Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Hockenheim, 2012

Vettel and Hamilton at odds over unlapping

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Hockenheim, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton defends his driving after being criticised by Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner for unlapping himself during the German Grand Prix.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso cruises to German Grand Prix victory (The Guardian)

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s a bit stupid to disturb the leaders. I think that potentially lost us the position to Jenson [Button].”

Cry baby: Hamilton slams Vettel as German Grand Prix fallout turns into public spat (The Mirror)

Lewis Hamilton: “It doesn?t really bother me what he says, I guess. It shows his maturity. I don?t think I?ve made any silly decisions throughout the race. I had nothing to gain apart from staying out of the way of my team mate.”

Vettel and Horner slam Hamilton (Sky)

Christian Horner: “Why was he interfering with the race leaders? He should have respected the fact that they were ahead on the track.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Vettel doing himself no favours calling Hamilton’s unlapping ‘stupid’. Remember the Kubica/Vettel/Hamilton move at Interlagos ’08.”

Intelligent Alonso shows he has all the answers (BBC)

“After standing on his Ferrari’s nose to milk the applause, Alonso turned to Button and said: ‘You couldn’t beat me?’ He then pointed to Vettel and said: ‘He couldn’t either.'”

2012 German Grand Prix (McLaren)

Hamilton: “My second-lap puncture was incredibly unfortunate: there was debris scattered across the full width of the track and I didn?t have any option other than to drive straight through it. What?s more frustrating is that, at the time, I was the eighth car through ?ǣ so to be the one to get the puncture is just cruel luck.”

Ferrari Still Not The Fastest Car, Says Domenicali (Speed)

“I believe we still don?t have the fastest car, if we had the fastest car maybe it would be easier to win. We need to improve the car, and we need to make sure our car is good in all the different conditions, wet/dry, different kinds of tyres, and so on.”

McLaren MP4-27 – revised sidepod design (F1)

“The extensive list of updates include lower and more sculptured sidepods, new exhausts, new radiator installation, a revised floor in front of the rear tyres, a new diffuser, new rear wing endplates and modified brakes ducts.”

Ferrari told to ignore RBR technical row (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: “When I first saw the note from the technical delegate, I said ‘stay focused on our job today.’ This is something that engineers see and they try to think about. But no, stay focused on what you have to do. Forget about what is happening.”

Ecclestone’s absence fuels talk of charges (The Telegraph)

“After his office intimated that he would fly in late on Saturday, Ecclestone apparently had a change of heart, saying that he did not want to be ‘a distraction’. German media had speculated on Friday that Ecclestone might be arrested if he attended the race.”

German GP – Conference 4 (FIA)

Button on his flat spot during the final stint: “It gave me a little bit of a headache, but that was about it. It was unusual. I guess they just weren’t up to temperature when I hit the brakes that time. We’ve been very good with front-locking in this race. Normally it’s a big issue with the McLaren. In testing we had big issues with front locking. We did some set-up work and we’ve solved a lot of that, which is great for us.”

Comment of the day

There’s been a lot of discussion recently over Ferrari using Italian in their team radio messages. Bullfrog reckons it’s up to TV broadcasters to translate them instead of forcing Ferrari to use English:

Sky are asking people to pay a premium for their service ?ǣ the least they can do is find someone to translate the messages, instead of making lame jokes and sounding amazed that people speak in funny foreign languages…

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On this day in F1

Five years ago today a furious Scott Speed claimed his Toro Rosso team were trying to force him and Vitantonio Liuzzi out.

Sure enough, it soon turned out Speed had already started his last race: he was replaced by Sebastian Vettel at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Liuzzi was dropped at the end of the season to make way for Sebastien Bourdais.

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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  1. My favourite thing about the Hamilton unlapping incident, was the fact he then got to freely pass all the other back markers who were being shown blue flags and must have presumed the silver McLaren was one of the front runners… Honestly I think the only blue flags I saw around him when he was up to pace was for the other back markers who were going too slow not to impede the leading back.

    Personally I think blue flags are a joke anyway (especially with DRS now) but that’s another matter.

    1. I think the blue flags are a necessity whilst there is such a gulf between the quickest and the slowest teams. If the field was less than 1.5 seconds apart in the dry then I would say there isnt a need for DRS. There are occassions where this has been the case, just not accross the board unfortunately.

      1. There is hardly any gap between the quickest and slowest teams…. the front to the back of the grid has hardly been any closer in the whole history of F1

    2. Daniel Brown (@scuderiaferrarifanatic)
      23rd July 2012, 23:06

      Personally I think blue flags are a joke anyway (especially with DRS now) but that’s another matter.

      There is every need for blue flags, because without them, inexperienced, talentless and unattentive drivers at the back of the grid would be impeding and causing accidents with, the front runners (a la Irvine vs Senna – Senna was right to wallop Irvine. Personally, i would have too!). There is also a good chance they would hold them up out of spite.

      1. The blue flags should be what they always used to be… a warning flag… rather than an instruction flag.

  2. Funny that Hamilton says that Vettel’s reaction shows his maturity. While his idol punched Irvine in the face for that while he was in his 30’s and the way he reacted last year on several occasions.

  3. Forgive me for sounding a little cynical here, but I don’t think after last year that Hamilton is in any position to criticise anyone for being immature. Sure, he’s improved leaps and bounds this year but this just seems a bit like double-standards almost. He accused the stewards of being racist in 2011!

    Oh and about him ‘never giving up’? Give it a rest, Lewis, you wanted to retire after your puncture!

    While RBR will be disappointed in the result, I think they ought to respect McLaren’s very obvious use of strategy between two drives running two different races. Hamilton was faster than Vettel and Alonso so at the very least he can’t be expected to sacrifice his own race too much.

  4. This GP is really mystifying. Why on earth did McLaren decide to put HAM in the middle of the top battle when as somebody says they could have pit HAM couple laps early and put him back still ahead of ALO. And all the team radios way too confusing.. retire, race, retire…. And the pit times for BUT lightning. I didn’t buy any arguments saying McLaren is fully behind BUT. Now with this German GP, I’m sort of less sure… can’t pinpoint down, but smells something similar to tin-foiled arguments.
    BTW, bankrupt Spain is dominating creditor nation German one more time… it’s really odd though.

  5. disgruntled
    24th July 2012, 4:22

    I think it is already well known in F1 circles of how good a winner Vettool is and how much of a sore loser the kid is. He should have a serious discussuion with his finger

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