Rate the race: 2012 German Grand Prix

2012 German Grand Prix

What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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166 comments on Rate the race: 2012 German Grand Prix

  1. James (@jamesjames123abc) said on 22nd July 2012, 17:11

    Gave it a 6. I’ve seen better (especially this year) but I’ve seen worse.

    DRS wasn’t as bad as expected, actually it was probably one of the ‘best’ DRS zones this year.
    Some interesting battles down the field.
    Massa had a good recovery drive after effectively ruining his own race at the first corner.
    Was good to see the Saubers make there way through the field, they’ve deserved a good result lately.

    I just hope we get a completely dry weekend at Hungary next week, to see the true pace of everyone, although it doesn’t look likely.

  2. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 22nd July 2012, 17:14

    I think the post-race controversy rather spoils the race itself, a 4/5 for me.

  3. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 22nd July 2012, 17:39

    The fact that Red Bull were allowed to race with their illegal car is a disgrace so before the race it already deserved a 1.

  4. Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 22nd July 2012, 17:58

    A highly enjoyable race from my perspective: great overtaking, inept driving from Massa, nice aggressive stuff from MSC, thoroughly deserved win for Eyebrows, beautiful return to form for Button… I’m more than satisfied with this season to date, and this race was a welcome addition. Only downers were Hamilton’s retirement, and Maldanado not crashing anyone out… 7/10

  5. Lin1876 (@lin1876) said on 22nd July 2012, 18:54

    7. Certainly not a classic, but enough interest to keep us guessing. Win was in some doubt until the final few laps, though things were a bit processional.

  6. matt88 (@matt88) said on 22nd July 2012, 19:23

    it’s funny to see how much this F1 has changed in such a short time. 2 years ago a race like this would have been rated at least an 8/10 on average..
    i voted 9/10, mainly for these motivations:
    – close battle at the front between Alonso, Button, Vettel
    – the lapped Hamilton overtaking Vettel and then challenging Alonso
    – the Raikkonen overtaking move against DiResta

  7. sato113 (@sato113) said on 22nd July 2012, 20:32

    @keithcollantine do you rate the race yourself? if so, what did you rate this one? or silverstone for that matter.

  8. 91jb12 (@91jb12) said on 22nd July 2012, 22:31

    8/10 for me
    Very tense battle at the front with a fair bit of overtaking down the field.
    Whilst there was little successful passing out front, the tension was there- it was really tenth up, then a tenth down, a real race.

    Result was less good!
    Alonso DOTD and DOTW for me. Some very good drives elsewhere but he had that little extra

  9. Shrieker (@shrieker) said on 22nd July 2012, 23:50

    Tsk. Let’s see. 3 points, tops.

  10. OhWell said on 23rd July 2012, 1:11

    The whole language thing is a non story, I would rate the race as a bog standard 6ish, Dont know if its just me but I find the interveiw on the podium a bit `cheap an nasty` with a touch of amatuerish about it.

  11. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 23rd July 2012, 3:08


    Pros – Great to see Button getting back into the groove.
    – Loved seeing Hamilton unlapping himself from a whining Vettel
    – Mclaren’s record breaking pitstop – 2.4 secs.
    – Great midfield battle between Sauber and Force India.

    Cons – Hamilton getting puncture on the second lap + poor race start.

  12. smifaye (@smifaye) said on 23rd July 2012, 8:26

    I gave it an 8. I felt the race provided some good overtaking moves and it was interesting to see how the different cars behaved differently on the varying strategies. It was good to see the top 3 running so closely for a large part of the race and I thoroughly enjoyed the two Sauber/Force India battles.

    Shame we didn’t see any change for the lead during the race but it was pretty tense stuff.

  13. TomJ said on 23rd July 2012, 9:22

    Didn’t see any reference to Ecclestone being there?

  14. MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 23rd July 2012, 10:28

    Voted a 9. Great race, had absolutely everything. lots of good battles all through the field, with some good overtaking. A developing fight for the lead which delivered so much tension and excitement in the second half of the race. Plenty of intrigue and controversy – this was a race which was exciting hours before it started with the red bull fuel mapping issue, and hours after it with the impending decision about Vettel’s penalty. Plus the controversy over Hamilton unlapping himself.

    All in all, a very unique race, full of excitement from start to finish. Two thumbs fresh

  15. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 23rd July 2012, 13:39

    7 from me. It would have been a little higher had the battle between Alonso, Button and Vettel had a little more life in it. It only got exciting once Alonso’s tyres started to go off but credit to him for still holding on to his lead. A bit of drama between Button and Vettel helped!

    Bit disappointed that Hamilton couldn’t make more of an impact in spite of his puncture but good call from McLaren to get him to hold up Vettel for Button’s sake, rare strategic positive from McLaren!

  16. PJA (@pja) said on 23rd July 2012, 17:31

    I found the race to a bit boring so I only gave it a 6.

    I never felt that anyone was seriously going to threaten Alonso for the victory and all of the overtakes at the hairpin did nothing for me because of DRS.

    On the plus side there was some action further down the field and Kobayashi provided some entertainment.

  17. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 23rd July 2012, 18:01

    I would have given this race a normal 7 but Hamilton trying to unlap himself made me laugh. He would have succeeded in overtaking Alonso as well if the F.A hadn’t gone into the pits. So for me an 8/10

  18. Fixy (@fixy) said on 23rd July 2012, 21:57

    Good fight at the start, boring halfway-through, amazing finish. Key part was Hamilton unlapping himself!

  19. tkcom (@tkcom) said on 23rd July 2012, 23:30

    8. Vast improvement from 2010. No more Fernando-is-faster-than-you. Kobayashi P4 & Perez P6. Tons of overtaking. Epic McLaren pit stop. Great battle at the end.

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