Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012

Whitmarsh “not seriously worried” about pace

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Martin Whitmarsh plays down concerns over McLaren’s performance but admits they need to see gains from the German Grand Prix upgrade package.


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Whitmarsh: worrying will not make our car go faster (The Telegraph)

“At this time I’m not seriously worried. Being worried doesn’t make the car go quicker. Of course I’m disappointed, but there’s no magic.”

British GP Review (Williams)

Chief operations engineer Mark Gillan: “We continue to work with Bruno in the simulator and with the race programme to help him optimise his qualifying pace and I think that he can take a lot of positives from Silverstone into Hockenheim. He was unlucky not to progress into the final qualifying session when his hot timed lap was severely compromised by the yellow flag.”

Ferrari in no rush with driver decision (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: “I am happy to see that Felipe was fourth. He was very unlucky in Valencia, so I think it [his struggle] is all over. I am happy to see after a very difficult start that he is in this shape and I really hope he can keep it up to the end.”

Mark Webber a major title contender – Jaime Alguersuari (BBC)

“He demonstrated in 2010 that he could fight for the championship and he is showing it again now.”

Silverstone via Twitlonger

“If you have experienced difficulties please ensure that you keep hold of your unused tickets and relevant stubs and email us at BGP2012@silverstone.co.uk and we will deal with queries on an individual basis. For any enquiries linked to bookings made through a third party please contact them directly.”

The best of British (Sky)

“It wasn’t good by any means and my personal experience is that the traffic management out and about was very poor, and personnel at key pinch points weren’t briefed or empowered enough to make sensible decisions. They must also recognise that Friday is like a full on race day at just about every other GP and should be treated as such.”

F1 Online ?ǣ review (The Guardian)

“If you’re a Formula One fanatic with a propensity for games which let you tinker to heart’s content and dip into and out of play for short periods, you should find it pretty satisfying.”

Comment of the day

Chris Goldsmith on Mark Webber’s decision to choose Red Bull over Ferrari:

This is an interesting (if rather unsurprising) announcement, which tells you something about Formula One in the modern era. Namely, that Ferrari don?t have the kind of ??brand power? they once did. When I started watching F1, even though it was in the heyday of Williams and McLaren, there was always a sense that the Scuderia had a certain romantic allure which meant they had the pick of drivers on the grid. When young karters dreamt of racing in F1, that dream would almost invariably include a set of red overalls and a beautiful scarlet car.

These days I get a sense that the stock of Ferrari is a little diminished. Its privileged place in the makeup of the sport has certainly been eroded in the past decade, with Ferrari receiving a less preferential cut of the money, and having less political influence than it once had. Drivers are also a little more canny than in days of old, with managers seeking out the most competitive seat on the grid they can. A seat which hasn?t been in the red car of late.

The fact that Alonso has pledged his future to the team, and seems happy to honour that agreement regardless the performance of the team, tells us that there is still a certain special something about the prancing horse. But few can argue that the days where drivers would step over their own mothers to drive for the oldest team on the grid seem to be numbered. Webber has made a logical decision to stay in a competitive car rather than risk spending the rest of his career in the doldrums. Time will tell whether that was the right decision.
Chris Goldsmith

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On this day in F1

Pedro Rodriguez lost his life in a sports car crash at the Norisring in Germany on this day in 1971.

Rodriguez is the only Mexican driver to have won a round of the world championship. Sergio Perez is the only other Mexican to have reached the podium.

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