Mark Webber, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2012

Mark Webber to remain at Red Bull in 2013

2013 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2012Mark Webber will continue to drive for Red Bull in 2013, the team has confirmed.

Team principal Christian Horner confirmed Webber’s contract had been extended for another year. He said: “Mark has driven very well in the first nine races of this season and his performance has been impressive.

“Much of his Formula One success has been during his time with Red Bull Racing and together we have achieved 10 poles, nine wins and 31 podiums.

“As there was a strong desire from both sides to continue the partnership, it was a logical decision to extend our relationship and it is with great pleasure that we confirm Mark will drive for us in 2013.”

Webber added: “I?ve been with Red Bull Racing since 2007 and have achieved nine Grand Prix wins during that time. I?m high on confidence at the moment and firing on all cylinders. I know the team well and I?m very comfortable here; we have grown together over the years and it feels like absolutely the right thing to stay with Red Bull for another season.

“The team is constantly working hard to improve in all areas and we?ve shown that together we can win races. It?s great to be able to make this announcement off the back of the win in Silverstone at the weekend and I?m looking forward to competing on the edge and pushing myself in every race again next season.”

Webber admitted he had talked to other teams about 2013: “There were discussions with Ferrari, but my decision was to stay here.”

He described his working relationship with Sebastian Vettel as “very good”:

“Obviously with Seb, we?ve worked very, very close together for a long period of time now. I think no-one would really have envisaged how long we have worked together, so that?s probably been a bit of a surprise.

“There are not many team-mates staying together for that long in Formula One, but it?s proved to be a successful partnership with both of us working very hard with the key technical members of the team. It?s been a potent operation.

“We?re still competitive when we hit the track, no question about it, especially in 2010 and this year. Last year there wasn?t much racing between Sebastian and I, but in 2009, 2010 and this year, there have been some great battles.

“That?s been enjoyable for the team, sometimes stressful too as it?s not easy for both of us to be at the front and I can understand that, as both of us are thinking about ourselves sometimes, but ultimately we know that we need to get the cars home and get the best results for us and the team.”

Webber refused to be drawn on whether he would call time on his career in the sport after next year: “I?ve been asked this question for the past four years and my answer remains the same.

“It?s a results-based sport at the front of the grid so the future lies in my own hands. It?s down to me to deliver the on-track results.”

He added that having his contract for next year finalised would make it easier to focus on delivering results this year: “That?s another reason to just get it to bed.

“I’ve been hearing different rumours and reasons for a long time now. At the end of the day I know everything that has been going on. You want to make sure your focus is clearly on driving the car and the guys that you?re working with. It?s important the team knows you?re 100% with them, which, of course, I am.”

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  1. Good! I’m glad he’s staying. Let’s hope he can continue fighting for the championship this year! One of the best wheel to wheel racers out there (if not the best) and still one of my favourite sportsmen, let alone driver.

  2. GREAT decision by Webber to stay, gives him 2 seasons at a shot at the title. if he went to ferrari, who knows how the rest of this year would play out, if he had the motivation to win for redbull again, or if the team chose to support Vettel more. and next year redbull will surely be up there again, going to ferrari is risky because of ferraris form last few years, and because of the Alonso factor. Im also happy for him, as he was very fast in his first years in f1, remember the brilliant qualifying performances and speed at drivers circuits like monaco, and it took him many years to have a race winning car, and it is good to see he has bounced back from the drubbing he got from Vettel last year, if he wins the title this year, it would be an amazing turnaround in one season.

  3. I seriously don’t know why do you people keep talking that bad about Massa and his staying at Ferrari. Ferrari don’t have the car and when they finally got the car working Massa is up there. Massa had the worst luck of all since 2010, sure he mad some mistakes and is not as good as Alonso, but is a great driver. And given that Ferrari finally made their rubish red pick up into a F1 car Massa will surely do well.

    Not all of the driver can get from P11 on P2, especially when they have Hazard on the road named Maldonado, Kobayashi……..

  4. I was disappointed to hear this. I had hoped for Webber to go Ferrari, though I never thought it would happen. Would’ve given us a barometer against which to compare Vettel and Alonso.

  5. Mercedes with Hamilton and Rosberg, best combination :-D

  6. I hate it when people talk about Schumacher’s Merc seat going to someone else in 2013 as if they know exactly whats going on in the driver market.

  7. Well since this new deal has fired up speculation on the 2013 driver line up I can see what happens from now on: Nothing.
    Webber is staying at Red Bull, Massa (provided he gets on the podium at least once and has a string of 4th or 5th places) will stay, Hamilton will stay as he’s got nowhere better to go, Schumacher will stay after his best season since returning and Lotus will keep both their drivers.

    See y’all this time next year!

  8. Good news. I don’t think any driver should really be looking elsewhere at the top flight right now, they’re all pretty competitive within a few tenths of each other every other weekend. He may as well stay put.

  9. I am hardly sure of what it going to happen, but I do have some hopes and expectations.

    Hopes: Schumacher continues, (highly) preferably at a good team (Mercedes or higher, preferably higher).

