2008 French Grand Prix start, Magny-Cours

Magny-Cours linked to F1 race return

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2008 French Grand Prix start, Magny-CoursIn the round-up: The French government is looking into holding a race at Magny-Cours or Paul Ricard.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

France puts Magny-Cours back in F1 Frame (Reutera)

“The French Federation (FFSA) said on Friday that Sports Minister Valerie Fourneyron had asked for a report on the technical, financial and legal conditions that would allow a Prix to be organised at Magny Cours or Le Castellet.”

Schumi: I lost concentration (Sky)

“I simply slid off track because I lost a little concentration: we were talking on the radio and I was altering some settings at the same time. But that’s all part of the game.”

Formula One left floating as IPO on hold (FT, registration required)

“The money behind F1?s growth may yet override these hurdles ?ǣ revenues of $1.5bn in 2011 generated $451m of operating profit. F1?s global reach and its nine months a year racing calendar also gives it a physical landscape and a continuity that most other sports can only envy. Even if any of these hurdles put off some investors, it seems all too probable that others will be more than happy to take their place.”

McLaren concerned about wet pace (BBC)

Lewis Hamilton: “In the wet, we need to do a bit of an improvement on the wet tyres trying to get them switching on.”

Jenson Button Q&A: McLaren updates a big step forward (F1)

“We?ve been able to collect a bag full of information as it was paramount for us to get our updates working in connection with the tyres. It is still something of a struggle to get them to temperature, but once we do the pace is good. I think we should be happy with most of the new parts that we?ve put on as they are working correctly, so believe me it is nice to see these improvements.”

We Couldn?t Judge New Parts, Says Vettel (Speed)

“We?re always pushing and having little bits here and there, no major upgrade, I think, nothing you can see. I would have loved to have dry conditions just to see how the car works, how it feels, and that?s the only chance you get to get consistent laps and try whatever you want to test.”

New hards won’t return before Japan (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “We’ll have to think of doing something later in the season. Ideally I’ll like to take it to Suzuka and have a go there if we can get them rebuilt in time. Or failing that, certainly Brazil, or something at the end of the year.”

Tost refuses to confirm Ascanelli departure (Adam Cooper)

“A sheepish team principal Franz Tost said today: ‘I can only tell you that Giorgio Ascanelli is on holiday and there’s confidentiality between the two parties. That?s all that I can say to this.'”

McLaren: German GP Sidepods (Scarbs F1)

“Unlike Red Bull?s solution, the exhaust flow finds its own way to the diffuser and isn?t lead all the way by a ramped section of bodywork. This may make the flow a little less predictable, but does allow the airflow around the sidepod to reach the diffuser.”

Ian Parkes via Twitter

“[Jenson Button] asked about lights on back of car. Told journo testing new reversing lights. Journo fell for it until JB came clean, part of aero scan.”

German GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Franz Tost: “We were discussing this for a long time and as John just mentioned before, one of the main arguments against Abu Dhabi for some teams was that the mechanics would have been out for five weeks and then we decided, OK, to split the test with Silverstone, because teams which are situated in England wanted to do the test at Silverstone and OK, now a third race track, Magny-Cours, has come into the plan and normally we should say OK, let’s do the test altogether, three days at the end of the season, but you know we are in a democratic world and therefore it was decided to split it.”

Comment of the day

Girts isn’t too disappointed about the rain:

The best thing about today?s rain was that it once again shattered Pirelli?s plans to test the more conservative tyres.

Moreover, tomorrow it might rain again so the teams will have [almost] no clue how the tyres will behave in the dry race conditions on Sunday.

And I will most likely score around three points in the predictions championship again. Yippee!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher won the 2002 French Grand Prix – held, appropriately enough, at Magny-Cours.

In doing so equalled Juan Manuel Fangio’s record for five world championship victories. It was also the earliest the world championship has ever been won.

Kimi Raikkonen finished second, having led before running wide on oil with four laps to go. His McLaren team mate David Coulthard was third.

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo