Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012

Hamilton expects McLaren deal in summer break

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton expects to get a new McLaren deal signed in August.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Lewis Hamilton says McLaren contract to be decided during summer break (The Guardian)

“We haven’t sat down and discussed anything yet. But I’m sure over the summer break, when we have the summer break, it would be nice to get something in place.”

Whitmarsh: FIA must be part of F1 deal (Autosport)

“You can have a purely commercial agreement [between the teams and Ecclestone], but if you are competing in the FIA championship then if you don’t have a tripartite agreement it can be inherently confusing.”

BBC saves ??150m in Formula 1 deal with Sky (The Telegraph)

“Chief operating officer of the BBC news group Dominic Coles: ‘It is quite possible the sport may have ended up exclusively on pay TV if we had not successfully negotiated the deal.'”

German Grand Prix Preview (HRT)

“Dani Clos will step into the F112 once more for the first free practice session on Friday and for the third time this season will join Pedro de la Rosa on the track. Narain Karthikeyan, who didn?t take part in last year?s German Grand Prix, will return to the cockpit in FP2.”

Bruno Senna Receives the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy (Williams)

Bruno Senna: “It’s a huge honour to be chosen to receive such a prestigious award. I’ve seen some of the names who have won this in the past and what they have gone on to achieve in their careers, so let’s hope this is just the start of greater things for me too.”

Russia promises ‘top-class’ F1 circuit (ESPN)

Mikhail Kapirulin, director general circuit constructors Omega: “We solved all the problems in projecting the track. We’re building the track in tight co-operation with our colleagues, who are building Olympic venues in Sochi. It makes us confident that we will build a top-class racing track in Sochi. It will be a great track.”

Comment of the day

Thoughts on Maria de Villota’s crash from Chris_H:

You would find trucks and race cars mixed together in the paddock of almost all club racing and a lot of national and international series.

I work for a team which race in a support series for the British F3 and British GT series, and its common place to see race cars driving around the paddock maneuvering around trucks with the tail lifts at all manner of angles and heights. On many occasions I?ve had to thread one of our cars between trucks and team vehicles, with people also walking with little care for the vehicles trying to get through.

Unfortunately motor racing by its nature is unsafe, whether that be at top speed on the track or much slower through the paddock.

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On this day in F1

Ten years ago today Renault team boss Flavio Briatore confirmed the team’s test driver Fernando Alonso would race in 2003.

Alonso drove for the team and quickly delivered on his promise with pole position in the Malaysian Grand Prix and eventually a maiden F1 win in Hungary.

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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  1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    17th July 2012, 15:12

    McLaren should get rid of Jenson and bring in di Resta. Paul would cost less than Jenson whilst still delivering the same race results, plus the money that they save on di Resta’s salary could be used to entice Hamilton to stay. As for Jenson, he could go race IndyCars…or whatever. :-)

    1. @tmcs88
      I’m not sure why you say that, but my guess is becouse of Buttons latest performances. Last year Hamilton had a slump too, but I dont remember anyone saying he should be sacked. I think Mclaren has a very good lineup, but last years pirellis favoured Jenson, this years tyres and car favour Lewis to some extent.

      The tyres and Mclaren cars have a small operating window, and their intersection is even smaller. Banning the BDs led to the MP4-27’s very low rideheight for more downforce, leading to stiffer suspension, leading to less weight shifting under braking, generating less heat in the front tyres, causing some of Buttons Qualy problems (‘I had no front grip’), which were leading to bad starting positions. Making his life even harder, this year the front tyre tempreatures drop dramatically if you are in the wake of another car.
      On the other hand Hamilton is, and always was harder on his tyres, so the same reasons causing Buttons problems, are giving Hamilton a bit more advantage in qualifying, leading to even better grid positions, leading to less car in front, giving him better chances to maintain his tyres in the right window, thus going faster, and taking better care of his tyres.

      This is just my theory, not a fact, but I think it makes sense. But back to your point, I dont think anyone should write off any driver because of one year struggle. What would have happened if RB sacked Webber last year, or Mercedes sacked Schumacher, or Sauber sacked Perez, becuse of the first half of the season?

    2. I don’t remember seeing anyone saying get rid of Hamilton cos he was crap last year so why is everyone getting on Jensons back. Lewis hasn’t exactly blown the field away in his 5years in the sport has he,and before people start saying that he hasn’t had the car, some of the Mclaren people said that he has NEVER driven a bad car, the likes of HRT,Caterham etc

      1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
        17th July 2012, 19:53


        but I dont remember anyone saying he should be sacked.

        If my memory serves me right, I recall both the rat and EJ recommending Hamilton take a Year out of F1 to ‘clear his head’.

        Last year Hamilton had a slump too

        Hamilton’s slump last year, had nothing to do with the Pirelli tires, it was his over eagerness to progress through the field, which resulted in him making hasty (and sometimes needless) manoeuvres that more times than not resulted in him having to explain his actions to the stewards. Jenson’s dip in form is to some extent inexplicable, everyone has a theory as to the cause of his woes, you’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last F1F to come up with a convenient excuse *cough* I mean explanation for his lack lustre performances.


        some of the Mclaren people said that he has NEVER driven a bad car

        Yes your absolutely right, the 2009 MP4-24 was just awesome, best car on the grid.

        1. Brilliant mate.

  2. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher)
    17th July 2012, 18:14

    BBC saves £150m in Formula 1 deal with Sky (The Telegraph)

    I find this quite appalling. The fact that it is even possible to save this much money is ridiculous. Yes we should blame Bernie and co. for the high licence fees, but if the bbc were spending so much on F1, and have now made this huge saving then why do they continue to have such silly build up features, such as the special flights that DC, Eddie and Jake got at silverstone. Surely some savings could be made by reducing these types of expenses and they might be able to broadcast one or two more races. I am also annoyed by the comment in the article that deal mainly effects only hardcore fans who watch the whole race, basically just dismissing hardcore fans! So people who really care about F1 (hardcore fans) don’t matter? And just like they said only hardcore fans watch the whole race, ie. the whole program including build up. I’m a hardcore fan and I don’t care if the crew walk instead of sitting on the wing of an airplane, so why waste the money bbc? The reason i watch F1 on the BBC is because Eddie, DC and Jake have personalities, knowledge, experience, and contrasting opinions. The only thing missing is Brundle. The less said about Sky’s coverage the better.

  3. The thing is this second part of this F1 season will have races that do not benefit Red Bull cars (Monza , Spa)

    Also if in 2 of the last 10 races will rain , this adds even more gamble so my prediction is that the champion will be decided in the last race.

    It will be very hard for Red Bull to win the Drivers Championship with Kimi , Lewis and Schumacher mixing with their plans to chase Alonso for the championship.


    If Alonso finishes in top 3 in Germany the battle will go up in to the last race.

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