    Expectations: Ferrari won’t keep Massa. I have never seen a top-team consistently retain such an underachiever.
    It was somewhat expect-able that he would stay for 2012, because none of the ‘big guys’ were available for this year. Yet many contracts are ending after this season. Personally I would like to see a driver like Perez make the move to Ferrari. To some degree I would not even be surprised if Massa isn’t even in F1 next year, although one of the ‘little guys’ might pick him up. Regardless, it’s clear he is no longer the driver he was.

    I wouldn’t have minded if Mark had gone to Ferrari, i’d be curious to see how much a challenge he can give Fernando with equal material. Any way, I do hope he outperforms Seb this year.

    All in all, I don’t see Hamilton moving, and if he would, I’d aspect it to be a move to Mercedes.

  10. Much as I enjoy all this speculation it is just that. None of us have any real idea what will happen and much of what is written here is is I’ll informed and badly written guesswork.

    1. As against mis-informed and well written press releases.?

  11. As a huge mark webber fan I’m undecided about this! Webber in a ferrari would have been exciting for the sport – as a benchmark of vettel, alonso, hamilton and webber!! And I would have been a ferrari fan!
    I see the logic to his decision in that he should get 2 chances at the wdc now, where if he had signed with ferrari he would have been shafted by rb for the rest of the season!
    Let’s pray that the contract doesn’t mention #2 in it anywhere! And that they will treat their drivers equally – both physically – emotionally and mentally!!

    1. @brooksy007, I agree with you (and not just because you have a licence to kill) . I’m pretty sure that with Ferrari on-side and a couple of wins this year that Mark would have insisted on equal treatment in the contract. Of course there is equal treatment and there is supposed equal treatment.

  12. Here are some crazy ideas:

    If Webber was to win the WDC this year, I am certain Vettel would not be happy about this. It is possible that Vettel would then feel he has lost control (Horner) he once had. I think Vettel would then be open to consider moving to another team. At the same time, if Hamilton was to ever move teams within the next few years, I can only see him going to Red Bull. Possible outcomes:

    1. Hamilton to Red Bull; Vettel to McLaren.
    2. Hamilton to Red Bull; Schumacher or Rosberg to McLaren (!?), Vettel to Mercedes.

    Other posibilities:

    – Rosberg to Lotus; Riakkonen gets the boot; di resta, Perez or Ricciardo to Mercedes .
    – Rosberg to Ferrari ; Massa gets the boot (probably the best Ferrari should do); di resta, Perez or Ricciardo to Mercedes.
    – Perez to Ferrari would be the best! Unfortunately, Ferrari isn’t smart enough to see that.

    Schumacher is obviously going to think about staying in F1 for another year (unfinished business!). Moving to another team is unlikely for him as it is a big task and his personality is that he doesn’t like to abandon the team or leave the job unfinished. Retiring while not achieving at least a “small percentage” of what he set out to do – unlikely. On the other hand, he might be feeling that another year at Mercedes could be a waste for his comeback chances. If MSC was to seek another team, he would do so only from top teams (Red Bull!). Hence, MSC to Red Bull could be a possibility, as im sure Red Bull would consider it. I am sure other teams (eg. McLaren) would consider MSC (they did once!). But the most likely outcome is that MSC remains in Mercedes for 2013.

    1. To add to that (as I might have said before), all the drivers in current top teams should know that siding against Alonso right now, in a Ferrari, would be like shooting themselves in the foot (unless the move was a significant upgrade from their current team, I dont see it happening). Meaning that, I don’t see Hamilton moving to Ferrari and I don’t see Vettel moving to Ferrari (unless they really want to for pride or money).

    2. Good analysis, if Webber had gone to Ferrari I think we may well have seen Schui filling his seat next year, as you say nobody wants to move to a slower car.

  13. Bad news for all those expecting/wanting Webber to retire at the end of this year (just like every year since 2008). But good news for Webber fans.

  14. I feel happy for Mark Webber that he has another top drive with Red Bull but I do wish we had a mix up at the front of the grid. We’ve had the same drivers in Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, and Mercedes for the last 3 years. I want someone else to have that opportunity.

  15. I dont see Hamiton leaving McLaren.

    If Massa leaves Ferrari i’d like to see Schumacher make the switch.

    1. I’d wouldn’t mind seeing Schumacher returning to Ferrari either,
      but what about his loyalty towards Ross Brawn? I don’t thinks its
      likely that he will leave Mercedes while building on its future with Brawn.
      Regardless of where he goes, i’d LOVE to see him win again before he retires once more.

  16. On top of all the current driver/team speculation, I feel it’s certain that Schumy will stay with Merc/Ross Brawn until his final retirement .. and that the decision to drop Massa has already been made, prior to his encouraging 4th place at the British GP.

    Clearly, any spare seat at Ferrari and a potential change in driver line up at Lotus could start the juggling throughout the top teams, but who truly knows?

  17. George Nikolaou (@)
    11th July 2012, 22:50

    Well done Mark ! A top class pilot that deserves to be a champion. As for Ferrari , i think that Massa will have his absolutely last chance to prove that he still can wear the reds.

  18. This is excellent news. Now I don’t have to buy new “fan” gear. Those caps are really expensive.

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