Nico Hulkenberg, Michael Schumacher, Hockenheim, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 German Grand Prix

2012 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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166 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 German Grand Prix”

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  1. Not the best race of the season, but still decent. I gave it a 6.

    I’m slightly amused that Alonso still says that Ferrari isn’t the fastest ;)

    1. Honestly, the McLaren and also the Red Bull looked faster over certain stages in the race. Alonso just got it right, making no mistakes and using the advantages of his car in a way that Vettel and Button couldn´t make use of their strengths and DRS.

      1. At what stage Ferrari didn’t look faster than Red Bull and McLaren? Couple of laps in the last stint maybe. And that’s a big maybe. I think it’s the best car on the grid and has been up there for the last five or six races.

        1. @maroonjack In the first stint, while all were with soft tyres, Ferrari looked good, but in the second Vettel cached up Alonso, just couldn’t pass him, in the third stint it was Button who cached up Alonso, but he failed as well to pass him.
          Definitely Ferrari is way better than when this championship started, but there is still something missing in that car compered to the others. From the little dry running in practice we saw that McLaren was really fast, and Button showed that today. Who knows what Hamilton could have done.

    2. Yeah, they were faster but the second they got into the dirty air they lost what ever advantage they had.

      1. Actually when they were catching the back-makers, especially later in the race, Alonso was able to maintain or even increase his gap to the following car. I didn’t see any advantage lost in the dirty air. I think that this car is an amazing piece of machinery and it seems a bit funny when they complain about not having the best car. That’s all.

        1. Agree to disagree.

  2. an okay race – this is not a reflection of the race, but i wish to point out what a great race petrov had. pretty much trounced kovalinen. i’m really pleased for vitaly. not a world champion in the making he may be – but my personal driver of the weekend.

    i was hoping hulkenberg would finish a bit higher up the order – perez too. hopefully the next race will be a better one for the williams boys.

    a good race by pedro too – shame he couldn’t catch pic.

  3. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    22nd July 2012, 15:06

    OK race but far too reliant on DRS overtakes for my liking. 6/10

  4. Really enjoyed the race, never got bored. Very enthralling unlike the Silverstone snoozefest two weeks ago. Arguably it was an anti-climatic finish, so I give it an 8/10. Vettel’s move was not acceptable either. If he doesn’t get penalised it would be a 5/10 personally.
    A shame it didn’t rain though- I hate it when practice and qualifying is drenched yet the race is not. Any race is better in the rain, especially when watching in warm Britain on Sky HD!

  5. I watched the whole race as always but halfway I noticed I noticed that however I was still interested in the outcome, I wasn’t interested in the race itself anymore. Nothing spectaculair and DRS made overtaking look pretty easy again. I think after Silverstone this is the most boring race of the season. It’s also looking like now that the top teams are understanding the tyres it takes away the excitement of the beginning of the season. I rate it a 5/10..

  6. It was a nice race though I don’t think that I’ll remember it for a long time.
    The problems with the tyres are seemingly starting to disappear.
    Now they have to make something with the Drug Reduction System. I’ve never liked it but they should do one of these three things:
    1. Banned it for most of the races;
    2. Seriously shorten the length of part of the circuit where it can be used;
    3. Introduce a new approach of usage – for example, a definite number of times in a race it can be used.

  7. I went for a 7. It was great having 3 different drivers so close for so long, but eventually the tension ebbed away as Button failed to mount a challenge on Alonso and there wasn’t a huge amount happening behind them.

    At least my fears on DRS weren’t realised! I thought it gave maybe a little too much advantage to the car behind, but not so much it ruined the passes for me!

  8. Christian Horner on Hamilton unlapping himself:

    “Is it against the rules… probably not. It’s not very sporting though”

    :D What can you say??? Wow….

    1. It is true though….

      1. If Hamilton unlapping himself is unsporting, what is finding loopholes against the spirit of the rules and overtaking off the track?

        What should Hamilton have done? Driven around behind Vettel even though he was faster? Or should you just retire once you go a lap behind?

