‘Car not a factor’ in de Villota crash

2012 F1 season

Maria de Villota, Marussia, 2012Marussia say they have concluded their investigation into Maria de Villota’s crash at Duxford Aerodrome earlier this month.

In a statement released today the team said: “The accident occurred on July 3rd during a straight-line test, at which Maria was making her testing debut for the team and driving an F1 car for the fourth time in her career.

“The Marussia F1 Team conducted an initial analysis immediately after the crash. This aimed to identify the causes and contributory factors behind the accident and also served to determine if there were any car-related implications for the impending British Grand Prix.

“Having carefully examined all the data and supplementary information available at that time, the team were satisfied that there were no such car-related issues and cleared its chassis for race weekend participation.

“Following its initial investigation, the team proceeded to carry out further detailed analysis of the accident. An external forensic investigation was commissioned and carried out at Duxford Airfield (a FIA-approved and much used testing venue, compliant with the recommendations for a test of this nature) and with the team at the Marussia Technical Centre in Banbury. This external analysis has been carried out autonomously of the team?s own internal investigation.”

Team principal John Booth said: “We are satisfied that the findings of our internal investigation exclude the car as a factor in the accident. We have shared and discussed our findings with the [Health and Safety Executive] for their consideration as part of their ongoing investigation.

“This has been a necessarily thorough process in order to understand the cause of the accident. We have now concluded our investigatory work and can again focus on the priority, which continues to be Maria?s wellbeing. In that regard, we continue to support Maria and the De Villota family in any way we can.”

2012 F1 season

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76 comments on ‘Car not a factor’ in de Villota crash

  1. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 16th July 2012, 20:40

    From what I interpret, Marussia don’t want to hurt the sentiments by blaming Maria in public. I do believe that Maria had unfortunately a key role to play in this.

  2. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 16th July 2012, 20:55

    I think you kinda have to look at what was left unsaid: The car was operating fine. Then the accident happened with horrible results due to 1. Driver error and 2. The loading ramp being lowered on the truck.

    Marussia aren’t going to publicly blame a driver that just lost an eye and most probably ended her career, nor are they going to publicly admit even a hint of liability about how the accident occured.

  3. PaulT (@pault) said on 17th July 2012, 0:26

    All this speculation and debate about what did or didn’t happen is pointless.

    The only people who have all the facts are those doing the investigation. Marussia have reported the elimination of one possible cause and I am sure when they know and are in a position to report the actual cause they will do so.

  4. Maksutov (@maksutov) said on 17th July 2012, 5:19

    This is not over. Of course Marussia are going to do everything to cover themselves. But what I wanna know is, what does “Maria de Villota” have to say about it!?
    Until i hear her words and her statement, frankly i dont care what Marussia say. The fact that she has not issued out a statement is a bit worrying. If its not the car, then its the team negligence.

    • vjanik said on 17th July 2012, 9:36

      Thats if she even remembers. Its not uncommon for people with such head injuries to have no memory of the incident.

      • caci_99 said on 17th July 2012, 13:14

        Or scrambled memory, what happened next is placed before, and what happened before is place next in the order of events. In such shock situation the brain does not operate normal, it does not record things at all, or records them in disorder.

  5. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 17th July 2012, 13:45

    I don’t know why so many people are looking into this so negatively. If there was a fault on the car their could be huge legal ramifications for Marussia so they do well to set the score straight, if only for themselves. I don’t mean this to sound cruel, and I do sympathise whole-heartedly with Maria, but motorsport is dangerous. Accidents happen all the time, perhaps not to this extent, but it is inherrent that they do and that all concerned parties, especially the teams follow strict protocol and keep everyone up to date.

    The health and safety assessment will be key, trying to pieve together how this could happen but we can’t rule out that just an awful lot of bad luck went Maria’s way that day. She will be able to tell the authorities the most so we can’t really draw a conclusion until she has made a statement herself.

  6. StefMeister (@stefmeister) said on 17th July 2012, 14:57

    Here is an ariel image which shows where everything was setup, parked etc…:

    Also worth pointing out that the track she hit wasn’t the team’s transporter, That seems to be behind the tent.

    You can also see a pit box marked where she was supposed to stop & where the trailer ramp she hit was in relation to that.

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