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Vettel: Rindt had “that special something”

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Jochen RindtIn the round-up: Sebastian Vettel says 1970 world champion Jochen Rindt was more than just a great racer.


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Q&A with Red Bull?s Sebastian Vettel (F1)

“Everyone in Formula One is a quick driver, but then there have been guys who had that special something, who connected exceptionally well with the fans. Maybe they had a good sense of humour or could mock themselves. These things make these men linger in our memories even though their number of wins doesn?t match up to others… Jochen Rindt […] won one championship but he was someone that went far beyond that title.”

Williams wing pics (Sky)

Williams caught the eye on Friday at the young guns test by running tubing from a hole in the FW34’s nose down to the front wing. Is a double DRS afoot?”

Webber declares he’s got plenty in the tank (Sydney Morning Herald)

“It doesn’t get much better than what happened on Sunday – how we won and who we beat. How do you replace that when you’re not racing any more? Hopefully, I won’t have to find an answer to that question for a while.”

Mercedes results too up and down says Ross Brawn (BBC)

“The Hockenheim layout should be more suited to the F1 W03 than the high-speed Silverstone layout. We are bringing some further improvements to the car which should help our performance.”

Caterham sure it is closing the gap (Autosport)

Technical director Mark Smith: “We are fairly confident that we are closing the gap, and that is statistically a fact. I think we have quite a lot of momentum behind us now, so we feel that Toro Rosso are right within our sights.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Emilio de Villota motorsport’s F3 cars at Brands Hatch have “Por ti Maria” messages on their flanks. Other cars carrying similar messages.”

Formula One Betting: Winning Webber Joins Championship Contenders (Unibet)

My latest article for Unibet.

F1 race Stars – “Over the Top” announcement video – UK (YouTube)

Comment of the day

As yet another driver is docked places on the grid for a gearbox change, is it time for a better alternative?

I don?t like the way these cost-cutting-inspired rules interfere with the sporting side of things, and I wish they would do away with these gearbox penalties.

The engine rules work pretty well because a) you only get a penalty once you use more than eight engines, and b) because it seems to me that engine failures are more closely related to mileage, thus being more predictable.

Gearboxes, on the other hand, still look more susceptible to random failures. I would hate for the championship decider (let?s hope we get one this season) to be influenced by a cost-cutting measure on a part that is hardly a significant portion of a team’s budget.

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The non-championship Reims Grand Prix of 1957 was won by Luigi Musso in a Lancia-Ferrari D50.

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