lotus in race trim.

    Button probably has to concede the championship now, Hamilton is Mclarens only hope but suppose being as slow as they are at the moment they can do what they want with the drivers they’re in a battle to finish in the top 5 in the constructors at the moment

    1. With McLaren’s current pace even Lewis is out of the equation

      1. True, hence why I said ” but suppose being as slow as they are at the moment they can do what they want with the drivers they’re in a battle to finish in the top 5 in the constructors at the moment” ;-)

  20. I think it was a good race. Its a bit unfair to say that race was boring because McLaren were not competitive.

    1. I had the disadvantage of watching it in Czech (not the language, but meh quality of commenters). Learnt from that how important a good commentary team is to enjoy the race!
      First 5 laps were really nice, in the middle there was quite a lull, where only pitstops really changed the order. And the last 10 laps or so were good. Although it was a shame that FOM chose to follow Webber for the last lap instead of focussing on Kimi hunting Massa and a few other on track battles.

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