    2. But it´s sporting going off the track to overtake someone? Alright… Can´t stand this team anymore.

  9. I think the coverage of the race killed it for me

  10. Good Race…7/10
    Man!! Raikkonen was flying…he just needs a good qualifying…surely Hungary is Kimi’s :)

  11. 7-ish for me.

    Hamilton’s unlapping techniques, Force India constantly swapping places with the Saubers for half the race and Vettel’s desperate driving were fun-to-watch moments. However, not much else to it.

    Some good overtaking here and there – most of them starring Raikkonen, Di Resta or Koba. Some uber-easy moves under DRS too.

    Some ups for: Button getting back to his senses, the Saubers nailing the strategies for both drivers again, Rosberg grabbing a point from 21st on the grid and Maldonado managing not to take anyone out this time.

    Quite a few downs for: Massa going back to his own self, Schumacher not capitalising on his last stint on softs, Grosjean’s slow pace and error-riddled race, Williams looking quick with Maldonado in front of Webber for 1/4 of the race and dropping down to 15th after all – wasted potential, same old – and Caterham bringing a brand new car to Germany in order to lose contact with Torro Rosso again. Also expected Raikkonen to be more of a threat to the trio in front.

    Still a decent race though. Seen better, seen worse.

    1. @tony031r Same feeling, you pretty much summarized it for me :).

    2. Lotus did amazing call(finally) on Kimi’s first pit stop and got him in front of some cars, but then with second set of Softs lost too much to leaders on Hards. Ohh well…good there is another race this weekend!!!!

  12. I’d say an eight. Good, not great – vould have been higher, but the battle for the lead fizzled out rather than being spectacular.

  13. I gave it a seven. Although it was a perfect drive from FA, It sort of lacked something to make it stand out… It was lookng quite good at the end and JB really seemed like a real threat but in the end the battle never took place which sorta killed it for me…

  14. Missed the beginning of the race, what happened to Hami?

    1. Rear tire puncture.

  15. It was a good and fun race to watch, but we had a anti-climax at the end, so for me it’s a 7 out of 10. I was really hoping that those three would battle it out for the lead on the last laps, but it didn’t happen, to my disappointment.

  16. F1fanNL (@)
    22nd July 2012, 15:51


    Most boring race of the year. Just 2 real overtakes. A little promise of Button and Vettel challenging Alonso for the lead but the Ferrari is the fastest car now. Button had an advantage briefly but that advantage cost him his tyres.

    1. @f1fann
      I wouldn´t call it the most boring race of the year but it certainly wasn´t spectacular and i really don´t think the Ferrari is the fastest… Jenson worked his way up like a rocket and was dismissing rivals left and right… Alonso just made the best with what he had… The McLaren is definitely the quickest car!!

  17. 7/10 from me, there was plenty of racing to keep me amused but the Alonso v Button anticlimax at the end spoilt it a bit.

  18. + Plenty of nice overtakes during the race. Faster drivers who were assertive were able to convert pace advantage into overtakes but not easily. For the most part the DRS zone seemed to be good today.
    + Close racing throughout the field with plenty of changeups. Race was open for the win for either Button or Vettel until the last 7 laps.
    + It was relatively easy to interpret how the race was unfolding but the race was not too predictable.
    + Return to form for Button is good to see
    + Dry race

    – Hamilton and Grosjean both suffering as a result of Massa and ultimately completely out of contention.
    – Battle for the lead was slightly anticlimactic with no actual overtaking attempts, but still a good, close and long battle.
    – Vettel’s overtake on Button denied fans the opportunity to watch Button attempt to defend ON THE TRACK in the last 2 laps.

    Overall an 8/10 for me.

  19. Spent more time watching the timing than action, but still good fun. Better than Silverstone. Shame to see Grosjean and Hamilton tooling round the back though. And Massa continues to disappoint.

  20. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    22nd July 2012, 17:05

    It was a wonderful race! Many overtakes (a lot of them after the DRS zone), good battles and some pretty drivng by Alonso, Button, Kimi and Kobayashi. Despite this, two of the best drivers were far away in the back (Hamilton, Grosjean) and for yet another race, the closing laps lacked the much-expected drama.
    P.S I have to say a big thanks to the organisers of the Grand Prix as they weren’t distracted by the treacherous rain and managed to help everyone in the circuit!

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