Soft and super-soft Pirelli tyres at the Canadian Grand Prix

Polls show fans more concerned about DRS than tyres

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Soft and super-soft Pirelli tyres at the Canadian Grand PrixThe new tyre compounds being used to inject more life into F1 racing have been a source of considerable debate.

Michael Schumacher provoked discussion about the tyres when he described Pirelli’s product as being “like driving on raw eggs” in the build-up to the Spanish Grand Prix.

However others have defended the aggressive compounds, which teams urged Pirelli to introduce when they returned to the sport in 2011.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: “If Pirelli make tyres which give drivers and teams a real challenge and add to the spectacle the driver, understandably if he?s had a bad race, will complain about them.

“But on the other hand if they make tyres that are very robust, not challenging in terms of management from either the team or the drivers? perspective, then I?m sure that the spectators will be critical of those tyres because they haven?t created the right spectacle.”

An F1 Fanatic poll of 750 readers revealed little appetite for major change in the current tyres. Over three-quarters of readers preferred to keep the current tyres or make them slightly more conservative.

Almost half of all who responded preferred to leave the tyres as they are while less than 10% wanted to see a significant change in direction with “much more conservative” tyres.

Pirelli intended to test a harder tyre compound at the British Grand Prix weekend, however the inclement weather made that impossible. They now intend to bring their development hard tyre to Hockenheim next weekend.

DRS debate rumbles on

F1 Fanatic readers seem to have greater reservations about the other innovation introduced to improve the racing in 2011: the Drag Reductions System.

In an earlier poll, just 21% of readers supported the current DRS implementation and a majority indicated they wanted the rules to be changed. There were many further complaints about DRS following the Canadian Grand Prix.

During the most recent FOTA Fans Forum at Williams’ headquarters last week, some fans asked the team principals whether they might consider running races without DRS as a test. Ross Brawn replied “it’s up for the fans to tell us what they want to see”.

With that in mind, we’ll shortly run a new poll looking at which races people would like to see DRS used at.

See the results of the previous tyres and DRS polls here:

Which of 2011’s changes to ‘improve the show’ have worked best? Would you like to see changes in how DRS is used or what tyres are supplied? Have they made F1 too artificial? Have your say in the comments.

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