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Rate the race: 2012 British Grand Prix

2012 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the British Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 British Grand Prix

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116 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 British Grand Prix”

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  1. boring race….

  2. Only 5/10 I think.
    The number of replays the director felt the need to show of the very straightforward DRS pass of Webber on Alonso for the lead says it all really.

    Everyone in the points other than Schumacher, Button and Maldanado finished at most a few places from where they started, there was very little overtaking near the front, and not much interest in strategy as everyone did 2 stops.

  3. 8/10. I quite liked it. Not any overly crazy stuff going on, but still exiting with all the overtaking taking place. Especially some of the moves Grosjean pulled off where quite amazing. Also I do like it that nothing suddenly interupted the race. Cars breaking down etc creates alot of drama, but isn’t what i want to see. I rather watch a race like this with alot of overtaking and some drivers making mistakes, it’s more what’s racing is all about. Can’t wait for the German GP in two weeks :)

  4. I gave it an 8, but it got an extra point for a win from Mark Webber. =D
    It was certainly boring in the middle, but the start and finish were fantastic viewing. It had to be one of the more tense beginnings and ends to a race that I’ve seen.

    1. I did exactly the same, it seemed necessary to compensate for all the McL and Fer fans who marked it down because their team didn’t win.

  5. Overall I went with a generous 7, a decent race although not sufficient action throughout the race and the BBC commentary was very poor, they couldn’t really follow the development of battles properly such as Webber and Alonso at the end, I thought they spotted it reasonably late as well as the Schumi and Hamilton. On the other hand, teams still seem to pick a variety of strategies which remains good considering we’re at the half way point of the season.

  6. Fairly run of the mill race. I was actually disappointed there wasn’t so much as a shower, mind you thats probably a good thing for the fans that went along. Looking like McLaren are starting to be left behind. Very frustrating for them, and a shame Mercedes still havent managed to get to the front consistently. That said it’s good to see Ferrari at the front again in recent races.

  7. I think Ferrari should take a second to rethink their race ending strategies. That was the third race that Fernando Alonso has lost on that note

    1. @smokinjoe, yes but who was to know that the HARD tyre would be faster than the SOFT. Maybe something to do with being set-up for a wet race ?

      1. Apparently the stronger sidewall construction meant that it could take the lateral loading through the corners better

  8. not exciting at all,….atleast by 2012’s standards. No major crashes at the front. Only Webber’s move on Alonso made it interesting

  9. Very enjoyable race today, nice surprise on the podium at the end. 8

  10. Boring. Ferrari on options, predictably slow. Tyre lottery, predictable. Lotuses fast but not on podium, predictable. Solid, unspectacular drives from the podium finishers.

    But … the worst feature is the “new” podium/interview system. Electronic flags??? And Canadian TV were so surprised that they cut Webber’s and Alonso’s “interview” with advertizing. Was it just our feed that also lost image and more often sound much more regularly than usual? Sheesh.

    1. I really liked the new podium – I thought it looked slick and modern and having the post-race interview done live with a legend of the sport is a great idea. No complaint from me.

      1. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
        8th July 2012, 15:55

        Absolutely agree. Best addition to F1 for a while.

      2. I loved the new podium.

      3. Shame I missed the podium, satellite signal cut out shortly after the race ended here. Maybe because of the rain?

      4. Another vote of agreement.

  11. 7/10 from me.

    I thought it was an entertaining race. It did quieten down through the middle phase but when Webber started to catch Alonso it did spring back into life. Prior to that Lotus did make things exciting when they were battling with Hamilton and seeing their pure pace was pretty satisfying. I think the biggest disappointment for me is Sauber. Perez was terribly unfortunate and Kobayashi’s pit-stop didn’t help him at all. He was catching Button in the end but he lost so much time in the pits it just wasn’t to be. That’s not voting with my heart so much, but more just because they worked really hard on Friday, did plenty of laps, did well in qualifying but just lost their way in the race.

  12. sid_prasher (@)
    8th July 2012, 15:36

    Strange comments so far…I quite liked the race. It was dry – no weather lottery and no SC intervention; just straight racing. There were battles going on for every position. Disappointed by the fact that the softs didn’t last for Fernando…they only needed to do 15 laps on them.
    Solid performance from Massa…his best result in almost 2 years. Lotus needs to understand how to extend their pace during the last 1/3 of the race to the entire race distance – really they should have won at least 1 race till now.
    Cant understand why Mclaren have fallen behind – they had updates for this race. Did they use them?

  13. 6 for me.
    It was an ok race, but it’s a shame that the leading couple got away in the first stint, it could have been more interesting with Massa and Vettel in the mix. Schumacher’s train ruined it a little bit, as Raikkonen did in Monaco. But it happens, I understand that.
    Good racing between Mark and Fernando, good recovery from Grosjean. Yeah, there were some good battles, but nothing extraordinary.

    The DRS seemed ok to me, it’s in a good place in my opinion, and overtaking was not so easy as someone is saying. But the tyres were a disaster. Pirelli made a mistake by bringing the Softs. They probably are too soft for Silverstone, Medium and Hard would have been bettere in my opinion.

    1. I agree with everything @yobo01 said!

  14. Murray Walker has a lot to answer for – I blame him entirely for my obsession with F1 and the loss of 4 days every race weekend. The Beeb coverage still rules and I wish it were every weekend. Kudos to the team – incredibly informative and entertaining – even Eddie is vaguely bearable.

  15. 2/10. Probably the worst organization of a GP, especially broadcast, in some 10 years I guess. Apart from leaders switching at the end and waiting for a possible rain there was absolutely nothing to watch during the whole race. Tried to watch the last lap when RAI was chasing MAS with a gap less that 0.3s but the TV only showed dull lap from Webber instead. Such a shame.

  16. 5/10 – Falling asleep towards the end…

  17. The race itself was fine, but I was expecting more. Specifically, I was expecting a wet race to spice things up. After all the rain on Friday and Saturday, I think a few drivers would have found themselves running out of tyres, and that would have been fun to watch. Failing that, I was half-expecting a Lotus or a McLaren to make a charge onto the podium, and that didn’t materialise. Nevertheless, there were a couple of good battles, including the one between Alonso and Webber for the race lead. I always enjoy seeing the lead change hands on the track rather than during pit stops. All in all, 7/10.

  18. Ron (@rcorporon)
    8th July 2012, 16:26

    I liked it. Some good battles and RBR had a good showing.

  19. Being at the race and following it on 5live and yet it was still very hard to follow! There was some good action down the field that I don’t think the cameras caught. I enjoyed being there but I would give it a 7. Good climax.

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