Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Silverstone, 2012

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2012 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Daniel Thomas

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Silverstone, 2012The British Grand Prix earned a rating higher than seven out of ten from F1 Fanatic readers, though it wasn’t quite up to the high standard set by previous 2012 races.

In a race which, against expectations, was held in dry conditions, Mark Webber overtook Fernando Alonso to claim his second win at Silverstone.

The race received an average rating of 7.048 from F1 Fanatic readers, placing it seventh out of nine races so far. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Dimitris 1395 felt the action tailed off after an exciting start:

It had a great battle between Lewis Hamilton and Alonso and the opening laps were amazing, but after the first stint it became pretty boring.

Even when Webber closed the gap and passed Alonso it didn’t have so much drama as I expected.
Dmitris 1395

BasCB thought the opposite, but was one of several unimpressed with the TV coverage:

The last ten laps or so were good. It was a shame that FOM chose to follow Webber for the last lap instead of focusing on Kimi Raikkonen hunting Felipe Massa and a few other on track battles.

The FOM feed seemed to concentrate on the British drivers. I get that it’s the British Grand Prix, but there were half a dozen times when the cameras were fixed on Button or Hamilton while something more interesting was happening elsewhere ?ǣ usually caused by Romain Grosjean.
Prisoner Monkeys

Many felt that rain would have added a little more excitement:

The first couple of laps were breathtaking and there were some good battles throughout. Webber on Alonso at the end was great.

Some rain could have made it more interesting but I wouldn?t really wish that on the fans who were probably soggy enough.

McLaren had a poor home race: Hamilton started and finished eighth while Button was eliminated in Q1 and only just scraped into the points. Their lack of pace was discussed at length:

McLaren should’ve scored more points at the beginning of the season when they had the fastest car.

Now they are behind Ferrari, Red Bull and maybe even Lotus, and the poor form of Button is really worrying.

Smifaye would have liked more variety in strategy, but enjoyed the race nonetheless:

The race was almost decided on the first lap with the tyre strategies clearly showing the best way to go about things.

I found this a shame as normally we can see at least two different ways of getting through the race at similar speeds.

However, having said that I think we saw some really good overtaking moves and proper ones at that.

Pastor Maldonado made headlines once again after tangling with Sergio Perez. Mrjlr93 pointed out how other drivers went into the same corner side-by-side without colliding:

As always good racing between Webber and Alonso. That’s how you race each other.

What did you think of the British Grand Prix? How did it compare to other races this season? Have your say in the comments.

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