9 comments on “Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Hockenheim, 2012”

  1. Someone please tell me which laws of physics allow for the flow of liquid coming out of Vettel’s bottle to turn in a sharp 90 degrees angle!

    1. @santiontanon That’s a very good question!

    2. A Red Bull driver is holding it, therefore the champagne gained Newey levels of downforce and went back down again.

  2. Sean (@spaceman1861)
    24th July 2012, 13:30

    I call photoshop

  3. Jake (@jakehardyf1)
    24th July 2012, 13:40

    Seriously? It’s obvious to me. Maybe because I study physics but regardless, Seb was causing a common downward flow, bottle almost upside down but on a slight angle, and then he brought the bottle away, to the right and rotated to the bottle clockwise in his frame of reference thus causing a change in flow. Watch the race again to see.

    Quite graceful.

    1. nice explanation @jakehardyf1

      1. Jake (@jakehardyf1)
        24th July 2012, 13:54

        Cheers mate.

  4. Pffff… Point of view!

  5. Does this mean that Seb will be banned from spraying champagne on the podium in future as he is clearly getting an advantage of spilling less champagne!

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